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Wind Farms Paid £10 Million To Turn Off

Wind Farm operators paid £10,000,000 to turn turbines off

The insanity of wind power continues unabated as wind farm operators are paid £10 million pounds to turn the bird choppers off.

There are nearly 6 million households in energy poverty due to the Green agenda and the ludicrous amount of tax payer subsidies that wind power receives, the wind farm operators are paid a huge subsidy to generate a electricity, and then they are paid to not generate electricity, a win win situation for anyone involved in the Green renewables scam and of course, a lose lose for the tax payers. Read the rest of this entry


Happy Christmas Chris Huhne From Essex Police

Police want Chris Huhne and Vicky Price charged over speeding allegation

Essex Police want Chris Huhne and his estranged wife Vicky Price charged with perverting the course of justice and lesser speeding charges.

The whole case has dragged on for months with Attila the Huhnatic proclaiming his innocence to anyone who would listen, or was faintly interested.

In the meantime former wife Vicky Price has kept a constant stream of stories about Chris “Family Values” Huhne in the press, while Huhne has tried to shelter behind his children to protect his political career and position in the Church of Climatology. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Christmas

A big thankyou to everyone who has read the blog, a big thankyou to the guest posters who have taken time out from their own blogs to write for Aardvark and another big thankyou to everyone who has sent me links to stories.

Happy Christmas to everyone, including warming alarmists 😀

Solar Power – Almost Extinct

The Sun sets on the Solar Power industry

The Solar Power industry is in accelerating decline as governments cut the subsidies that permit the economically unviable renewables industry to exist.

The Renewables Industry much like the British State Industries of old, cannot function without the blank cheque of the tax payer to keep them afloat.

The Government has decided to cut the ludicrous feed in tariff rate for solar power and has been challenged in Court by Friends of the Earth and 2 solar power companies: Read the rest of this entry

EU Carbon Tax On Flights, China Warns Of Global Trade War

EU Climate Religion Zealots will cause a  Global Trade war

After a ruling from the European Court of Justice that the latest Climate Religion tax does not infringe on the sovereignty of other nations, Hedegaard and Huhne are steaming full speed ahead with the Green Tax on flying from January 1st 2012.

There is global opposition to the Green tax on flying from the USA, India, China and 40 other countries.

The Green flying tax will typically add a further £80 on the cost of a family of 4 flying to the USA, this is  on top of other recent Green tax hikes on flying. Read the rest of this entry

The Sun Continues To Set On Solar Power

BP backs off from solar after having turned its back on Carbon Capture and Storage

Another nail in the coffin of the Green Dream hit home today with the news that BP is pulling the plug on its solar operations.

The statement from BP is no big surprise, the German solar industry is as near as makes no difference bankrupt, the Solyndra scandal in the US is typical of the global failure of the solar power business and many governments have cut the Green taxes that allow the renewables industry to exist.

BP has been quietly shedding renewables jobs and closing facilities: Read the rest of this entry

EU Green Policies And ETS In Crisis

Without intervention not only is the EU Emissions Trading finished, but also Europe's climate policy is over

The European Union is fast approaching the point of no return, the Euro zone is in economic meltdown as the debt ridden economies of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain threaten to wipe out the Euro, and  global confidence in the currency continues to decline.

With the EU teetering on the brink of a recession the last thing the EU needs is a trade war with the rest of the world, which is exactly what is likely to happen over the EU tax on flying that is due to start on January 1st 2012.

The Green flying tax is part of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme which has seen the price of carbon fall to an all time low of 6.4 Euros per tonne: Read the rest of this entry

Green Party Leader At Norfolk County Council Defects To Tory Party

Philip Hardy attracted by Tory policies on deficit reduction and National Health Service

The Green Party group on Norfolk County Council are shell shocked by the news that their leader, Philip Hardy has turned his back on Green ecomentalism and joined the Conservative Party.

The Greens won 13 seats in the 2009 council elections and became the third largest party on the Council.

Hardy thinks that the Conservative policies on deficit reduction make sense: Read the rest of this entry

EU Faces Isolation And Retaliation Over Green Airline Tax

43 Countries are opposed to Brussels attempts to force Climate Religion policies on them

The chances of the EU becoming isolated from the rest of the world are growing by the day as global opposition mounts to the Green airline tax the EUSSR is planning to implement from January 1st 2012.

The US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly against taking part in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) declaring Congress and the United States government will not support this ill-advised and illegal EU tax scheme.

Indian airlines will not submit any data to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, in total 43 countries are far from happy with the EU’s Green airline tax: Read the rest of this entry

India Asks It’s Airlines Not To Submit Carbon Tax Data To EU

India’s Civil Aviation Ministry “No need for Indian carriers to submit any data to European Union under EU-Emissions Trading Scheme”

The post COP17 spin is that the world has agreed to find a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol and that every country is behind the idea that CO2 is the biggest danger that mankind has ever faced.

The spin bubble lasted 24 hours and then Canada withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol declaring that Kyoto was not the way forward for Canada or the world.

Even before COP17 started the United States House of Representatives had voted overwhelmingly against taking part in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) declaring Congress and the United States government will not support this ill-advised and illegal EU tax scheme.

Now India has asked its national carriers not to submit data to the EU ETS: Read the rest of this entry