EU – Fracking Does Not Need More Regulation

One of the last bastions of Climate Religion, the EU, has in a report said that Fracking does not need more environmental legislation for now, though the situation could be reviewed once fracking becomes a wide spread activity.

This is an interesting shift in policy from the EU,  who  a few months ago were  hell bent on stopping fracking, as usage of reliable affordable energy like Shale Gas, would interfere with the sacred CO2 emissions targets.

Climate Religion is slowly and surreptitiously being abandoned by Governments as the economic  reality of the Green Energy Dream  begins to sink in.

There is no need for more environmental legislation in the case of shale gas exploration, at least until it reaches commercial scale, says a new study published by the European commission.

The activities relating to exploration of shale gas are already subject to EU and national laws and regulations, says the report, carried out for the European commission by Belgian law firm Philippe & Partners.

Water protection issues, for instance, which have been raised as an issue by shale gas detractors, are already covered by EU legislation under the Water Framework Directive, the Groundwater Directive and the Mining Waste Directive. Meanwhile, the use of chemicals is covered by the REACH regulation, the study says.

“It is a new technology and we do not have a specific legislation on shale gas, because it is so new,” said Marlene Holzner, European commission spokesperson on energy.

“So the study only says that the existing regulations are applicable for shale gas, that the tool is there and has only to be applied,”

Poland is planning to begin commercial production of Shale Gas in 2014, the major drivers here being to end Poland’s dependency on Russian natural gas, and the need for cheap affordable energy.

This news leaves Chris “Family Values” Huhne in a difficult position, an enthusiastic supporter of the anti-fracking campaign GasLand, Huhne muttered darkly that fracking would destroy water supplies, and worst of all the EU emissions targets would not be met and thus all manner of environmental disasters would happen, just like all the other warming alarmist predictions of Armageddon have.

The EU believe they are sufficient environmental safeguards in place, Huhnes big objection is the damage to his vanity as the man who decarbonized Britain, in order to protect Britain from a non-existent threat manufactured by junk science; Huhne will be remembered as an arrogant self serving vainglorious man, who follows the Gordon Brown example of infallibility.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Very interesting. Has the EU Commission finally realised the scam is over and is looking for ways to retreat when Kyoto expires this year?

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