British Geologists Fracking Is Safe

No evidence in peer-reviewed literature of pollution of water by methane as a result of fracking

When the news of Cuadrillas large find of shale gas near Blackpool broke it was greeted a with an uproar of protest from the Green ecomentalists who immediately saw that shale gas being cheap, affordable and economically viable without Green taxation, would spell the end of the wind and solar renewables scam.

Climate Religion minister Chris Huhne immediately started telling the world that fracking was dangerous and that the definitive source of information on fracking was a tissue of Green extremists lies masquerading as a documentary called Gasland.

Hunhe then fearing a backlash from the Green NGOs, whose approval for all his actions he so desperately seeks then stated that shale gas would be halted as it interferred with the sacred CO2 emissions targets of Climate Religion.

Using the usual mixture of fabricated fear stories and emissions targets the Green ecomentalist Luddites must have thought they had killed shale gas dead, but now 2 British Geologists using peer reviewed science have declared fracking safe:

It is “extremely unlikely” that ground water supplies would be polluted by methane as a result of controversial “fracking” for shale gas, UK geologists have said. And although the process, which uses high-pressure liquid pumped deep underground to fracture shale rock and release gas, caused two earthquakes in Lancashire last year, the quakes were too small to cause damage, they said.

Campaigners have called for a moratorium on fracking in the UK in the face of the earthquakes and amid fears it could lead to pollution of drinking water by methane gas or chemicals in the liquid used in the process.

Fracking has proved controversial in the US, where shale gas is already being exploited on a large scale and where footage has been captured of people able to set fire to the water coming out of their taps as a result of gas contamination.

But Professor Mike Stephenson, of the British Geological Survey, said most geologists thought it was a “pretty safe activity” and the risks associated with it were low.

He said the distance between groundwater supplies around 40-50 metres below the surface and the deep sources of gas in the shale a mile or two underground, made it unlikely methane would leak into water as a result of fracking.

There was no evidence in peer-reviewed literature of pollution of water by methane as a result of fracking, he said, adding that the presence of the gas in US water supplies was likely to be natural. But a survey was currently being conducted in the UK, to establish a baseline of any gas naturally found in groundwater before drilling took place.

“If you don’t know what the baseline is, you don’t know if people are running a tight ship. There’s natural methane in groundwater and you have to distinguish between what’s there already and what might have leaked in.”

The Gasland film deliberately used areas of the US where ground water has been contaminated by methane for hundreds of years and then lied by saying that the methane only appeared in the water after fracking started.

As one fear story is never enough the warming alarmists then raised the fear of earthquakes as a result of fracking:

“Most geologists think this is a pretty safe activity,” Mike Stephenson, head of energy science at the British Geological Survey, said at a briefing in London today. “We think the risk is pretty low and we have the scientific tools to tell if there is a problem.”

Hydraulic fracturing, a process using water, sand and chemicals to open fissures in rocks and release natural gas, has made the U.S the world’s largest natural-gas producer while raising concerns the technique pollutes drinking water and causes earthquakes. Exploration was suspended in northwest England last year after fracturing gas wells caused two tremors.

Fracking, as the process has become known, is unlikely to start earthquakes stronger than magnitude 3.3 on the Richter scale, a level that typically causes no damage to property, and most will be around magnitude 2, said Peter Styles, a professor of applied and environmental geophysics at Keele University.

Styles said he has examined seismic data from thirty years of coal mining in the English midlands to assess the threat from fracking. The research suggests there is a “low” probability of unconventional gas drilling operations causing major earthquakes, he said

No story with key ingredients of fear, lies and disinformation would be complete without a mention of the Guardian, who can see the Green Utopia powered by the sacred renewables they print so many lies to keep alive,  is going to wither and die as affordable  shale gas comes on stream.

The only newspaper report is in the Guardian, although they mention it in passing:

The chief executive of the company pioneering shale gas “fracking” in the UK is to face his home county critics, as leading scientists urged closer monitoring of new drilling.

Note the language here, trying to sow doubt and controversy even if, as seven paragraphs later:

Peter Styles, professor of applied and environmental geophysics at Keele University, said the chemicals used in fracking in the UK were relatively common, including compounds close to those found in household detergents and contact lenses, and were unlikely to cause problems of pollution. He also said the seismic activity that had been prompted by the Cuadrilla drilling near Blackpool was very small, and similar to that found in coalmining areas. However, he urged monitoring of drill sites and said that if further earthquakes caused problems in the wells drilled – for instance, by cracking the cement casing – then the wells would have to be reformed, a very expensive process.

The Guardian also tries a Peak Oil tactic it’s used in the past, casting doubt on the size of the resource:

The geologists also said Cuadrilla’s estimates for how much gas could be recovered in the UK were many times higher than their own calculations. Last year, Cuadrilla put the potential shale gas resources in the Lancashire region alone at a massive 200 trillion cubic feet – an amount that could supply the whole of the UK’s gas needs for more than five decades.

But over at Bloomberg, the story is entirely different:

The U.K. could have more shale gas the previously thought, Stephenson said. The British Geological Survey is reviewing its estimates for U.K. onshore shale gas resources. The survey originally estimated that there is about 150 billion cubic meters of shale gas onshore, compared with about 300 billion cubic meters of conventional gas resources.

“There is much more shale than we thought under Blackpool,” the British Geological Survey’s Stephenson said at the briefing,

I assume they were at the same briefing, although only Bloomberg thinks it’s important enough to say who organised it, The Science Media Centre.

In the US shale gas has caused an energy revolution, gas prices are half of what they are in Britain, thousands of real lasting jobs have been created and billions of dollars of wealth and taxation have been generated.

As usual the Green ecomentalists want to put a stop to anything new that arises and does not  meet their approval of how we should all live, it is time the rest of the world followed the example of Canada and ignored these morons.

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  1. Even the Tyndall Centre admits “With bad practice, there is a risk, but with proper regulation the environmental impacts could be brought to the levels we deem acceptable for natural gas.”.

    But apparently they are more worried about “jeopardising the UK’s international reputation on climate change”.

  2. Great post. Let the Shale revolution roll on!

  3. While the technology should be exploited. great care and very tight regulation is needed due to very real and scientifically proven effects of the myriad of chemicals used in the fracing process. For a list of the hodgepodge of cancer and other horrific illness causing chemicals used, have a read of the list supplied by the Fracking industry themselves.

    The gas is not going anywhere, for once can we have a careful scientific approach based on an awareness of the risks and benefits. Then once we have proof it is safe, go for it.
    Leeching into water aquifers and ground water of this motley bunch is not something we should have happen.

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