Chris Huhne Could Be Charged In Days

The end of Chris Huhne saga is drawing closer as what is widely regarded as the last obstacle to charging Huhne is gone.

Just before Christmas 2011 Essex Police made it clear that they want Huhne and his estranged wife Vicky Price charged with perverting the course of justice and lesser speeding charges.

Sources at the Crown Prosecution Service said they expect a decision to be taken in “weeks rather than months”.

The publishers of the Sunday Times today dropped their challenge to a police bid to obtain emails relating to the Chris Huhne speeding case.

Times Newspapers Ltd were expected to ask the High Court in London to quash a Crown Court order requiring production of the emails to Essex Police.

Times lawyers also wanted Lord Justice Toulson and Mr Justice Cranston to declare that a judge sitting at Chelmsford Crown Court erred in law when he issued the order last October.

The case concerns emails between Vicky Pryce, Mr Huhne’s ex-wife, and Isabel Oakeshott, the Sunday Times political editor.

It follows allegations that the Energy Secretary asked his former wife to take speeding points for him.

But today the publishers withdrew their application.

A Downing Street spokeswoman today declined to speculate on whether Mr Huhne could remain a minister if he is charged with an offence, saying only that members of the Cabinet are appointed by the Prime Minister and are subject to the ministerial code.

Vicky Pryce sent more than 100 emails to the Sunday Times the contents of which are believed to very damaging to Huhne, police already have a text message between Huhne and his son that discusses the consequences of a potential prosecution.

At the hearing, Andrew Edis QC, for Essex police and the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “It will now be possible to move proceedings on towards a charging decision. However, there is a criminal investigation.

“It is, therefore, conceivable that one outcome will be that there will be charges and therefore criminal proceedings will follow.

“There may be criminal charges which may in due course be tried.”

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  1. This whole case is truly astoundingly unbelievable…if this were any one if us mere mortals, we’d have been charged, and either banned, fined or imprisoned long ago, yet anoter example of one rule for the priviledged and different rules for the rest….and yet more tax-payer’s hard-earned money wasted on what is really quite a trivial case deliberately getting dragged out to suit a “toff”

  2. MibsXX – Spot on… Just recently a MP in NSW resigned because of a similar case of passing the speeding fine onto someone else. In fact a high court judge was imprisoned for doing the same thing and lying in court. A 70 dollar fine would you believe. Blamed it on a woman who was dead at the time. Not very smart. If you can’t trust you MP’s to be honest
    who can you trust.

  3. Funny how they manage to catch all the terrorist with cameras and not this joke, or is it bloke?

  4. “Could Be Charged” – I won’t be happy until he HAS been charged, convicted and and locked up…

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