Britain Falls Out Of Love With The Green Socialist State

Green ecomentalist prediction of London under water due to man made Climate Change

Across the industrialised world the belief in man made Global Warming, Climate Change or whatever the scan has been renamed is falling.

A recent Pew Research Center annual poll in the US has fear of Anthropogenic Global Warming as the 22nd most important priority for voters, out of 22 priorities, people just dont believe the Green lies and junk science anymore.

Climategate is widely believed to be responsible for the loss of faith in Climate Religion, but new Government figures in Britain show that belief in the Green Environmental Holocaust had already started to decline  in the summer of 2009, several months before the Climategate story broke for the first time.

Public concern about climate change is on the wane. The number of people willing to alter the way they live in the hope of making a difference to global warming fell by around 10 per cent last year. There was also a sharp drop in those who regarded themselves as ‘fairly concerned’ about climate change.

The figures, released by the Government yesterday, suggest that doubts about global warming have been growing since the summer of 2009.

This was before the damage inflicted on the cause by the ‘Climategate’ scandal later that year, in which leading scientists were accused of manipulating data to support the case of man-made climate change.

The credibility of global warming and concern about halting it appears to have been affected by the succession of three cold winters between 2008 and 2010.

More recently, doubts about the efficiency of wind turbines and the high costs of the Coalition’s drive for renewable energy have seen enthusiasm for the cause dwindling.

The bad news for the Green environmentalists in Britain is that lack of belief in man made Climate Change has gone mainstream, no longer the preserve of bloggers and a few journalists the stream of never ending failed predictions of environmental catastrophe,  coupled with  the public awareness of the huge Green subsidies on their energy bills , to support the unreliable wind an solar energy generation systems that are  central to the Green Dream.

Fewer people said they were willing to use public transport or reduce how often they used their car, and only one in five said they would cut back on air travel. Most opposed higher taxes on air travel and petrol.

The major driving force behind the man made Global Warming scam, the UN, is only too well aware that Climate Change is a toxic subject so expect a shift in terminology as the Green zealots try to save their Green Dream, just as Global Warming begat Climate Change, which in turn begat Climate Disruption, now expert terms like “sustainable development” and “environmental justice”.

It makes no difference the agenda is still the same, one world government which controls the one world bank and hopes for a Green Marxist future controlled by the rich self-appointed Green champange  environmentalists.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Its not a true Marxist state, It an EU Corporate Nazi Fourth Reich confederation run primarily in the interest of ( socialism for ) the Banks and other corporate multinational big business, now complete since Gordon Brown’s G20 welfare state for the banks and their stock market parasites. The only problem is that the Tories are not going to do anything about it, and the only ultimate solution is for everyone to reclaim their ” freedom ” and default on their national debt !

  2. I wonder if the (now failed) attempt at SOPA in the USA and the even more dangerous ACTA (not dead, but still has to be ratified by the European Oarliament)to kill the Internet are a backdoor attempt by the green lunatics to suporess information.

  3. Maureen Williams

    This whole “green” thing is part of the one world government movement. The UN-originated program, Agenda 21 is the main source of this drive to equalize the amount of energy and resources available to all people on earth. This is being implemented on the local level with “smart grids”, “smart meters”, and similar systems to monitor energy usage. Conceivably, these techological tools could also be used in the future to control how much energy we can use. It’s “environmental justice” at its worst.

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