The Sun Continues To Set On Solar Power

BP backs off from solar after having turned its back on Carbon Capture and Storage

Another nail in the coffin of the Green Dream hit home today with the news that BP is pulling the plug on its solar operations.

The statement from BP is no big surprise, the German solar industry is as near as makes no difference bankrupt, the Solyndra scandal in the US is typical of the global failure of the solar power business and many governments have cut the Green taxes that allow the renewables industry to exist.

BP has been quietly shedding renewables jobs and closing facilities:

BP has taken the axe to its solar power business, saying it “can’t make any money” from selling panels at a time when it continues to spend $20bn annually on oil and gas developments.

The energy group, which once promised to move “beyond petroleum”, was an important player in solar but has over the last three years gradually closed its panel factories and made around 1,750 workers redundant.

At the same time, the company has gradually retreated from other areas such as carbon capture and storage and shut down its separate London headquarters for BP Alternative Energy.

Mike Petrucci, chief executive of BP Solar, wrote to his remaining 100 staff last week, saying “the continuing global economic challenges have significantly impacted the solar industry, making it difficult to sustain long-term returns for the company.”

A spokesman for the wider group said the plunging value worldwide of solar panels – partly as a result of low-cost competition from China – had convinced BP that it had no future in a “commoditised” business.

The mirage of Green jobs again, undercut by China the only jobs in renewables will be for fitters, there will be no real wealth creating jobs in research and development or design all the skilled lucrative work will be in China, who already dominates the wind turbine industry.

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  1. Did you read the part where it said.

    “A spokesman for the wider group said the plunging value worldwide of solar panels – partly as a result of low-cost competition from China – had convinced BP that it had no future in a “commoditised” business”

    Long story short china can make and ship cheaper solar panels than BP can make. So they are abandoning the market in order to concentrate on something they can be competitive at.

    Kinda like all your goods are made in china. Did German shoe companies run from footware as well. Or did the jobs go to china because they could be made cheaply there.

  2. 😆 Yep, all the toxic green jobs are going out of your economy, but you support it anyany, got agenda. Also what good is it to you if there are no western economies left to buy China’s toxic green BS anyway, but good luck with that path your going down, you’ll need it.

  3. Keep walking in thoes chinese made shoes of yours along with your chinese Tshirt playing your japanese Xbox.

    I was being realistic your just being hypocritical.

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