Britain 3421 Wind Turbines Installed, 1500 Accidents In 5 Years

Another bonfire on a stick as a wind turbine burns from gearbox failure

Chris Huhne and the renewables industry have long been playing the nothing to see here game whenever there is a wind turbine collapse, fire or accident.

By their own admission the renewables industry is very cagey about the sacred bird chopper, the recent disintegration of a wind turbine in a mere 50 mph wind earlier this month highlighted the problem that these useless blots on the landscape have, their gearboxes and lubricant are not fit for purpose.

One nation, the Dutch who really know about windmills have abandoned wind power for all the usual reasons expense and reliability, yet in Britain the madness of Chris Huhne continues unabated with plans for 30,000 additional bird choppers costing £2 million each, a total cost of £60,000,000,000 that will require 100% backup from existing power stations using fossil fuels.

£60 billion for something that works at just 25% efficiency, it gets worse 44% of bird choppers have been involved in accidents or incidents in just 5 years:

The figures – released by RenewableUK, the industry’s trade body – include four deaths and a further 300 injuries to workers.

The scale of incidents – equivalent to almost one a day – emerges following the publication of dramatic photographs showing one turbine which had crashed to the ground in a field near a road and another exploding into flames, caused by 150mph winds which buffeted Scotland and northern England last week.

Charles Anglin, RenewableUK’s director of communications, stressed that last week’s incidents were caused by “freak weather”. The organisation said that no member of the public had ever been hurt as a result of a wind turbine accident.

Isn’t Global Warming supposed to cause more frequent “freak weather“?

Which beggars the question why do the Green ecomentalist lobby push so hard for renewables like wind power, when by their own belief system freak weather events are going to become more frequent?

Something here does not add up, much like to trying to run a wind farm as a viable commercial entity that does not require the crony capitalism that is central to the Global Warming Scam.

A dossier of incidents, compiled by a campaign group opposed to wind farms, includes cases where blades, each weighing as much as 14 tonnes, have sheared off and crashed to the ground.

Residents living near a wind farm have reported sheltering in their homes when lumps of ice were thrown from blades from a 410-ft high turbine near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

One manufacturer of wind turbines admitted one of its models had a defect – understood to be caused by a faulty braking system that meant the blades could fly off – that led to hundreds of turbines being ordered to be shut down in September by the Health and Safety Executive.

The company, Proven Energy Ltd, based in Scotland, went into receivership shortly after.

Gearboxes that aren’t up to the job, no suitable lubricant and now turbine blades that fly off, imagine the outcry from Greenpeace, WWF, FoE et al if there were problems like this with an oil rig or shale gas drilling rig.

Banshees in agony wouldn’t even be close, the righteous indignation of the Watermelon ecomentalists would kick Chris Huhne into immediate knee jerk reaction, but as it’s a Green Climate Religion symbol involved turn a blind eye as usual.

In September a blade flew off a wind turbine on the roof of a new car park at Lister hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, hitting a staff member’s car.

Last year a 140-turbine wind farm near Glasgow was temporarily shut down after a 14-tonne fibreglass blade broke off in windy conditions and landed at the base of its tower.

Two years ago, a 50ft turbine collapsed in the playground of a school on the Island of Raasay off the coast of Scotland, and in the same year a blade on a 190 ft wind turbine in Rotherham owned by Sheffield University broke in strong winds, prompting an investigation by its manufacturers.

In the USA where apart from 14,000 Abandoned Wind Turbines, wind farms have killed 30 people since 1973, during the same period no one died or was injured in nuclear accidents.

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  1. The title should be more accurately called 1,500 incidents.
    “Mr Streatfeild said RenewableUK had recorded 1,500 incidents over the past five years, many of which were very minor. Of those, about 18 per cent – or close to 300 incidents – led to an injury, again usually very minor. ”

    Most of them as the article states were work related involving the construction or maintenance of turbines. By health and safety guidelines you are required to report every single injury no matter how minor. (so in this case 1,200 didn’t even involve injury)

    Once again however, no members of the public have been injured and those incidents that they do list the public being affected while shocking are no greater than any other power generator.

    During the same period. A nuclear power plant went into meltdown causing the evacuation of several hundred thousand people, the nuclear contamination of a massive area. As well as the sever radiation damage to workers who went to work at ground zero in order to prevent a mushroom cloud from enveloping japan. (oops did someone forget that????) (I’m not against nuclear power but lets be realistic here)

    Also Several nuclear power plants had fires, leaks and other incidents that can be found on any nuclear watch dog site along with there own health and safety reports.
    the US alone, each country has there own list, However, it’s doubtful you’ll be able to find the standard health and safety list for every single plant, including over exposer to radiation.

