BBC’s Bias For Green Climate Religion

The BBC funded by a television tax, that if not paid can and does, result in people being sent to prison for non payment is supposed by law to be impartial in its news reporting.

The BBC’s coverage of the Environment and Climate Change has been repeatedly criticised as not only news and science have been corrupted,  but also entertainment where brain dead lightweights like Chris Evans likened AGW to “lighting a fire in your living room“.

Even in a second rate remake of Day of the Triffids man made climate change was the reason for the Triffids rise, the BBC has managed to get Climate Change in to just about everything it broadcasts.

In something worthy of the now defunct Eastern Bloc the BBC Trust investigated the BBC’s Science reporting Religious Programming on Climate Change, and concluded that the coverage  is not biased enough in favour of the Green agenda, bearing in mind that the BBC is legally bound to be impartial,  and in the words of its own report it needs to discard impartiality.

This video clip exposes just how much the BBC are broadcasting the warming alarmists politically correct Green message.

If you were abroad and told someone living there, that you lived in a country where, not to have a TV licence can land you in prison and give you a criminal record for life, where the broadcaster you are forced to pay for has its own political agenda cloaked under a sham of impartiality, and that political agenda is a repressive Green socialism, they would probably not believe it when you said you lived in Britain.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Its all part of the ” Corporate Nazi ” ideology festering in the British establishment, the trouble is that most on the right of politics actually support Corporate Nazi ideology when it comes to our welfare state, the one everyone forgets the now dying generation fought for and won in WW2. It was interesting to note that the British won hardly any battles against Germany before the publication of the Beveridge Report. The Corporate Nazi ideology has got into our collective sub consious, and if you support them on welfare don’t expect them to take any notice of your objection to the Climate Scam, its all part of the plan to freeze and starve all lower income people to death, starting with the disabled.

  2. The sight of the wind turbine on Country FIle every week makes my blood boil. Supposedly a programme on the country, not Industialised Britian.

    Every planning department in Britian is faced with wind farm applications in unsuitable locations, which will ruin some of our finest landscape and biodiversity.I am at a loss to understand why the BBC promotes this inefficient form of energy at all. However, I also have to say Channel 4 are also extremely quiet on the subject too. ..Welcome to the mushroom club …fed muck and kept in the dark!

  3. One thing you omit to mention is that if you don’t own a TV then you don’t need a TV license. Simple solution – Don’t own a TV.

    The tv license is because there are no adverts / commercials on that channel. Therefore no corporate brain washing. If anything I feel that Television adverts are worse than any information about a positive move to sustainable energy. If you like to be fed sales pitches for useless drivel then feel free to watch the other channels.

    • Well I’ve noticed a strange thing (to me at least) while living in Wales a few years back, that the TV authorities in the UK are more than nosy. During my days in Wales, I got me a playstation, and my bro bought us a used telly to play video games, from that “I’ve got the money you’ve got the goods” place (CashXchange?).

      A few weeks later a notice from town council on TV licensing got mailed in – I was like “but how do THEY know?”. Probably the big brother got that from the shop or the cab service, not sure though:)

      Yes, on those windmills, it is outrageous to see them almost in every bit these days, though I’m not an keen TV viewer, when I get to watch some news or some ad is shown they always put that “green” crap along with “alternative energy source” portrayed by wind turbine… pathetic..

    • The TV tax has been extended to computers

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