COP17 Bishop “Burning Fossil Fuels Is A Sin Against God”

The absence of real science at COP17 is becoming more apparent as the talk shifts to Climate Justice, which ignores the concept of any real science and instead is just another guilt trip from developing nations, grasping hands outstretched for the money of the so called “Rich Nations”.

Now Christians should be a whole lot less concerned with getting to heaven, and more concerned with becoming ecomentalists as burning fossil fuels makes you a sinner.

The most powerful statement in this morning’s briefing from the Climate Action Network (the NGO umbrella organization) emerged through the unlikely combination of a South African Bishop questioned by a journalist from Turkey.

The US is a nation of great faith, of Christian commitment. We find it extraordinary that they are behaving like this. We find it immoral. Environmental destruction is a sin against God. We say to faith groups in the US – you’ve got to recognise your responsibilities to combat climate change.

These were the words of Bishop Geoff Davies, Executive Director of the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute. His presentation earlier in the briefing was effectively a powerful restatement of the enlightened vision of the 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change which this Conference of Parties is supposed to be observing. He said:

I call on political leaders to put moral principles before economics. The well-being of planet and people comes before financial considerations. I can only say that is it immoral of nations to say they are going to continue emitting carbon until temperature rises beyond the limits


According to Bishop Davies it is immoral for nations to ensure that they are economically sound and can provide for the most needy in their societies, instead nations must abandon their own and give huge sums of money to poorer nations who now use every weather event as an illustration of climate change, as they clamour ever more loudly for money they have no legal or moral right to.

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  1. I am not surprise by the liberal left movement in the Christian church. This infiltration of politics and ideology of Bolshevism has been going on for years. The message of salvation and redemption are now replaced by the sanctity and veneration of carbon chastity.

  2. The C of E long ago lost any Christian pretentions it might have had.

  3. Now please forgive me here if I seem a little uncharitable, but doesn’t charity begin at home?
    If and often when we have a strong economy and a relatively happy population here, don’t we always tend to help others out often, to the tune of large sums, out of our own pockets voluntarily anyway?
    Bankrupting half the worlds peoples to line a few rich pockets is NOT going to stop our beautiful planet doing what she has always done and will continue to do, with or without our pitiful intervention attempts

  4. “The DEVIL mad me burn that fuel” –

    “But doesn’t charity begin at home?” Yes, but according to my MP it doesn’t end there – in other words it’s perfectly OK for government to steal from us (under threat of imprisonment), and hand the dosh out to all and sundry…

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