Huhne & DECC Refuse FOI About Costs Of Renewable Energy

Chris Huhne "There is no such increase in the cost to families, but what there are is a load of rather silly think tanks"

The debate about the cost of renewable energy has become major headline news with on one side Chris Huhne and his Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) declaring that Green taxation or Feedin Tariffs wont add anything to the cost of energy bills in 2020, in fact in Huhne’s world people will be better off, and on the other side of the debate many think tanks and economists think that renewables will have added £250 – £400 a year to energy bills.

MP Dominic Raab submitted a Freedom of Information request to DECC about the costs of renewable energy, DECC refused the request saying they did not have the information.

Policy Exchange has published a report estimating the cost of renewables in 2020 on energy bills will be £400:

The response from DECC has been astonishingly defensive, attempting to rubbish the work, and claiming that it is “not a credible figure and appears to be based on flawed analysis”. They don’t say why they think this.

This comes on top of DECC’s refusal to release information about climate policy costs to Dominic Raab MP.

This research was undertaken with care by one of the country’s leading experts. The assumptions are in many case extremely conservative, and are fully explained in the report. Clearly all assumptions about what is going to happen in 2020 will necessarily be flawed. But that goes for DECC’s too. And furthermore, Policy Exchange’s finding is broadly consistent with DECC’s own published figures, as far as they go.

If DECC is to substantiate their criticism, they must really publish and explain their own estimate of the full cost of renewable energy subsidies on households.

It is to be expected that RenewableUK and other rent-seeking representatives of the renewable industry will dismiss reports that criticise the scale of expensive subsidies that support their industry.

The one thing you can always count on Chris Huhne,  had this to say:

“this is nonsense on stilts. There is no such increase in the cost to families, but what there are is a load of rather silly think tanks trying to differentiate themselves in a crowded market by coming up with wild and woolly estimates to get headlines in the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. They would save an awful lot of people some high blood pressure moments if their so-called economists bothered to pop in to Decc and get put right on some elementary A-level howlers. All our figures are there to see on the website, and we are committed to updating them every year. We have SAVED families money compared with the last government by removing the levies for carbon capture and storage and the renewable heat incentive. Overall, the impact of our policies on bills in 2020 is estimated to CUT bills by 7 per cent.”

Utterly priceless, much like energy bills in 2020 come to that.

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  1. We’ll all miss Huhne when he’s gone.

    I hope.

  2. Is he still allowed to “work”? Most foks get suspended without pay whilst investigations are under way!

  3. That should have read “folks” but in his case…well, does it matter?

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