Solar Power – Almost Extinct

The Sun sets on the Solar Power industry

The Solar Power industry is in accelerating decline as governments cut the subsidies that permit the economically unviable renewables industry to exist.

The Renewables Industry much like the British State Industries of old, cannot function without the blank cheque of the tax payer to keep them afloat.

The Government has decided to cut the ludicrous feed in tariff rate for solar power and has been challenged in Court by Friends of the Earth and 2 solar power companies:

Government plans to slash incentive payments for householders who install solar panels were on Wednesday ruled “legally flawed” by a high court judge. The ruling opens the door for a judicial review that could force the government to delay its plans, potentially allowing thousands more people to claim the higher subsidy.

The judgment comes after a challenge by Friends of the Earth and two solar companies who argued that the government’s decision to cut the feed-in tariff from 43.3p to 21p with only a few weeks’ notice was premature and unlawful, and had led to unfinished or planned projects being abandoned.

An unelected NGO and 2 solar companies grasping for tax payer subsidy have managed to postpone the inevitable cuts in feed in tariffs for a few weeks, meanwhile the escalating costs of Green energy will continue to be added to energy bills.

Still more bad news from Germany where another solar company has gone bust:

Solar Millennium became the second German solar company to file for insolvency in December, following module maker Solon, as the company could not find partners for large projects in the United States and Spain.

Before shares in the company were suspended on Wednesday, they had lost 9.3 percent, and the news also weighed on other solar stocks, including SolarWorld and Q-Cells, which gave up earlier gains and turned negative.

Solar Millennium said it had been in advanced negotiations about the sale of its U.S. pipeline since September.

“A binding confirmation on the amount and time of the cash flows could not be obtained until now. In addition, intensive negotiations with investors on the entrance into the project Ibersol (in Spain) could not be finalized,” the company said.

Spain is another country that has recently cut the Green taxation that allowed solar to exist there, there is a distinct correlation between cuts in Green subsidies and the failure of the renewables industry, what has happend to solar will happen to wind next.

Over at the Guardian the Watermelon journalists are using words like “may” and trying to blame the government for the impending demise of British solar:

The government’s rush to cut a subsidy for people who generate solar electicity on their roofs was clumsily handled and may have fatally damaged a growing industry which had the potential to provide tens of thousands of jobs, says a new report by MPs on two influential select committees.

By giving both consumers and companies just a few weeks’ notice that they intended to halve solar “feed-in tariffs” (FiTs) from 43.3p to 21p paid per kWh of energy generated, they have created uncertainty among investors and undermined public confidence in energy policy, said the MPs.

Solar like Wind, runs on crony capitalism, Green taxation and tax payer funded subsidy the feed in tariffs benefit those that have sufficient roof space and capital to invest in the installation, they are then rewarded by every energy bill payer whose energy bill has been increased to reward those with solar panels.

Once the subsidy is cut the renewable industry dies, British solar is dead it just hasn’t hit the floor yet.

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  1. Human wind power technology has been around for centuries, but mainly for grist-milling grain or for pumping water. That being said, today wind power technology has been applied to generate electricity. In it’s concept and present state of technology it would appear to be a good idea but as far as reliability and sustainable electrical energy producing mechanism there are many short comings. With out detailing all the short comings from today’s wind power technologies, I will address your main concern an that of safety and adaptability in the human environment.

    How dangerous is ‘Wind Power’? Well according to The New American, while the public have been urged to believe that renewable energy in the form of wind could likely become a portion of the saving the world’s energy crisis. According to one viewpoint of reports offering the comparison between wind versus nuclear energy, there has not been one single injury to a nuclear plant worker in all its 104 power plants and 40 years of service in the United States… not one! Similar stats also represents the Canadian nuclear industry. On the other hand, wind power industry, has quite a treacherous track record

  2. There has been however several near meltdowns and contamination and it continues to be one of the most expensive power generating methods when you account for the cost of decommissioning and retrofiting. Also you are comparing the health and safety reports that include twisted ankles and scrapes as well as lumping in construction and transportation and comparing them too….. news paper articles? I’m pretty sure paper cuts occure in nuclear plants as well.

    Also if you are going to make this argument maybe you should try comparing it to Coal, gas and other power generating methods as opposed to cherry picking a rather useless stat on something largely irrelivant to the debate.

    • The case for nuclear power is that it is CO 2 free! [ Isn’t this the benign and trace gas battle cry of the self proclaimed environmentalist } and the sustainability factor also makes nuclear power such a desirable system of energy (electrical) source. Of course cost is the biggest factor of electrical production and that is of around 5 cents per KW for nuclear verses 18 – 24 cents a KW for wind and up to 85 cents per KW for solar. Talk to the consumer. I can see a ponzi scheme in the making.

      The writing is on the wall, solar, and wind power is economically a disaster and will be the white elephant or should I say the [ pink elephants ] in the next few years. When you build your premise on false science and fanatical delusional thinking, history will speaks for it’s self.

  3. surely solar energy is only ever going to work in countries where the sun shines, britain certainly isn’t one of those if I remember rightly.
    But I am sure some people have made tidy little sums out of the subsidies so that is OK then

  4. I was really looking forward to starting my new solar panel business this year, but the cut in feed-in tarrif has blown us away. we will have to see what happens next..

  5. There are very few creditable accredited environmentalist around. Most self procalimed environmentalist are ideological and political hacks

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