Britains £7 Billion Solar Energy Fiasco

Solar Panels subsidy "one of the most ridiculous schemes ever" brought in by the Energy Act 2008

The Energy Act 2008’s Green taxation to support the solar industry has been described as “one of the most ridiculous schemes ever dreamed up” by Energy Minister Lord Marland.

The row over the Green taxation that allows economically unviable energy sources like solar and wind to exist, started when Climate Minister Greg Barker declared solar energy subsidies to be morally wrong, the Government announced plans to cut the ludicrous Feedin Tariff for solar which resulted in a Court Case brought by Friends of the Earth and two solar power companies, which though succesful is only delaying the inevitable cuts in Green subsidies.

The Energy Act 2008 is another poisoned legacy from the previous Labour Government and then Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband, who along with Gordon “50 Days To Save The World” Brown were major players in the socialist scam known as Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Lord Marland, an Energy minister, hit out at the cost of so-called feed-in tariffs, which the Government has axed as part of the cuts programme.

Last week Court of Appeal ruled that the sudden axing of the tariffs, which were brought in by the Labour Government on April 1 2010 under the Energy Act 2008, were unlawful.

Ministers are appealing that decision in the Supreme Court. If the Government loses its appeal, it will cost the taxpayer an extra £170million in subsidies.

In the House of Lords, Labour energy spokesman Baroness Smith of Basildon asked if it was a “good use of Government money to keep chasing this merry-go-round of court decisions the Government keeps losing”.

She added: “Wouldn’t it be better to sit down with the industry and negotiate a way forward?” She said that everyone accepted there needed to be cuts to the tariff – which are worth £25,000 per household – but it had to be done in a way that protected jobs.

Lord Marland replied that it was a “curious old world” when the Government was criticised for its legal bill, which so far stood at £66,400 on the issue, when the consumer had been saved £1.5 billion as a result.

The opposition has come from those with vested interests like Caroline Lucas, Green Party Leader for whom solar power is a corner stone, an icon along with the wind turbine of her belief in Climate Religion ecofacism, unelected NGOs like FoE, Greenpeace, WWF all of whom have the same political beliefs as Lucas and those that run business that can only survive because every energy bill payer in the country subsidies their business model,  and like  the South Sea Bubble is unsustainable.

Left unchecked, officials at the Department for Energy and Climate Change have suggested the tariffs would have added £300 to average household bills by 2020.

Now that is a curious statement from DECC, one hand you have the Minister in charge of DECC, Chris Huhne saying that renewables will make people financially better off in 2020, and in the next breath his department is making contradictory statements to Huhne.

One thing is for sure, the global experience of renewables is a Green taxation funded money pit that dies the minute the Green taxation is cut, or in the case of Germany wastes a cool €100 billion.

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