National Trust – “The Public Menace Of Wind Farms”

The National Trust is now "deeply sceptical" of wind power

The National Trust has joined the rebellion against the menace of bird choppers, the symbol of Green renewable energy is deeply hated for a whole range of reasons, from despoiling the countryside to the huge amounts of Green taxation and increases to the energy bills via Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC), wind turbines cause.

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore had this to say “The industry is a destroyer of wealth and negative to the economy”, Moore now refers to himself as a “sensible environmentalist“.

For years the conservation charity has been a supporter of renewable energy, including wind, to reduce carbon emissions and help fight global warming.

But in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Sir Simon Jenkins warned that wind was the “least efficient” form of green power, and risked blighting the British landscape.

He said “not a week goes by” without the charity having to fight plans for wind farms that threaten the more than 700 miles of coastline, 28,500 acres of countryside and more than 500 properties owned by the Trust.

“Broadly speaking the National Trust is deeply sceptical of this form of renewable energy,” he said.

At the moment the Trust is fighting against at least half a dozen plans to build wind farms or turbines that could damage the view from a stately home or stretch of countryside, including a massive offshore farm in the Bristol Channel and plans by the Duke of Gloucester to install a wind farm on his property.

Louise Mensch, the Tory MP and author, is backing the fight against turbines near Lyveden New Bield, Northants which she fears could “destroy one of the finest examples of Elizabethan gardens in England”

In the past the Trust, that now has four million members, fought plans for one of Europe’s largest wind farms in mid Wales and the National Trust for Scotland has spoken out against turbines marching over the hills.

The official position is to support renewable energy, including wind, although only in places where the turbine will produce the maximum amount of energy and “with regard to the full range of environmental considerations”.

It is a shame that other NGOs cannot follow the lead of the National Trust, and abandon their religious crusade for Green Energy at any price be it, money or environmental impact, for no price is too high to build another bird chopper.

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  6. February 21st 2012 ~An email from Sir Simon Jenkins makes clear the position of the National Trust
    After the publication of various conflicting accounts by the Telegraph and others (see below) about the position of its chairman, Sir Simon Jenkins, and the Trust itself, we received this from Sir Simon:
    “I can assure you the Guardian story was rubbish, but then so was the Telegraph headline. There has been no change of policy. We are basically against these things wherever they might intrude on the landscape, and are currently protesting against more farms than I can name, including the Atlantic Array in the Bristol Channel and various outrages in Northamptonshire. We have a few small turbines on our land where farmers use them for themselves.

    Fear not for the Trust, only for the countryside!”

    He kindly added today: “You can quote me anywhere you like, especially on wind farms!”

    So Nick/Tory when are you going to Tweet petition 22704?

  7. All the credit for the above email from Simon Jenkins should go to this site and all that is being done to protect British countryside, landscape and biodiversity.

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