Nick Clegg & Ed Davey; Dumb And Dumber

Nick Clegg and Ed Davey still pushing the same tired Green lies about jobs, prosperity and affordable energy

The departure of Chris Huhne was a golden opportunity for the Coalition Government to back away from the economic fiasco that is Green renewable energy, instead the Lib Dem segment is pursuing Green business as usual, Green energy and jobs have killed economies in other parts of the world, specifically Spain and California, the German economy is reeling from the effects of Green taxation to support solar and wind, but dont worry it will be different in Britain, according to Clegg and Davey.

Ed Davey is already proving to be a bigger idiot than Chris Huhne, Huhne for all his many faults was at least his own man, Davey is more reminiscent of a glove puppet.

Clegg on his first public outing with Davey had this to say:

“The race is on to lead the world in clean, green energy, “Last year we saw record-breaking global investment in renewables, outstripping the cash piled into fossil fuels. The new economic powerhouses – China, India, Korea, Brazil – are now serious contenders for that capital. In today’s world, the savviest states understand that going for growth means going green. Low-carbon markets are the next frontier in the battle for global pre-eminence. I want the UK to be the number one destination for green investment. We’re in this race to win it.”

The only race that Britain will end up in will be the first over the cliff of economic suicide, cheered on by Nick Clegg, Ed Davey and the EU.

Clegg’s comments were prompted by the Conservative MP’s rebellion about Green taxation to support wind farms, while Clegg conveniently forgets to mention that China has followed the global trend and slashed subsidies for renewable energy, because even the Chinese can no longer afford politically correct heavily subsidised Green energy.

On cue as Cleggs hand operated him, Davey followed his leader:

“I’ve been a lifelong supporter of renewable and wind power and I’m not going to change now. I think that onshore and offshore wind power has a real place in a balanced mix of energy generation so I’m a huge supporter of renewables and I’m going to make sure that they have a real role to play in the future.

We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past where we have polluted our planet, where our country has been dependent on fossil fuel imports, where the price is high and variable … we want to make sure we have our own energy production that is clean and green.”

Just like Huhne Davey is ignoring Shale Gas and the massive economic benefits that Shale Gas brings, its Green politically correct heavily subsidised energy for Davey, or nothing.

Yesterday Clegg and Davey were visiting a busniess park that specialises in approved Climate Religion solutions for some subsidised scheme or other, and naturally they sung in unison:

Davey, a trained economist and an environmental campaigner since university went on to say “I have long believed in the need to marry our economic and environmental agendas. Greening the economy isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for the wallets, purses and pockets of every British citizen too.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg echoed the need for the UK to compete in low global carbon markets saying, “There is nothing inconsistent about doing the right thing for the planet and for the economy.” He added “We have scientists and politicians from China and Brazil coming to places like this [BRE] to learn.”

Nothing like a visit from the Chinese, so they can learn and then clone and resell the ideas they see themselves.

A classic case of China cloning another country’s products has happened with the BMW X5 SUV which has been cloned by the Chinese and is being sold as the Shuanghuan CEO SUV:

Update: A regional court in Munich has ruled that the Shuanghuan CEO SUV, a vehicle that shares a striking resemblance to BMW’s X5, is no longer allowed to be sold in Germany. The ruling comes just weeks after Shuanghuan importer, China Automobile Deutschland, launched the new UFO and CEO models in Germany. The importer now has the opportunity to appeal but if it proves unsuccessful dealers will have to return their vehicles.

Original: The ensuing saga between industry giants BMW and Mercedes-Benz and China’s Shuanghuan has taken another turn, this time with BMW filing a law suit against the European importer of the CEO SUV. The vehicle in question shares an almost identical rear end with BMW’s X5, but, according to Shuanghuan, the design is perfectly legal because it was approved by the Chinese government.

The blinkered stupidity of Nick Clegg, Ed Davey and the declining band of supporters for Climate Religion is simply breathtaking.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. However much we agree with Aardvark, these blogs are just so much p…..g in the wind, to use a reasonably appropriate metaphor. How many aware people actually read about and understand the issues ? What is needed is more publicity of these views, more public debate, and more noise to counter the one-sided publicity pushed out non-stop by the Greens and their Lib/Dem supporters. How can this be achieved ?

  2. Fortunately the word is getting around, started getting traffic from mumsnet where they are discussing the issues of unaffordable energy, wind turbines etc

    Climate Change sceptism has gone main stream and no matter how the warming alarmists try to rubbish these papers The Sun and The Daily Mail have millions of readers and have made the whole AGW scam a mainstream issue.

  3. “Climate Change sceptism has gone main stream”

    WUWT has just picked up on the sudden outbreak of climate realism reported by Pierre Gosselin recently. When the two largest circulation German papers devote space to non “Green” views you know the writing’s on the wall…


    ‘Could the wind turbines of chile harm blue whales’
    Thought you would like to read this too

  5. Knew the bird choppers were bad for birds…but whales as well….still works for me 😀

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