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Chris Huhne Is Toast If He Is Charged

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg -He and David Cameron would have to take a view if Huhne is charged

The Prime Minister has confidence in the Energy Secretary” says a Downing Street spokeswoman, which effectively means that Huhne is toast if he is charged with perverting the course of justice, cast iron Dave now only has confidence in the Minister for Climate Religion and bird choppers, somewhere along the line “every” has become a political casualty.

Huhne has always maintained that he will hang to his cabinet position if charged, Cameron has now made it clear that he will make the decision not Huhne. Read the rest of this entry

British MP’s Form All Party Group To Stop Wind Farms

The opposition to wind farms in Britain is growing steadily, from just local groups opposed to the building of bird choppers all way to an all party group of MP’s opposed to wind farms.

At last Westminster has caught up with public opinion that wind farms are heavily subsidised, inefficient, expensive and they destroy landscapes.

In the scramble to meet Chris Huhne’s desire for 32,000 wind turbines Huhne’s Follies all objections to wind farms are trampled flat, even when it is acknowledged the wind farms kill protected birds and destroy sights of natural beauty, or historical significance. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Could Be Charged In Days

The end of Chris Huhne saga is drawing closer as what is widely regarded as the last obstacle to charging Huhne is gone.

Just before Christmas 2011 Essex Police made it clear that they want Huhne and his estranged wife Vicky Price charged with perverting the course of justice and lesser speeding charges. Read the rest of this entry

Falkland Islands Oil Could Triple Britain’s Reserves

1982 - 2 Para flying the flag after beating the Argentinian forces at Goose Green

Flashback: 1982 a corrupt Argentine  Government led by General Galtieri is in dire financial trouble and deeply unpopular at home, in a desperate effort to divert attention from his problems at home Galtieri reiterated Argentina’s old and completely baseless 19th claim to the Falkland Islands.  As history shows Galtieri made the biggest mistake of his career when he decided to invade the Falkland Islands; despite some limited success the largely conscripted  Argentinian invaders  were decisively beaten by the British Forces in a 74 day war which ended on June 14th 1982.

The Falkland Islanders wish to remain British, their experience of life under Argentinian occupation can best be summed up by,  on June 14 every year  the islanders celebrate Liberation Day.

FastForward: 2012 a corrupt Argentine Government led by Cristina Kirchner in dire financial trouble and seeking to divert attention from the problems at home is making the same erroneous claims as Galtieiri for the Falklands. Cristina Kirchner who assumed power after the death of her husband Nestor in 2010 is politically toxic, a close ally of Hugo Chavez, even Barry Obama cancelled a visit to Buenos Aires scheduled for April 2011.

The Argentine economy is in free fall, the IMF are enacting sanctions against the country and now huge oil reserves have been found off the Falkland Islands: Read the rest of this entry

Solar – Germany’s €100 Billion Money Pit

German solar farms and homeowners with solar panels received €8 billion ($10.2 billion) in subsidies in 2011 and generated just 3% of Germany’s energy needs

The solar industry is in global decline and nowhere more so than Germany where in the closing days of 2011 Solon, who were Germany’s first photovoltaic producer have filed for insolvency with debts of 275 million euros.

BP has pulled out of solar, in the US Solyndra went bankrupt and there are 11 further renewables companies in the US, all going the same was as Solyndra, down the tubes.

As governments across the world cut the Green taxes that allowed these uneconomic industries like wind and solar to survive, so renewables have died. Read the rest of this entry

Glacial Fraud – How The Warmists Show Glacial Melt

How to pretend Climate Change has caused glacial melt - Start with a picture taken in 1940

Full credit for this must go Steve Goddard at for catching the warming alarmists cherry picking again anything to keep their dying Climate Religion alive.

How to pretend Climate Change has caused glacial melt - Next a picture taken in 2004

Conclusion glacier melted due to the warming that the Greens are always on about.

Then again: Read the rest of this entry

Green Environmentalist Wants Eco-Gulags For Climate Change Deniers

Finnish Environmentalist - "the state should enact draconian measures of discipline, prohibition, enforcement and oppression in order to make people comply with environmental dictates."

Before the apologists start and say that this eco-facist is a lone voice in the wilderness, not representative of the Green environmental movement and all the usual platitudes used to explain away these people;  Google “Climate Skeptics should be punished” and consider the 7.4 million hits Google returns.

The demands of the Church of Climatology and its supporters for the punishment of sacrilege does not just come from Finland, the calls are global, from people such as the British Royal Family’s Green simpleton Prince Charles, Obama Science Czar John Holdren and  NASA junk scientist James Hansen, who took time off from making up climate data,  to demand jail for Climate Change Deniers.

In Australia Green Socialists have sought to control the media, in July 2011 the Green party leader Christine Milne demanded political censorship and punishment for dissent for the media to the  enthusiastic applause from an  audience of party faithful.

The Green campaigner in question is Finnish environmentalist guru Pentti Linkola who makes a combination of Hitler, Stalin and Mao all rolled into a complete entity, look an attractive proposition: Read the rest of this entry

Green Wind Farm Supporters “Bird Deaths Are An Acceptable Trade Off”

Please note some people could find this video clip upsetting, the suffering of the vulture is all too plain to see.

Wind farms kill birds, there is no argument about this fact, the argument is about the numbers killed and how it is acceptable for Green hypocrites to sanction the killing of birds of birds of prey by the renewables industry, while at the same time screaming for the maximum penalties for anyone or organisation that kills a bird of prey.

The estimates for bird deaths submitted when a wind farm is approved are around 12% of the actual deaths caused by the bird choppers, the shocking news from Spain that between 6 to 18 million birds are killed annually illustrates the point, sadly. Read the rest of this entry

Why Britain Needs Shale Gas

One of the major problems facing industry and households in Britain today is the price of energy, there is a solution to the current very high cost of gas and electricity,  shale gas.

As usual the Green ecomentalists led by Chris Huhne, the minister for Climate Religion and Green subsidies have spread fear stories about fracking, quoted a junk science documentary, Gasland, as the definitive source on the Green perils of fracking.

The resistance to fracking is wholly ideological, nothing else, as cheap gas makes the already economically unviable wind and solar industries who are subsidised to the hilt by Green taxation, subsidy, Feedin Tariff or whatever you want to call it, even more unaffordable. Read the rest of this entry

Spanish Wind Farms Kill 6 to 18 Million Birds & Bats Every Year

Spain’s 18,000 wind turbines may be killing 6 to 18 million birds and bats every year

Wind farms are not only a killer for reliable affordable energy, jobs and economic prosperity, they are also a killer for birds and bats.

The Golden Eagle is under threat from bird choppers in Oregon where licences allow the killing of protected bird species, as long as it is by approved Green industry. In Norway bird choppers are also killing Golden Eagles, while in Britain the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) sanctioned the killing of birds: “Any threat has to be weighed against the national imperative to develop green energy sources“.

Now in a new report by Save The Eagles International the true extent of bird deaths in Spain caused by bird choppers has for the first time been exposed: Read the rest of this entry