    You also need to understand scale. I’m pretty sure an oil leak at windmill in the middle of a field vs. an oil rig that has 20,0000 tims more oil in fish habitat are on a different level.

    Thank you for the attempt at spin however. You’ll notice that the article didn’t claim that there were fewer injuries in other power generation? don’t you think this anti-wind mill group would have said so if there was?

  2. Human wind power technology has been around for centuries, but mainly for grist-milling grain or for pumping water. That being said, today wind power technology has been applied to generate electricity. In it’s concept and present state of technology it would appear to be a good idea but as far as reliability and sustainable electrical energy producing mechanism there are many short comings. With out detailing all the short comings from today’s wind power technologies, I will address,the safety and adaptability in the human environment.

    How dangerous is ‘Wind Power’? Well according to The New American, while the public have been urged to believe that renewable energy in the form of wind could likely become a portion of the saving the world’s energy crisis. According to one viewpoint of reports offering the comparison between wind versus nuclear energy, there has not been one single injury to a nuclear plant worker in all its 104 power plants and 40 years of service in the United States… not one! Similar stats also represents the Canadian nuclear industry. On the other hand, wind power industry, has quite a treacherous track record as you can see by the summary below:
    Wind Turbine Incidents summary up to (December 2008):
    • 41 Worker Fatalities, 16 Public- Includes falling from turbine towers and transporting turbines on the highway.
    • 39 Incidents of Blade Failure- Failed blades have been known to travel over a quarter mile, killing any unfortunate bystanders within its path of destruction.
    • 110 Incidents of Fire- When a wind turbine fire occurs, local fire departments can do little but watch due to the 30-story height of these turbine units. The falling debris are then carried across the distance and cause new fires.
    • 60 Incidents of Structural Failure- As turbines become more prevalent, these breakages will become more common in public areas, thereby causing more deaths and dismemberment’s from falling debris.
    • 24 incidents of “hurling ice”- Ice forms on these giant blades and is reportedly hurled at deathly speeds in all directions. Reports that some 880 ice incidents of this nature have occurred over Germany’s 13-years of harnessing wind power.

    I am open to any technology that improves the lives of the community, but it has to be safe, functionally reliable and cost effective. there are no bargains in ‘wind power’ either in the safety, functionality or in a cost factor. Are you prepared to take the responsibility of the harm and potential injury to our fellow citizens?

    The jury is still out on sustainable ‘wind power’.

  3. R A Verhoeckx a good summary and I think a fair remarks with a couple of noted exceptions.

    Rural windmills avoid many of the pit falls that are described.
    Also as noted most of the deaths are the result of CONSTRUCTION and not actual function of the turbine. You can include construction deaths if you want but you should compare apples to apples. After all how many nuclear plants have been built recently? How does it compare to sky scraper construction?

    Also as you noted technology is getting better at an astounding rate. Previous pitfalls are today’s solutions.

    Also most of the comparisons in this thread are to nuclear power. I think I would be fair in saying that nuclear is one of the safest and most regulated power types. A very safe technology assuming nothing goes wrong….. Of course when things do go wrong it’s pretty much a worldwide/national disaster in the making. So I think that should be at least mentioned.

    That being said as technologies go. Wind is in no position to replace nuclear. However, the same cannot be said for coal it’s most direct comparable. The number of deaths that happen during mining, transportation and in the plant are very large and have other impacts. After all if you are going to trace every single point along the line for wind you should do the same for other technologies. Remember you don’t get all your coal from the US either.

    I want to be clear on one thing to those who read my less than favorable reviews of certain articles. I know wind isn’t perfect…….. However, I never claimed it was nore expected it to be perfect. Many of the detractors of wind technology seem to have a double standard when it comes to wind and they demand a perfection that they would not hold any other power plant too.

    Wind is a power plant on a stick and I hold it to that standard.
    Of course nothing at all would be ideal and cause no problems what so ever but I can’t magic power out of mid-air.

  4. Nobody except a Crony Socialist or ignorant fool would believe Wind Power is either financially or functionally feasible. IT IS A SCAM and brazen thievery! As are these energy frauds lead to erratic and undeveloped energy problems who will be blamed and held responsible? I see a stiff rope and lamppost in the future for the M Mann types!

  5. I’m sure the turbine blades that have fallen in areas where people go, would not have hurt them at all. Those turbines blades are likely made out of styrofoam….right. The one that went through the Nursery School in Oklahoma was just a fluke …right? Gimme a break, Windpushers.

  6. I wouldnt say they have no redeeming qualities they can be melted down to make cars for example, and all that copper inside can be used for new home construction wiring stuff like that.

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