Britain Renewables Lose Out In The Dash For Gas

Chris Huhne will arrive in Durban today desperate to keep the Global Warming scam alive, and equally desperate to give £2.9 billion away to help developing countries fight the non-existent problem of man made Climate Change.

Huhne wants Britain to lead the world in cutting carbon emissions commiting economic suicide, fortunately this is unlikely to happen as Huhne is now on  a crash course for confrontation with Conservative Chancellor George Osborne, the last time Huhne and Osborne clashed, Huhne ended up the loser.

George Osborne is rapidly becoming the focus for Green ire as the Chancellor’s sensible policy ideas will spell the end for Green crony capitalism in Britain.

Osborne’s Autumn Statement had the minority unelected NGO’s like the RSBP, and Green Party leader and their solitary MP Caroline Lucas throwing their toys out the pram at the weekend, with Lucas and others saying that the Government was “on a path to become the most environmentally destructive government to hold power in this country since the modern environmental movement was born

So what?

For far too long the Green micro minority has held too much power and influence over the last Labour government, and certain elements like Chris Huhne, in the current Coalition Government.

The Greens are far more interested in their Green agenda and saving the Madagascan Fruitbat from extinction, they could not give a damn about 5 million families in energy poverty or job losses as industry moves to more favourable locations to avoid the insanity of Green taxation.

As the doomed COP17 Synod in Durban grinds inexorably on to no agreement, news from Britain is that the ludicrously expensive Green energy is losing out to the more cost effective and reliable gas fired powered stations, that are capable of being economically viable without being heavily subsidised by FeedIn tariff’s and other forms of Green taxation.

The construction of new renewable energy generation capacity has fallen dramatically, as the big six energy suppliers pursue a “dash for gas” policy that could put the UK’s climate change targets out of reach and leave households with higher bills.

The number of new wind turbines built this year is down by half on last year. To date, 540MW worth of new turbines, on land and offshore, have been built this year – the equivalent of about 400 onshore turbines. Across the UK last year, 1,192MW of wind capacity was added.

The pipeline of new projects has also stagnated – this year, 2,058MW of windfarms were submitted for planning permission, compared with 2,080MW in 2010, and the number approved dropped markedly, from 1,366MW in 2010 to 920MW.

Wind farms are in decline as the word is out, wind generated electricity will always be prohibitively expensive for no other reason that wind power requires 100% backup for the frequent days when the bird choppers don’t work because they are frozen solid or there is too little, or too much wind.

There is little economic sense in having to pay twice for the same generating capacity that is the model for wind power.

As for the Climate Change targets, the sooner this Green stupidity is abandoned the better for Britain, the spectre of continually rising gas prices, this flies in the face of the economic reality of shale gas in the US, where the sale gas revolution has rapidly reduced the cost of gas and created thousands of jobs.

This contrasts with the 30GW of new gas-fired power stations that are at planning stage. These will require tens of billions of pounds of investment, coming mostly from the big six energy suppliers.

Although gas is cheaper than renewables at present, the cost of renewables is steadily coming down, and over-reliance on gas is one of the key factors behind high energy bills, according to the government. About 60% of rises in the past year have been the result of the higher cost of fuel imports.

In 2010, the total investment in renewable energy in the UK fell dramatically, from $11bn (£7bn) to less than $3bn – a drop of about 70%, according to Roland Berger, the consultancy. This year, the investment has recovered somewhat, after about $6bn was invested in offshore wind, but this is still well down on 2009 figures – despite the government’s pledges to expand the renewable energy sector, with a target of 18GW of generating capacity to come from offshore wind by 2020. At least £200bn will be needed this decade to transform the UK’s energy sector to a low-carbon footing, but there is little sign yet of investment on that scale.

No matter how much the cost of renewables is allegedly falling they will never be as cheap as shale gas and Britain needs a second affordable energy revolution to pull the country out of the economic chaos left behind by the outgoing Labour government.

There is no Global Warming despite a significant increase in atmospheric CO2, the planet’s temperature is the same as it was in 1979, nowhere has the planet warmed.

There was a reduction in Arctic sea ice over a 30 year cycle, this has now stopped and the Arctic Ice Sheet is growing at a rapid rate again, it is worth noting that during the period of Arctic sea ice decline, in Antarctica the ice sheet continued to grow during the period of Arctic sea ice decline.

Investing billions to fight an non existent problem is fundamentally stupid, but then sense and Green ecomentalists have never met.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. But if we go for the shale gas the Tyndall Centre are afraid we risk “jeopardising the UK’s international reputation on climate change”.

    So that’s alright then.

  2. Tyndall Centre upset, guess I can live with that 😀

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