David Attenborough The Warming Alarmist

David Attenborough on side at the BBC, a propaganda machine for climate-change zealots

The final episode of Frozen Planet, probably the finest Natural History documentary ever made was a sad occasion, sad because David Attenborough, the face of Natural History to millions of people ceased to be that, instead, losing all objectivity Attenborough produced a program that is in line with the BBC’s one sided view on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The BBC have decided that no air time should be given to climate change sceptics, as in the words of a report commissioned for the BBC the evidence is overwhelming, this policy clashes head on with the BBC’s statutory duty for reporting to be impartial.

As the COP17 failure grinds slowly onwards the BBC has kept the output of warming alarmist propaganda programs going, a few nights ago on BBC4 the program Around the World in 60 minutes looked to be interesting. Shot from the International Space Station which orbits the planet every 90 minutes it promised some stunning footage, instead we were treated to the  usual bunch of warming alarmists preaching about CO2 emissions, Environmental Armageddon and the increasingly popular Climate Justice give all our money away diatribe.

The final episode of Frozen Planet was not a big seller in the international market, the Discovery Channel for example declined  to buy it, so did many other countries, as they thought the program was less than objective and would have no audience in their country:

Sir David Attenborough is one of our finest journalists and a great expert on animal life. Unfortunately, however, when it comes to global warming he seems to prefer sensation to objectivity.

Had he wished to be objective, he would have pointed out that, while satellite observations confirm that the extent of Arctic sea ice has been declining over the past 30 years, those satellite observations show that, overall, Antarctic sea ice has been expanding over the same period.

Had he wished to be objective, he would have pointed out that the polar bear population has not been falling, but rising.

Had he wished to be objective, he would have mentioned that recent research findings show that the increased evaporation from the Arctic Ocean, as a result of warming, will cause there to be more cloud cover, thus counteracting the adverse effect he is so concerned about.

Had he wished to be objective, he would have noted that, while there was indeed a modest increase in mean global temperature (of about half a degree Centigrade) during the last quarter of the 20th century, so far this century both the UK Met Office and the World Meteorological Office confirm that there has been no further global warming at all.

What will happen in the future is inevitably unclear. But two things are clear. First, that Sir David’s alarmism is sheer speculation. Second, that if there is a resumption of warming, the only rational course is to adapt to it, rather than to try (happily a lost cause) to persuade the world to impoverish itself by moving from relatively cheap carbon-based energy to much more expensive non-carbon energy.

The BBC has breached all it’s guidelines on impartiality, the fear of global warming and man’s guilt was inserted wherever possible into all programming content from news to drama and popular entertainment.

Today at 15:00 GMT the Global Warming Policy Foundation will release a report The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal, which shows just how biased and lacking in impartiality the BBC has become.

The BBC is well past it’s sell by date, as is the bizarre concept of the television tax that funds the organisation, in the age of subscription digital television if the BBC is as popular as it claims, let the BBC survive  or sink by competing in the real world commercial market.

There is something inherently wrong in being forced to pay, under pain of law,  for an organisation that continually broadcasts a political agenda way past left of centre while ignoring the views of millions of people forced to pay for it.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Now this is the only post you have made where I have to disagree with your interpretation.
    He didn’t actually state that any damage was man-made, he simply said whatever the cause it was an area of interest globally, as the effects, as in the past, will be global. He also pointed out that these changes are natural and have been occurring for years.

    • sabretruthtiger

      No. David Attenborough has repeatedly said that man made carbon in the atmosphere is heating the planet. His agenda is clear. He is a globalist intent on pushing their eugenicist and global warming doctrine.

      Evidence shows CO2 has a negligible effect on climate and is more than counterbalanced by negative feedbacks. The alarmist IPCC projections about CO2 forcings are proven wrong by the absence of a mid-Tropospheric hotspot as well as the satellite-measured global temperatures.

      The sun is proven to be the primary driver along with cloud cover and oceanic oscillations.

      There is no escaping these facts about David Attenborough, he’s a globalist and thus a traitor to humanity.

  2. Look at the BBC’s animation of ice loss over the north pole in the last episode. The clearest part is Alaska and the polar sea around it. And what lies in Alaska? HAARP* !!! All those gigawatts of electricity are warming the Alaska quadrant!

    * High Altitude Auroral Research Project

    The powers that be want the ice to melt :

    a) To prove us evil humans did it and need to be culled.

    b) To free ice-cover over natural resources like oil and minerals to enable exploitation.

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