India Asks It’s Airlines Not To Submit Carbon Tax Data To EU

India’s Civil Aviation Ministry “No need for Indian carriers to submit any data to European Union under EU-Emissions Trading Scheme”

The post COP17 spin is that the world has agreed to find a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol and that every country is behind the idea that CO2 is the biggest danger that mankind has ever faced.

The spin bubble lasted 24 hours and then Canada withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol declaring that Kyoto was not the way forward for Canada or the world.

Even before COP17 started the United States House of Representatives had voted overwhelmingly against taking part in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) declaring Congress and the United States government will not support this ill-advised and illegal EU tax scheme.

Now India has asked its national carriers not to submit data to the EU ETS:

Under the planned Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), airlines using EU airspace will have to pay a fee for carbon emissions that exceed a set limit. They will also need to pay for the part of the journey covered by non-EU airspace.

India has led the opposition to the move with support from more than two dozen countries including the US and China.

“I am directed to say that the ministry has decided that there is no need for Indian carriers to submit any data to European Union under EU-ETS,” the civil aviation ministry said in a letter to all the domestic airlines that fly on international routes on 25 November. The letter was reviewed by Mint.

“Any correspondence received at your end (airlines) from the EU in this regard may be forwarded to this ministry, for taking necessary action,” the letter added.

The data is critical for working out how much an airline needs to pay.

The EU-ETS will follow an annual cycle: operators will be required to monitor yearly emissions, from 1 January to 31 December, on a per-flight basis, said Isaac Valero-Ladron, EU spokesperson for climate action commissioner Connie Hedegaard.

This data must then be aggregated in an annual emissions report and verified by an independent accredited verifier. By 31 March of the following year, the verified report must be submitted to a competent authority.

The EU maintains it’s not a tax.

There is global opposition to this stupid EU scheme that will increase the cost of flights, increase the cost of imports to the EU with the knock on effect of still more price rises for everyone trapped within the EUSSR zone, and all for nothing.

How other countries will respond to this Green taxation being forced on them remains to be seen, legal action in international courts is one option, another is the imposition of local taxes on flights originating from the EU.

One thing is certain the EU wont pay for it, the airlines wont pay for it as usual it will be the tax payers who pick up the bill for the outcome of still more CO2 fear.

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  1. Very soon now the whole corrupt edifice is going to collapse. Oh for a Nuremberg type court to bring justice to the spivs that have been peddling this lie for so long. Or….. just give me a gun!!! Unfortunately our lying politicians are in on it. UKIP the exception of course.

  2. CO 2 absorbs only 3% of the light that passes through it. That is confirmed by experiment. That is .03. Then we know from air samples that the atmosphere is about 3% CO 2 at present. That means .0009 or so of the light is absorbed by the CO 2, (.03 X .03) much less than one percent. This too is confirmed by experimental data. So, our expected heat exchange is less than one percent, much less than one percent. If as you say this is the expected result, then it is hardly significant. Next, we know that as much CO 2 as man produces, the oceans produce much much more. Animals produce more, volcanic action produces more. For sake of argument (only because I lack the numbers) Let us say that man produces about 25% of the CO 2, a fantastically high percentage. That means, (a little simple grade school math here) man contribution is .000225. I do not see how 2/100% is significant in terms of global warming.

  3. Because the entire matter of global warming is fraudulent, most of the “facts” that are trumpeted by the radical left (who are behind this fraud) are nonsense.

    For example, Denmark, the previous host of the international Stockholm climate meeting, emits 1,252 tons of CO 2 per square KM of CO 2 absorbing landmass.

    Canada, the second largest country on earth, emits 55 tons of CO 2 per square KM of CO 2 absorbing landmass – or 4% as much as Denmark.

    Makes you think who is running Canada? Remember what I posted on a other e mail. that Canada only produces 2% of the global industrial and life style CO 2 . To put that into perspective, if we as Canadians decide to return to cave style living, it will have no effect on the concerns raised by the environmental zealots.

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