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EU – Fracking Does Not Need More Regulation

One of the last bastions of Climate Religion, the EU, has in a report said that Fracking does not need more environmental legislation for now, though the situation could be reviewed once fracking becomes a wide spread activity.

This is an interesting shift in policy from the EU,  who  a few months ago were  hell bent on stopping fracking, as usage of reliable affordable energy like Shale Gas, would interfere with the sacred CO2 emissions targets.

Climate Religion is slowly and surreptitiously being abandoned by Governments as the economic  reality of the Green Energy Dream  begins to sink in. Read the rest of this entry


Decarbonization Can Only Be Achieved By The Limitation Of Democracy

Fritz Vahrenholt one of the founders of the German Environmental movement no longer believes the junk science of the IPCC

The Church of Climatology is in terminal decline in Germany as one of the founding fathers of the German ecomentalist movement has turned his back on Climate Religion.

Fritz Vahrenholt is not the first high profile ecowarrior to have concerns about Climate Religion, co-founder of Greenpeace Patrick Moore has this to say about his former NGO:”The organization should at least base its positions on science“.

In a new book to be published on February 8th 2012 Professor Dr Fritz Vahrenholt and geologist/paleontologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning make it plain they no longer trust the IPCC: Read the rest of this entry

Germany – Renewable Energy Is Destroying The Economy

German power grid is incapable of dealing with de-centralised generating stations that renewables are dependent upon

Countries that have gone after the Green Dream of renewable energy are paying the price of buying into the man made  Climate Change scam, Spain has learnt to its cost that the Green taxation that all renewable energy forms like solar and wind are dependent on are a killer for jobs, in Spain’s case every single Green job created has cost 2.2 jobs in conventional industries.

In Germany the story of renewable energy has been the usual sorry tale of failure where the German Solar Industry has turned into a €100 billion money pit, hugely expensive off shore wind farms are being built without any means of connecting them to the grid, an event is that repeated daily with other smaller installations of renewable energy.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) have produced a report by Dr Guenter Keil warning of the impending doom to the German economy caused by the lemming like charge to the Green mirage of affordable renewable energy. Read the rest of this entry

Britain Falls Out Of Love With The Green Socialist State

Green ecomentalist prediction of London under water due to man made Climate Change

Across the industrialised world the belief in man made Global Warming, Climate Change or whatever the scan has been renamed is falling.

A recent Pew Research Center annual poll in the US has fear of Anthropogenic Global Warming as the 22nd most important priority for voters, out of 22 priorities, people just dont believe the Green lies and junk science anymore.

Climategate is widely believed to be responsible for the loss of faith in Climate Religion, but new Government figures in Britain show that belief in the Green Environmental Holocaust had already started to decline  in the summer of 2009, several months before the Climategate story broke for the first time. Read the rest of this entry

Tory MPs Tell David Cameron To Cut Green Taxes For WindFarms

Tory MPs are joining forces in a new group pressing for the Government to review funding for a technology they argue does “more harm than good”

The disproportionate influence of the Lib  Dems on the coalition government has been clearly shown in many fudged policy decisions, the worst of which is the whole renewables crusade driven entirely by Chris Huhne and his insane personal desire to have 32,000 on shore bird choppers.

The coalition government is shaky at best, if this were not the case then the disingenuous Huhne would not have lasted so long, Huhne has in fact achieved nothing but promoting his Climate Religion and helped line the pockets of those rich enough to own enough land to have a windfarm cash generater that pays when it generates electricty, and also pays when it does not generate electricty.

British windfarms have been paid millions of pounds to not generate electricity, which Huhne seems to think is reasonable and provides cost effective power, most probably because Greenpeace, WWF and FoE told Huhne that Green subsidised energy is cheap, politically correct and wholly endorsed by the Church of Climatology.

Now, at last MPs are hearing the uproar about the whole Green renewables scam, well at least Tory MPs are, don’t expect any opposition from the Green socialists in the Labour and Lib Dem parties.
Read the rest of this entry

BBC’s Bias For Green Climate Religion

The BBC funded by a television tax, that if not paid can and does, result in people being sent to prison for non payment is supposed by law to be impartial in its news reporting.

The BBC’s coverage of the Environment and Climate Change has been repeatedly criticised as not only news and science have been corrupted,  but also entertainment where brain dead lightweights like Chris Evans likened AGW to “lighting a fire in your living room“.

Even in a second rate remake of Day of the Triffids man made climate change was the reason for the Triffids rise, the BBC has managed to get Climate Change in to just about everything it broadcasts.

In something worthy of the now defunct Eastern Bloc the BBC Trust investigated the BBC’s Science reporting Religious Programming on Climate Change, and concluded that the coverage  is not biased enough in favour of the Green agenda, bearing in mind that the BBC is legally bound to be impartial,  and in the words of its own report it needs to discard impartiality. Read the rest of this entry

Obama’s First Campaign Ad – A Tissue Of Green Lies

The real truth about Obamas Green policies and the stranglehold of the EPA on US industry

Barry Soetoro Barack Obama has started his bid to have another 4 years destroying America as President for a second term.

Having already set new lows in his approval rating Obama is now claiming that his environmental policies have created 2.7 million clean energy jobs, the only problem with that claim is the jobs already existed before Obama became Dear Leader President.

Desperate to appease his Green ecomentalist supporters Obama cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline that could have provided around 180,000 jobs in the next 20 years. Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 Summit Drops Climate Change From Agenda

To avoid too much confrontation the UN has dropped Climate Change from the summit agenda

After the COP17 Durban failure, the next great hope for the warming alarmists was the UN Rio+20 summit in June, not anymore, in an move to reduce confrontation between the various parties attending Climate Change has been dropped from the agenda.

Instead the summit will concentrate on sustainable development which is defined as making sure economies can grow now without endangering resources and the environment for future generations, effectively Climate Change by another name, but by not speaking its name the UN are hoping for agreement.

The outcome however, will more than likely still be another massive fail for the UN, despite changing the date so British PM David Cameron could attend, “Cast Iron” Dave is still not going to Rio. Read the rest of this entry

Warmist Lies – Decrease In Solar Activity Will Not Slow Global Warming

A Solar Filament on the Sun Image & Caption Credit: Earth-orbiting TRACE satellite, NASA

With the planet being the coldest it has been for a decade it is comforting to know that the decrease in solar activity will not stop the run away global warming caused by obscene levels of atmospheric CO2 that the Earth is experiencing.

Well that’s the story from the UK Met Office famed for its useless weather forecasting,  it has conjoined with Reading University to produce a new fear scenario all based on a single computer model’s predictions.

In November 2010 the Met Office found that the world was warming faster than they thought, so no big surprises that nothing can stop the inexorable rise of global temperatures and the Guardian are ecstatic that Armageddon is still scheduled for a vague date in the future: Read the rest of this entry

Huhne & DECC Refuse FOI About Costs Of Renewable Energy

Chris Huhne "There is no such increase in the cost to families, but what there are is a load of rather silly think tanks"

The debate about the cost of renewable energy has become major headline news with on one side Chris Huhne and his Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) declaring that Green taxation or Feedin Tariffs wont add anything to the cost of energy bills in 2020, in fact in Huhne’s world people will be better off, and on the other side of the debate many think tanks and economists think that renewables will have added £250 – £400 a year to energy bills.

MP Dominic Raab submitted a Freedom of Information request to DECC about the costs of renewable energy, DECC refused the request saying they did not have the information.

Policy Exchange has published a report estimating the cost of renewables in 2020 on energy bills will be £400: Read the rest of this entry