China Bans It’s Airlines From Taking Part In EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Chinese Airlines are banned from taking part in the EU ETS scheme

On January 1st 2012 the EUSSR decided to impose a Green tax on flying, where any airline flying into EU airports has to pay financial tribute to the Church of Climatology.

Globally there has been huge opposition to the Green tax on flying, in the USA the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly against taking part in the EU ETS, India decided that no Indian airlines would submit data to the ETS and China immediately warned of a global trade war with the European Union.

The EU are still trying to spin the Green taxation to save us all from the lack of global warming, the rest of the world sees this as another Green tax too  far.

China, home to the world’s fastest growing aviation market, banned airlines from taking part in a European Union carbon-emissions system designed to curb pollution, saying the program violates international rules.

The system contravenes the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and international civil aviation regulations, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said in a statement posted on its website today. Carriers were also barred from using the EU program as a reason for raising fares, it said.

The EU hopes to resolve the issue through negotiations or it may ultimately be ruled on by the courts, Markus Ederer, its ambassador to China, said at a press briefing in Beijing today. India, the U.S., Russia and global airlines have also objected to the levy, saying it will be less effective than a global solution.

“I believe all sides will negotiate again and find a solution,” said Chai Haibo, vice president of the China Air Transport Association. “I can’t imagine that the worst case, such as the EU grounding Chinese flights, could happen.”

The airline group has called on the government to oppose the EU levy and it is working on a legal challenge in Germany. Whether the lawsuit will continue will depend on the EU reaction to the China ban, Chai said. The group’s members include China’s big three state-controlled carriers, Air China Ltd., China Southern Airlines Co. and China Eastern Airlines Corp.

The EU ETS exempts airlines from taking part, providing their own countries have the equivalent Green taxation in place, which can, and has been viewed as the EU trying to impose its will on the sovereignty of other nations.

India has asked carriers not to give emissions data to the EU, K.G. Vishwanath, Jet Airways (India) Ltd.’s vice president for commercial strategy & investor relations, said in a Jan. 23 conference call. The country also plans to work with other nations opposed to the program, Environment Ministry Joint Secretary M.F. Farooqui told reporters in New Delhi last week.

Shinichiro Ito, president of All Nippon Airways Co., Asia’s largest listed carrier by sale, said last month that he favored a global system over a regional one. The carrier and the Japanese government are working on ways to oppose the system, he said without elaboration.

The U.S. House of Representatives last year passed a bill prohibiting the country’s airlines from participating in the EU carbon program after the industry estimated that participation in the system would cost U.S. airlines $3.1 billion from 2012 to 2020. Bills in the U.S. also need approval from the senate and president before they become laws.

Just what a Europe on the verge of financial oblivion really needs, a trade war with some of richest economies.

The mindset of the EU commissars can only be wondered at, in their Green marxist world they have taken the moral high ground, embarked on the de-industrialisation of Europe, demonstrated their willingness to be first over the cliff of economic ruin, but no one else wants to follow them.

Puzzled they can only look to more ways to wreck the European economy, to lead by more extreme and morally superior example, that will inspire the rest of the world to the Green economic suicide the environmental movement salivates for.

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  1. Wish more countries (especially the individual EU countries) would do the same.

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