Another Wind Turbine Fails In High Winds

Llandinam Windfarm closed while engineers investigate why the turbine broke up in high winds

For the second time in a month a wind turbine in Britain has broken up in high winds scattering wreckage across a wide area, unlike the recent accident in Scotland where the turbine caught fire and broke up, this wind turbine simply broke up and crashed to the ground.

Following the catastrophic failure the Llandinam Windfarm in Wales, has been taken off the grid while engineers investigate the problem.

A windfarm in Mid Wales has been temporarily closed while engineers investigate damage to one of its wind turbines.

Operators Scottish Power Renewables said the Llandinam Windfarm, between Llanidloes and Newtown, had been taken offline while engineers looked into how the turbine was damaged in December.

The energy firm today said it would not speculate on how the turbine was damaged until the conclusion of its investigation.

Members of Stop, a Mid Wales-based anti-windfarm group, said walkers found the damaged turbine last month after residents heard a loud bang during strong winds.

Michelle Lloyd, of the group, said: “There have been stories in the press regarding turbines damaged in high winds elsewhere, but I have seen photos from a man called Mike Brennan from Mochdre, near Newtown, who regularly walks near Scottish Power’s Llandinam Windfarm.

“Scottish Power have now removed all evidence of the incident and seem unwilling to talk to concerned public members about it.

“Apparently some Dolfor residents reported hearing a big bang over Christmas, which one could wonder – was it the noise of the turbine exploding or hitting the ground?

“Walking tracks meander through this windfarm.

“It goes without saying that this distance should be greater and that turbines should be nowhere near public footpaths.

“Their publicity shots, used in their recent brochures showing how lovely it is to cycle and walk amongst turbines, need to be re-thought, as you could be killed.”

There are additional pictures of busted bird chopper here.

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  1. Going back to shale gas, even the Dept of Energy and Climate Change have said :-

    “In the light of the robust controls in place, outlined above, to protect the environment and ensure safe operation, DECC see no need for any moratorium on shale gas. This is also the view of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee which held an inquiry into shale gas earlier this year”

  2. I fear that making an issue of the proximity of wind turbines to public footpaths will result in wholesale closure of footpaths rather than the removal and/or resiting of the turbines.

  3. love the wording, “catastrophic failure”, right after they say it, “simply broke up and crashed to the ground”. leave the spinning to the genarators.

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