EU Green Flying Tax Will Isolate Europe

China’s airlines have refused to pay EU Green Carbon flying tax

On January 1st the EU started levying its Green flying tax on all flights in and out of the European Union.

Even before the Green tax, which will add £80 to airfares for a family of 4 flying to Florida, came into force there were signs of opposition from the USA, India and China from the outset has threatened  a trade war.

There are an additional 40 countries all against the latest Green flying tax:

China’s four leading airlines have thrown down the gauntlet to the European Union by saying they will refuse to pay carbon charges levied under Europe’s emissions trading scheme.

The defiant message — which could lead to a ban from European airports — marks an escalation of resistance to the scheme, which came into effect this week and is also fiercely opposed by the United States.

Despite the growing threat of a trade war, Europe sees the cap-and-trade system for aviation emissions as a crucial tool for reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

From 1 January, any airline using an airport in the EU is obliged to participate. But China’s leading aviation body said it will not. “China will not cooperate with the European Union on the ETS, so Chinese airlines will not impose surcharges on customers relating to the emissions tax,” said Cai Haibo, deputy secretary-general of the China Air Transport Association.

His organisation represents Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, which fly millions of passengers to Europe each year.

Just what bankrupt Europe needs the loss of revenue from millions of passengers from Asia and a trade war with one of the largest economies, and that is before the USA and India take retaliatory measures.

China is not alone in its opposition. The US has also warned that it may retaliate and US Congressmen have drafted a bill that would make it illegal to comply with the EU policy. Qantas Airways of Australia has threatened to sue.

This is one Green tax that will be more damaging than the Green taxation that pays for wind and solar power, the flying tax will isolate Europe from the rest of the world, push up the cost of living on everything from holidays to imported goods and achieve absolutely nothing trying to solve a problem that does not exist.

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  1. Perhaps it’s all a plot to stop Europeans escaping. On some of my flights, the taxes at the Europe end were _already_ significantly more than the actual cost of the ticket.

  2. All of this has to make one wonder if they are bakrupting countries on purpose, with the aim perhaps, of introducing a new one world banking system to go with their other one world ambitions.

  3. Ooops. Should be “bankrupting” not bakrupting which is something I have heard you get from visiting whores in old age. Sorry.

  4. “Qantas Airways of Australia has threatened to sue”
    Interesting, considering Australia’s imposition of a domestic Carbon Tax….

  5. The 40 countries need to boycott the Eu asap, about a week should see some screaming from those affected namely the tourism, hospitality and hotel industries. The Australian government will posture, huff and puff and hit the Eu with a feather and then willingly donate to the Bankster/UN plunderers.

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