Church Of Climatology Collapses In Germany

The Church of Climatology just keeps getting smaller, opinion polls show people are no longer convinced, the lack of warming since 1998, the complete non event of all Green doomsday scenarios where one apocalypse was supposed to follow another,  and all by 2012 have simply not happened and the ever increasing energy bills due to Green taxation for the not fit for purpose renewables, have all taken their toll.

Slowly but surely senior respected figures in the environmental movement are attempting to regroup with Climate Change denial, people like Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore who had this to say about the NGO he helped start ”The organization should at least base its positions on science“.

In Germany Fritz Vahrenholt has long been Green, yet like Moore, Vahrenholt has major reservations about the climate science of the IPCC and the impact on democracy that Climate Religion has.

Dr Vahrenholt has had enough of the junk science and political spin:

One of the fathers of Germany’s modern green movement, Professor Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, a social democrat and green activist, decided to author a climate science skeptical book together with geologist/paleontologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning. Vahrenholt’s skepticism started when he was asked to review an IPCC report on renewable energy. He found hundreds of errors. When he pointed them out, IPCC officials simply brushed them aside. Stunned, he asked himself, “Is this the way they approached the climate assessment reports?”

The best people to ask would have been the researches for Greenpeace and the WWF who inserted their politically based scientific scare mongering as science fact, and then peer reviewed the same junk in the IPCC 2007 Report Work of Climate Fiction.

The science was hyped. The book started hitting the bookshops today and has already hit no. 1 on the list for environment books. Indications show that it will climb very high in the overall bestseller charts. It’s published by a renowned publishing house and is now sending shock waves through the German climate science establishment.

It remains to be seen how the warming alarmist establishment in Germany reacts to the book entitled Die Kalte Sonne (The Cold Sun), the usual vitriolic chants of “Big Oil” money and usual Green smears and lies wont work with Dr Vahrenholt, one look at his CV shows his Green credentials to be impeccable.

The Cold Sun is not the only problem facing the German branch of the Church of Climatology, Germany’s largest circulation newspaper, Bild,  with a daily readership of 16 million opened with a half spread on Page 2 with an article:


Renowned team of scientists claim the climate catastrophe is fear-mongering by politics“

The widely read Bild will follow with the rest of the series in the days ahead. In part I today Bild presents “What the IPCC of the UN doesn’t tell you.” Bild asks “what if the IPCC is wrong? Can we really blindly trust these experts? Are they really independent?”

Bild then writes:

The phenomenal prognoses of heat from the IPCC are pure fear-mongering.”

The Bild series is sure to cause radical environmentalists to seethe and lash out. Expect an all-out assault in the days and weeks ahead. Already the reaction from activists has been swift and virulent – though they have yet to read the book.

There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth by the ecofacists but like it or not the biggest con trick in human history is imploding, the genie is out of the bottle and the bad good news is, he aint going back.

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  1. Given his corporate executive pedigree, it is perhaps hardly surprising to find that the German guy who co wrote The Cold Sun ( CO2 Lies ) is apparently still pushing Carbon Trading. This must prove that despite what environmental NGO’s claim the promotion of the CO2 drives global warming theory was always a key part of the wider corporate big business agenda. Any excuse to allow City parasites to trade and profit from other peoples misery, either in lost jobs or simply being unable to afford winter energy bills !

    ( interview over two pages ),1518,813814,00.html

  2. Germany calls on reserve capacity to keep grid stable
    08 Feb 2012 15:53 GMT

    London, 8 February (Argus) — Germany’s transmission system operators (TSOs) have today called on cold reserve capacity available to them in Germany and Austria to ensure security of supply as the country faces gas supply issues, forecasts of weak wind-power output and sub-zero temperatures.

    The country’s four TSOs decided yesterday evening to call on the reserve capacity as “a precautionary measure” to meet demand in south Germany today, Dutch-German TSO Tennet told Argus. “The cold reserve power plants in Germany and Austria are running today,” Tennet said.

    The situation is expected to be most critical in south Germany and during the demand-intensive evening hours, when temperatures are expected to fall to as low as -10°C.

    “Day-ahead exchange prices show a significant increase for this evening today compared to previous days,” German TSO ENBW Transportnetze (TNG) said. “Consequently, cold reserve is being used to avoid a critical situation.”

    German evening prices, comprising hours 19-24, for delivery today fetched €124.75/MWh ($163.85/MWh) on the Epex Spot power exchange in yesterday’s day-ahead auction, a €45.18/MWh day-on-day gain. Prices have eased in today’s auction, with evening hours clearing at €94.21/MWh, as TSOs will decide later today whether to call on the reserve capacity again to ensure security of demand tomorrow.

    Supply squeeze
    South Germany’s available nuclear power generation capacity fell by almost 5GW last year, with five of its eight nuclear reactors forced to retire.

    Supply margins have been squeezed further by recent Russian gas supply issues, with deliveries at the Waidhaus entry point below long-term gas contract nominations. German utility Eon continues to operate several gas-fired power stations at reduced capacity as a result. This includes a 446MW output reduction at its 846MW Irsching 5 combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station.

    “If the situation gets worse, further vital gas-fired plants might be forced out of service,” TNG said.

    And lower wind levels are adding to the risk of supply bottlenecks, with “forecasts showing a significant reduction of wind power feed-ins [to the power grid] for this afternoon”, according to TNG.

    In August, German grid regulator BNA secured 1,009MW of reserve capacity in Germany and 1,075MW in Austria following the closure of eight nuclear plants a few months earlier.

    This is the second time that the country has been forced to call on cold reserve capacity this winter, the first coming in December. But that was caused by a high influx of wind power in the north and the resulting strain on the country’s north-south network connection, rather than supply bottlenecks.

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    Not the only thing collapsing in Germany it would appear

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