Rio+20 Summit Drops Climate Change From Agenda

To avoid too much confrontation the UN has dropped Climate Change from the summit agenda

After the COP17 Durban failure, the next great hope for the warming alarmists was the UN Rio+20 summit in June, not anymore, in an move to reduce confrontation between the various parties attending Climate Change has been dropped from the agenda.

Instead the summit will concentrate on sustainable development which is defined as making sure economies can grow now without endangering resources and the environment for future generations, effectively Climate Change by another name, but by not speaking its name the UN are hoping for agreement.

The outcome however, will more than likely still be another massive fail for the UN, despite changing the date so British PM David Cameron could attend, “Cast Iron” Dave is still not going to Rio.

Representatives from around the world gather in Rio in June to try to hammer out goals for sustainable development at a U.N. conference designed to avoid being tripped up by the intractable issue of climate change.

But there is concern in the lead-up to the conference, known as Rio+20 or the Earth Summit, that it risks ending up as all talk and little action.

In an attempt to avoid too much confrontation, the conference will focus not on climate change but on sustainable development – making sure economies can grow now without endangering resources and the environment for future generations.

U.N. conferences over the past decade have begun with high hopes for agreements to compel nations to cut climate-warming emissions and help adapt to a hotter world, but they often ended with disappointingly modest results. That was the case last year in the global climate change summit in Durban, South Africa. Participants at that meeting agreed to forge a new deal by 2015 that would go into force by 2020.

The “sustainable” branding for this year’s summit, rather than climate, is by design, said Ambassador Andre Correa do Lago, who headed Brazil’s delegation to the U.N. climate talks in Durban and will be a chief negotiator for Brazil in Rio.

Sustainable development is an easier sell globally than climate change, even though sustainable development is a way of tackling global warming and other environmental issues, he said.

The whole Climate Change scam has been so damaged by Climategate the new angle will be “sustainable development” and “environmental justice” as window dressing, the goals of wealth redistribution and One World Green Government remain unchanged.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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