A Happy Christmas For Wind Farms Paid £1 million To Shut Down

While coal and gas plants pay the grid to switch off because they save money by not generating fuel, wind farm operators demand compensation for “lost” subsidies.

Christmas and New Year have been good for wind farms, as their operators not satisfied with their grasping hands grabbing Green taxation to keep their uneconomic bid choppers running, demand compensation for the loss of subsidy Green taxation when the bird choppers have to be shut down when there is no demand for their electricity.

Wind farm operators have been paid more than £1 million since Christmas Eve to turn off their turbines.

The gales battering Britain have been so strong that many turbines have had to be shut down for safety reasons and the National Grid forced to increase output from gas and coal fired power stations to make up the shortfall.

At one site, near Huddersfield, in Yorkshire, 110mph winds were so strong that 15ft blades were blown off three turbines.

On other occasions, often during periods when the wind is still strong but slightly less gusty, operators have been asked to turn off their turbines, because they were flooding the network with more electricity than was needed.

On the 23 occasions since Christmas Eve on which this has occurred, operators have received more than £1 million from the National Grid.

The so-called “constraint payments”, ultimately passed on to household bills, are paid to suppliers at times when the network is unable to absorb excess power being generated.

Critics say the impact of the strong winds revive concerns about the ability of wind farms to meet the country’s energy needs.

Dr Lee Moroney, planning director of the Renewable Energy Foundation, a think tank, said: “As we all know, wind is fickle, and balancing electricity supply and demand when there is too much or too little wind power is proving difficult and expensive.

“The costs, which are ultimately borne by consumers, will inevitably increase as more wind farms are built. REF has estimated that the total cost of solving the difficulties of integrating wind power will cost £5 billion a year on top of renewable subsidies in 2020 if current EU targets are met.”

When wind speeds reach 60mph, turbines automatically shut down. At one point on the morning January 3, as gales battered Britain, several turbines across the country were shut down at once, meaning the wind farms were only providing around a third of what they were expected to at the time. Around three quarters of those shut down were in Scotland, with the rest in England and Wales.

This left the National Grid with a shortfall of 2,500 megawatt hours – enough to power up to 1.6 million homes

Bad enough that the bird choppers cannot be relied upon to provide reliable electricity generation, wind power must be only industry for whom it is business as usual when there is no demand for their already subsidised product.

However, figures from the Renewable Energy Foundation, which has been critical of the scale of Britain’s adoption of wind power, also show that operators received 23 payments totalling £1,037,720, between Christmas Eve and January 4, to switch off their turbines at the behest of National Grid.

All were for wind farms in Scotland. The largest single payment in the period was for £95,136 to shut down turbines at the Hadyard Hill, near Girvan, in South Ayrshire, operated by Scottish and Southern Energy, on Boxing Day. Two other payments totalling £98,561 were made to stop turbines at the same site on different dates.

Nine payments, totalling £399,444 were made to shut turbines at the Farr wind farm, near Inverness, which is owned by RWE.

This payment of over £1 million is on top the £10 million already paid out to bird chopper farms for lost Green taxation.

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  1. I can’t believe it took me so long to find your site. Tea Party member , guns rights supporter and I hate wind farms and the whole green movement scam. I’ll be back and often.

  2. Bird choppers?

    US Fish and Wildlife Service report 440,000 birds deaths from wind turbines in 2009
    National Audubon Society reports 500 million deaths due to cats per year – over 1000 times more


  3. Thank you Mr/Ms anonymous for that little gem. The odd thing is that cats actually eat a fair percentage of the birds and mice that they kill. They think of it as food. Next time you see a windmill kill and then pick up and eat it’s victim you come running to tell us and we’ll forgive you for being a prat. Tell you what, I’ll make it easy for you. Next time you see a cat killing bustards, Kestrels, Eagles, or any other protected raptors you tell it to hand it back to it’s local wind factory where they have actually been applying for licenses to kill protected birds.You’ll probably get a Blue Peter badge for that.

  4. So the argument is that it’s OK that some birds die to feed the feline population, but not that 1000 times less die to generate electricity from wind power?

  5. Bird chopper, get real and with it, your probably against coal, oil and gas, but you still expect your lights to come on when you hit the switch, If they were bad for birds why have the RSPB erected a turbine at their head quaters, also i work on an offshore windfarm and these turbines are creating new perching resting grounds for birds, and whilst working here for 5 years i have never seen 1 dead bird and we have a large site. Get your facts right, as i write this our site is generating enough power for 120,000 homes from a free endless resorce. By the way all generation is subsidised in some form. Unreliable average availability of 98% at this site. Get your facs right. We pay money to the grid for putting power down their lines, so if they ask us to stop because they cant handle it of course they should pay, loss of income, generation, startup costs. Yes they are not the solution but a mixture of all is required and by the sounds of your knowlegde we need to get out there and explain to people the truth. Allot like the nuclear industry, allot of people think they know the facts when in reality they don’t have a clue, just a high horse to ride on.
    Also the marine life has increased rapidly as offshore turbines are creating mini reefs, thus helping to feed the bird population
    Rant over, Back to work supplying people with green energy into their homes.

  6. So you don’t believe the meticulously researched, overwhelming consensus of the world’s climate scientists? Your contempt for (and, surely, ignorance of) scientific fact is enough to make all your statements unreliable.

    Just wondering, do you believe the Earth is 6000 years old? Do you own a semi-automatic for self-defense? Do you believe killing witches and gays is mandated by the creator of the Universe?

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