Britain – 15 Wind Farm Owners Get £850 Million In Green Subsidy Every Year

Wind Turbine at Bogan Green farm, brought to the ground by a controlled collapse after suffering mechanical failure yet again

The wind farm scam has proved a nice earner if you are one of the big energy companies, a foreign company that has moved into wind power or a rich landowner who has the space and capital to hoover up the Green taxation and build your very own wind farm cash cow.

Wind farms are that most unique of endlessly laying Golden geese, they pay well over the odds for the 20% of the time they actually generate electricity and then they pay off again when there is no demand for their erratic power supply.

As usual it is the over taxed population of Britain that are paying for the Green dream:

Around £110 billion of the Green taxation might stay in Britain, over £700 billion is flowing out of the country into foreign owned and operated corporations who will benefit from the massive increases in company and household energy bills.

The full extent of lobbying by Britain’s wind industry to preserve subsidies while getting thousands of new turbines built can be revealed.

The intensive lobbying – both to construct wind farms and to maintain generous subsidies – comes amid growing unease over an industry adding to the burden on household electricity bills.

Analysis of UK wind farms shows that the 15 biggest owners will between them receive almost £850 million in subsidies that are added on to household electricity bills.

It comes after the disclosure last week that 101 Tory backbench MPs had written a letter to David Cameron demanding he slash the subsidies.

An investigation shows how the wind energy industry has:

* employed lobbying firms to fight against Government plans to cut a near £1 billion a year subsidy

* drafted in eco-activists to drum up support for wind farm projects in the face of local opposition

* defeated a Tory election pledge that could have triggered local referendums on wind farms before they are built

A separate study by the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF), a think tank opposed to onshore wind farms, shows that 7,000 turbines are on course to be built onshore across the UK by 2020, helped by a 70 per cent success rate on wind farm planning applications.

REF expects the total consumer subsidy paid out by 2030 to amount to a staggering £130 billion.

The more wind turbines they build the more Green subsidy is grabbed and the more household energy bills will rise.

In a normal commercial environment the more of a unit that is built, the cheaper that unit becomes, the whole renewables industry, and wind in particular must be the only industries in the free world where to date mass production increases cost to the end user, not decreases it.

The £850 million subsidy is the tip of the iceberg really, it does not include the other wind farms of between 1 and 5 turbines who are also grabbing the Green taxation for all they are worth.

Regular users of the M4 motorway will be familiar with the wind turbine at Junction 11, this particular golden goose generated £100 thousand worth of electricty, and received £130 thousand in Green subsidy.

This same scenario is repeated at countless other wind farms across the country, it is time the politicians blamed the other lot and put a stop to this insanity.

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