British MPs Revolt Against Green Taxation For Wind Farms

British MPs want the Green taxation that supports renewables like wind and solar to exist cut

The pressure for cuts in Green taxation has been building for sometime now, at the end of January Tory MP’s were demanding that Cameron did something about the excessive Green taxation that supports the renewables industry.

The old cliché about a week being a long time in politics came true for Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate Change secretary Chris Huhne this week, when on Friday 3rd February, Huhne and ex-wife Vicky Pryce were charged by the Crown Prosecution Service with perverting the course of justice, a serious criminal charge for which CPS guidelines for perversion of justice recommend a minimum sentences of four months and maximum sentences of one to two years per incident.

The political corpse of Chris Huhne is barley cold and the pressure to abandon Huhnes dream of a Britain besmirched by bird choppers has built to a point where “Cast Iron” Dave is being forced to act:

David Cameron has been hit by a major protest by Conservative MPs over the Government’s backing for wind farms, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose. In response, the government promises to cut onshore wind subsidies

A total of 101 Tory MPs have written to the Prime Minister demanding that the £400 million-a-year subsidies paid to the “inefficient” onshore wind turbine industry are “dramatically cut”.

The backbenchers, joined by some MPs from other parties, have also called on Mr Cameron to tighten up planning laws so local people have a better chance of stopping new farms being developed and protecting the countryside.

Cameron has already been humiliated by Conservative MEPs refusing to support EU Climate Religion legislation pushed hard by Huhne and the EU Green Stasi.

The letter to Cameron begins:

As Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum, we have grown more and more concerned about the Government’s policy of support for on-shore wind energy production.

In these financially straightened times, we think it is unwise to make consumers pay, through taxpayer subsidy, for inefficient and intermittent energy production that typifies on-shore wind turbines.

A very significant number of Conservative MPs are hearing their voters loud and clear, it is time ministers other than George Osborne stopped insulting the voters of Britain with the worn out phrase “Climate Change”, people know the world has not warmed since 1998, the so called “man in the street” knows about Climategate, the spiralling cost of energy caused by the Green taxation that benefits a lucky few that have the land for wind farms, or multiple properties for solar panels.

All the indications are that the world is headed for a long period cooling and instead of dealing with the fabricated problem of man made Global Warming the world should, instead be making sure that cheap affordable energy is available for people to deal with the problem of natural cooling.

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  1. Its all bullshit rhetoric, no revolt against the biggest scam namely offshore wind farms for which the MoD are having to buy expensive new radar, I suspect that most Tory MPs are quite content to continue the false economic growth of the CO2 Climate Change Scam which increases the financial apartheid between rich and poor. So much for alleged One Nation ” we are all in it together ” alleged current Tory ideology !

  2. well, with the go-ahead given for 21 more of the horrid birdchoppers not too far from me, I doubt things are going to change in a hurry

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