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Global Warming A Scam In Decline

The Church of Climatology really needs Michael E Mann to step forward and produce another graph to hide the decline, this time not to produce massaged data to hide the Middle Age Warming Period, but to hide the decline in the ever dwindling scam of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The only victor at Durban was Big Oil and then Canada Abandoned Kyoto just one day after those that love the planet leapt into their limos and headed for their private jets at the airport: Read the rest of this entry

German Solar Industry Is Going Bankrupt

German solar village of Sonnenschiff, built when German solar was booming

The German solar industry is in terminal decline, the loss of generating capacity caused by the political decision to close German nuclear power stations was expected to be filled by wind and solar, but this has not happened, instead coal and gas fired power stations will replace lost nuclear capacity.

Solon who were Germany’s first photovoltaic produce have filed for insolvency with debts of 275 million euros.

A combination of cuts in Green subsidies, falling demand and China producing solar panels far cheaper have killed off the German solar industry: Read the rest of this entry

Britain 3421 Wind Turbines Installed, 1500 Accidents In 5 Years

Another bonfire on a stick as a wind turbine burns from gearbox failure

Chris Huhne and the renewables industry have long been playing the nothing to see here game whenever there is a wind turbine collapse, fire or accident.

By their own admission the renewables industry is very cagey about the sacred bird chopper, the recent disintegration of a wind turbine in a mere 50 mph wind earlier this month highlighted the problem that these useless blots on the landscape have, their gearboxes and lubricant are not fit for purpose.

One nation, the Dutch who really know about windmills have abandoned wind power for all the usual reasons expense and reliability, yet in Britain the madness of Chris Huhne continues unabated with plans for 30,000 additional bird choppers costing £2 million each, a total cost of £60,000,000,000 that will require 100% backup from existing power stations using fossil fuels.

£60 billion for something that works at just 25% efficiency, it gets worse 44% of bird choppers have been involved in accidents or incidents in just 5 years: Read the rest of this entry

Wind And Solar Power Will Cause An Energy Crisis By 2015

Renewable energy sources have been deemed inadequate

A new report produced jointly by the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) and Scientific Alliance warns of the dangers for secure and reliable power supplies if the government continues the folly of believing that renewables work, and that renewables are not economically viable without the never ending huge Green taxation and subsidies.

The technologies of wind and solar power simply do not work: Read the rest of this entry

Why Wind Turbines Explode

During the recent storms that hit Scotland a £2 million 328 foot tall wind turbine exploded and rained shrapnel and fire on the surrounding area, all caused by  a 50mph wind.

As usual the so called “Renewable Energy” experts are calling it a freak accident with only a 1% chance of the accident happening.

There are 2 serious problems that afflict wind turbines, blade failure and gearbox failure, the latter failure usually results in the wind turbine catching fire; it is a problem that the renewables industry has long been  aware of: Read the rest of this entry

CO17 Agreement Lasts Just One Day

The agreement from COP17 crashes and burns after just 24 hours

The agreement to keep going to further COP’s, sometimes spun as an update to the Kyoto Protocol has crashed and burned after just 24 hours with Canada formally withdrawing from Kyoto.

Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent said Canada was using its legal right to withdraw from the treaty and that Kyoto was not the way forward for Canada or the world.

The previous Liberal government had signed Canada up to Kyoto and it was impossible to meet the 2012 Climate Religion targets for CO2 emissions: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 A Win For Big Oil

COP17 achieves nothing but the agreement to keep talking

The Durban Climate Synod is over and for the third year in a row nothing has been achieved other than bucket loads of CO2 have been emitted, ironically by those that most fear an inert trace gas and there is some sort of vague agreement to meet next year, and achieve nothing, again.

There was one winner in Durban, those dirty words Big Oil when the United Arab Emirates pulled an absolute blinder on the Green eco sheep who will sign anything, without question: Read the rest of this entry

The Secret Life Of Climate Researchers

The final episode of the BBC’s Frozen Planet documentary has caused controversy on both sides of Anthropogenic Global Warming argument, so this blog from IowaHawk written in the style of a wildlife documentary hits the nail on the head:


Our very planet depends on them. Yet they remain nature’s most elusive scientific species, inhabiting some of the world’s most delicate and daunting academic environments. But thanks to new breakthroughs in high speed cameras and email files, metascientists are finally beginning to understand their mysterious behaviors and complex social interactions. Tonight on Iowahawk Geographic: step inside the Secret Life of the Climate Researchers.

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David Attenborough The Warming Alarmist

David Attenborough on side at the BBC, a propaganda machine for climate-change zealots

The final episode of Frozen Planet, probably the finest Natural History documentary ever made was a sad occasion, sad because David Attenborough, the face of Natural History to millions of people ceased to be that, instead, losing all objectivity Attenborough produced a program that is in line with the BBC’s one sided view on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The BBC have decided that no air time should be given to climate change sceptics, as in the words of a report commissioned for the BBC the evidence is overwhelming, this policy clashes head on with the BBC’s statutory duty for reporting to be impartial.

As the COP17 failure grinds slowly onwards the BBC has kept the output of warming alarmist propaganda programs going, a few nights ago on BBC4 the program Around the World in 60 minutes looked to be interesting. Shot from the International Space Station which orbits the planet every 90 minutes it promised some stunning footage, instead we were treated to the  usual bunch of warming alarmists preaching about CO2 emissions, Environmental Armageddon and the increasingly popular Climate Justice give all our money away diatribe.

The final episode of Frozen Planet was not a big seller in the international market, the Discovery Channel for example declined  to buy it, so did many other countries, as they thought the program was less than objective and would have no audience in their country: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Rest Of The World And EU Clash Over EU Aviation Tax

India the EU’s aviation proposals are, a “trade action hidden in the guise of climate“.

That home of Climate Religion the EU, the lair of Huhne and Hedegaard is set on a crash course with at the very least India and the United States over the Aviation Tax that the EUSSR plans to charge all flights that land and take off  within the Eurozone.

India has already accused the EU of using Climate Religion to raise money, the United States has gone at lot further: Read the rest of this entry