The Next Green Stupidity – Tidal Power

Tidal Turbine effectively an underwater wind turbine and like wind power it requires huge Green taxation to exist and produces expensive electricty

The Commons’ Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECC) have just released a report on Marine Renewables which claims, wait for it, that Britain could become a leading exporter of tidal power and expertise if billions in Green taxation are used to support yet another economically unviable Green energy source folly.

Tidal Power comes in 3 forms:

Tidal Fences which are a continuous line of underwater tidal current turbines, installed in a way which forces as much flow to go through the turbines as possible.

Barrage Tidal Plants these are the most common form, using narrow water channels with gates and turbines, opening the gates causes water to flow which in turn spins the turbines.

Tidal Turbines which work like an underwater wind turbine using the tides to turn the turbine.

But the report warns that an overly cautious approach to deployment may allow other less risk-averse countries to steal the UK’s lead.

Industry players are concerned that government proposals for subsidies for marine and tidal only extend to 2017, leaving a question mark over the sector’s long-term future.

The ECC report will issue a series of recommendations designed to ensure the UK retains its leading position, including clarifying how much revenue support marine power can expect to receive beyond 2017 as soon as possible.

This is a renewables project so venture capitalism is naturally not on the event horizon, just like wind and solar, tidal cannot exist without the oxygen of Green taxation and increased energy bills.

According to the Carbon Trust, the first wave farms are likely to cost 38-48p/kWh and the first tidal farms 29-33p/kWh, although developers remain confident costs will fall as technologies mature.

Good to see the Greens recycling the propaganda for wind, just a simple edit and replace action using “tidal” to replace “wind”.

“Britannia really could rule the waves when it comes to marine renewable energy,” said committee chairman Tim Yeo. “We are extremely well placed to lead the world in wave and tidal technologies, which could potentially bring significant benefits in manufacturing and jobs, as well an abundant supply of reliable low-carbon electricity.”

In Tim Yeo’s Green dream world the Chinese will ignore tidal, and not produce tidal technology far cheaper than Britain, the EU and the US can, in the same way that China builds wind turbines and solar panels far cheaper than any other country can.

The report was welcomed by green groups and renewable trade associations, including the UK’s leading marine power trade body Renewable UK.

“The marine energy industry is now on the threshold of commercial viability, and the Committee’s report contains important recommendations which, if implemented, will help push it towards becoming a major part of our electricity generation system,” said RenewableUK director of policy Dr Gordon Edge.

If tidal is on the verge of “commercial viability” why does the industry need a roadmap of Green subsidy beyond 2017?

A report for the WWF about the Severn Barrage indicates that the cost per MwH would be roughly double that of the most other renewable energy sources, now about that “commercial viability“…

The are also a significant number of disadvantages to tidal power, many environmental, you can expect these to be ignored by the Greens who don’t care when wind turbines kill raptors.

* Expensive to construct

* Power is often generated when there is little demand for electricity

* Limited construction locations

* Barrages may block outlets to open water. Although locks can be installed, this is often a slow and expensive process.

* Barrages affect fish migration and other wildlife- many fish like salmon swim up to the barrages and are killed by the spinning turbines. Fish ladders may be used to allow passage for the
fish, but these are never 100% effective. Barrages may also destroy the habitat of the wildlife living near it

* Barrages may affect the tidal level – the change in tidal level may affect navigation, recreation, cause flooding of the shoreline and affect local marine life

Tidal like wind and solar is just another renewable energy source for the sake of it, its economically unviable, and like wind produces electricity when there is no demand for it, so wind farms are paid not to generate electricity, just as night follows days you can count on the tidal power generators being paid not to generate electricity so there is a level playing field for all Green approved energy.

A playing field levelled by still more Green cost increases to  energy bills.

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  1. Its pretty obvious that if WWF are objecting what we actually need is a full Severn barrage, in fact do Morecambe Bay as well, direct road to Barrow in Furness, both are a far better national investment than wind farms. Small tidal units are pointless as the water will just avoid them, got to do the full barrage or nothing, the French alrady have one with no problem to wildlife, there is potential to get 8% of our electricity cheap in the long run.

  2. A recent French government report looking at diffrent forms of energy generation has warned of the ‘ intermittence ‘ caused by renewable energy. In short it stated that ‘Intermittence’ could cause problems and should not be ignored.

    The wriing is on the wall. Why are our government sticking their heads in the sand and supporting these mad cap forms of energy generation? The answer must be because we are paying!

    Join us and get the subsidy for wind farms slashed, Just click on the link.

  3. Plenty of hills near both the Severn and Morecambe Bay to do a pump storage project to smooth out any cycles in energy production, full tidal barrages are the best low carbon options on the table. It would be criminal to use shale gas to generate electricity when we have plenty of coal, forget listening to Corporate Nazi puppets like Lord Lawson its all controlled opposition to the overall CO2 Climate Scam rip off !

  4. A slight problem with tidal power that none of the advocacy sites mention. I wonder why? Slack water. Four Times a day.

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