The EU’s Doomed Flight Of Carbon Taxation

The EU’s Carbon tax on flying, more doomed than this pick up line

We live in a world where increasingly, as Martin Sheen’s character in Apocalypse Now observed, “the clowns have taken over the circus“.

The EU is a case in point, almost bankrupt as the single currency implodes explodes disintergrates, the EU still clings to Climate Religion and CO2 emissions limits, left behind by a world that has moved on from the Great Man Made Global Warming Scam.

From January 1st 2012 the EU will levy a Green tax on flying, opposed by the US, China, India and 40 other countries and despite the very real risk of a global trade war nothing can dissuade those blinded by the light of Green socialism and wealth redistribution from their course.

The damage caused by this pointless Green tax, which is heaped upon the myriad number of other Green taxes EU citizens already get stung for, will be far more damaging than the increase in costs for flying and transportation that will inevitably follow.

One can only wonder what the Brussels-based mandarins were thinking. The global war on CO2 is going nowhere. By the end of 2011 global emissions had hit an all-time high. China, India and others are fast-industrializing opening new coal-fired power stations more quickly than the EU can shut down the old ones. The Kyoto alliance is crumbling as Russia backs Canada’s pull-out. Renewables subsidies and investments are being devastated by shale extraction investments – ironically, with natural gas from shale impacting CO2 levels far more than the global carbon war has.

To cap it all, the EU carbon price is currently languishing between €6 and €9 per tonne; nowhere near the levels needed to secure industrial action and raise the revenues required to keep renewables on subsidized life support. As well as alienating the airlines and air travellers, the EU is mired in its Eurozone mess. It has chosen this moment to fire the first shot in a global trade war; as Dirty Harry would say: “Outstanding”.

The Brussels based mandarins were not thinking, they were doing the Green marxist thing of taking the “moral high ground” and leading by example, hoping beyond hope that the rest of the world would follow the EU over the economic cliff, the problem is lemmings in this instance seem to be limited to Australia and the EU.

As the 2012 New Year hove into view, a Chinese industry insider told the London FT that his government was seriously considering retaliatory measures. The state-owned news agency was blunt calling the carbon tax a “trade barrier in the name of environmental protection”. He adding, “It will be difficult to avoid a trade war focused on a ‘carbon tax’ for airlines.” In fact, China has already made a pre-emptive strike. In July 2011 Beijing blocked a multi-billion euro order from Hong Kong Airlines for 10 European Airbus. Neither is it the only deal in jeopardy. A glum Airbus executive recently told the London Financial Times, “These are not the only orders taken hostage by the Chinese. The A380s are just the first”. The Chinese Government also intends to file a complaint in a German court early in the New Year. If the EU Commission wants to cripple its flagship Airbus industry, it’s going the right way about it.

Confusion, stupidity and blind Green Marxism abound, the consequences of this flying tax will be catastrophic for all EU countries as Airbus is blocked from Asian markets, you can bet Boeing already has a sales force on the ground working hard to get the blocked Airbus orders.

At the heart of the “legal options” for the airline lawyers is the international agreement regulating air commerce known as the Chicago Accords. More prosaically known as the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, its opening section specifically states, “The contracting states recognize that every state has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory.” The new EU carbon regulations clearly violate the terms of this agreement by seeking to regulate air flight above nations outside Europe.

The whole Man Made Climate Change scam has always had one world government at its core, the problem is the EU seems to think that they are this one world government and that they can impose their will to save the world from a problem that was made up to replace the fear factor vacuum left by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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