Friends Of The Earth & WWF Recieved Billions From EU To Promote AGW Scam

The EU has paid billions to Green NGOs like Friends of the Earth and WWF so they can promote the self serving AGW scam

The UK Met Office has found itself in a very embarrassing position, an avid promoter of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, it has had to admit there has been no warming for the last 15 years.

This is seriously bad news for Climate Religion, to call it climate science is to do a major disservice to the many honest and diligent scientists, who actually practice real science.

At best the warmists could be described as a lobby group, but what do you call it when the Government funds the lobbyists to lobby the Government?

A number of words spring to mind Fraud for example, Global Warming, Climate Change, Green and Environmentalism are also synonyms for fraud:

The peculiarity of the global warming lobby is that it is partly funded by governments to lobby governments.

Friends of the Earth received €3,101,245 from the European Union between 2007 and 2009. WWF did better, with €8,794,595.

Between 1998 and 2009, the EU disbursed €66 million to the green lobby. It’s a kind of “you fund us and we’ll keep forecasting climate catastrophe and you can produce green taxes on the basis of our forecasts that scare your citizens”. Some might call this a corrupt relationship. It’s certainly not a healthy one.

Organisations, scientists and governments have so committed themselves to global warming that they need us to keep believing it. Those lucrative funding projects for scientists, those jollies to conferences in five-star hotels to “save the world”, the wind turbines making cash for everyone except us paying energy bills – will all come to an end once the people rumble the climate con.

No one should be surprised at what the EU does, not since the days of the USSR and it’s satellite states has an unelected government been so anti-democratic as the European Union.

The President of the EU is unelected, as is the leading light in feeding plenty of money to the Green NGOs Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard, the AGW scam suits the Green marxists at the EU, their vision of the misery of the Green Agrarian society gets closer as they feed the purveyors of Green fear stories the money, so that Greenpeace, FoE and WWF can keep the outlandish fear stories coming.

Now you know why the Greens make the endless calls of more taxation to make people Green, it’s all one giant self serving scam.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. AGW – follow the money they say… how true, it’s just a scam.

  2. I think most people have now realized that A.G.W.,and carbon saving is a scam. Unfortunately it is “lets forget it”. But most people do not realize the amount of money ( their money) is being wasted on things like this…especially in these economic times.

  3. The WWF, an oil company and the head guy for the IPCC climate ‘dept’ – all share – or shared – the same office location in Washington DC = between the WH and Congressional buildings. How convenient was that…………….

  4. It’s not only financially corrupt, but politically too. This is also the EU using public money to encourage the growth of its own governing role, since I assume the funding for FoE and WWF will be for them to campaign publicly for, and pressure elected governments into conceding to, environmental action ‘at European level’.

    It’s totally inappropriate in a liberal democracy for public institutions to use taxpayers’ cash to socially- and politically-engineer themselves more power.

  5. Is it intentional that on the sidebar of your populist rant above there is a link to a website and widget confirming the global rise in temperature and CO2 emission since 1980? Anyway, it’s quite amusing.

    • I would like to point out that Tory ALWAYS references his “populist rant” as your comment uneducatedly states. REALITY will always prevail, even if the reader’s perceptions have been compromised. Personally, I think you would have done a better job with your comment if you deleted it before posting; as now “we” that are able to think for ourselves know you are either a troll, or as I suspect a lemming waiting to follow your “leaders” off of the cliff. Either way, your comment is, as this entire global warming scam is, a perfect example of a mind that is not willing to think for itself… I feel bad for you.

  6. millions with an agenda h++p://

  7. and the “EU” has indirect ways of funding Green. Al Gore’s visit to Athens, to present his movie, was sponsored by obscure local NGO’s funded by OSRAM ( a Siemens subsidiary selling mercury light bulbs). Many local museums and several “culture and civilization” clubs have had either Siemens or Deutsche Bank sponsorships. In some, the local CO2 “expert” was appointed on the Board of Directors. All turned Green. This is not conspiratorial here say; Public documents. Greens get funded and gets compensated in many ways. Who owns most of the UK’s electricity production? “European” companies. Promoting Green allows them to get subsidized through more expensive electricity provided by Green contraptions made in their home countries. A total and massive hoax.

  8. Tony he might want to change the title wording – The Billions comes from the original Scotsman article, but this included the windfarm sussidies as well as the multinational eco-charities who got in than period ONLY 75 million

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