Germany – Green Subsidies Cause Fuel Poverty

Germany 600,000 households have had their power cut off for being unable to pay their energy bills

Germany is counting the cost of its desire to be Green, the €100 billion wasted on solar, the post Fukushima hysteria where for no good reason, but Green hysteria, Germany shutdown their nuclear power stations only to have to bring them back on-line to meet the demand for energy caused by the very cold winter this year.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) have produced a report by Dr Guenter Keil warning of the impending doom to the German economy from the money pit of Green renewable energy.

A German consumer watchdog has found that because of the sudden increases in energy bills caused by the Green taxation that solar and wind need to survive, fuel poverty and fuel debt are becoming serious social issues:

Many households in Germany are no longer able to pay their electricity bills. As a result, around half a million households are sitting in the dark.

The sharp price increases for electricity and gas is leading to serious payment problems for more and more consumers – even to dark apartments. Because of unpaid bills an estimated 600,000 households in Germany had their power cut off in 2010, said the consumer watch dog Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfalen which is based in Düsseldorf. This estimate is based on a survey of local energy providers in Germany’s most populous state.

“Price increases of around 15 percent for electricity and gas in the past two years have made energy for many households unaffordable”, said CEO Klaus Mueller. The increasing fuel poverty is alarming. What is more, ever tighter household budgets and regularly lacking competence in keeping personal finances in check are turning claims arising from unpaid energy bills quickly into an insurmountable cost trap.

Three-quarters of the 58 companies that responded to questions from the NRW consumer group reported growing problems related to energy debt and power outages. In 2010, the surveyed utilities in North Rhine-Westphalia alone sent out three million reminders for unpaid electricity bill. They issued 340,000 blocking threats and cut off power to 62,000 customers.

According to extrapolations by consumer protection groups, power has been cut off to about 120,000 households in NRW alone and to about 600,000 households nationwide

A similar story to Britain where there are now 6 million households in fuel poverty, in Britain just like Germany the Green subsidies for wind and solar have added 15% to energy bills according to the Coalition Government.

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  1. I think it was subsequently established that it was the coal fired power stations that were brought back online rather than nuclear. Still a terrible situation for a country like Germany. The scourge of the global warming scam is brutal right enough.

  2. Beats me why Germany plays along with the global warming scam. The EU Commission might just listen to Germany and France. OTOH only ten more months until Kyoto dies.

  3. Furor Teutonicus

    What is not mentioned is, that a lot of people here are in rent contracts whereby the electric is part of the rent5.

    SO, when the electric bill can not be paid, it means that the RENT is also not being paid.

    It is not, therefore merely a case of sitting in the dark, but a serious risk of loosing your home.

    ALSO not mentioned is that even when we CAN afford the electric, we are forced to sit in lighting conditions which are approaching those of some farmers hut in the middle ages, due to these shite “energy saving” bulbs. Something else forced on us by the “Verdammte FDJ Tussi” sometimes known as Merkel.

    Energy wise, she has as much to answer for as bloody Hitler. At least he had an excuse. It was not HIM that destroyed our power stations then.

  4. Trouble is you have a cabinet who don’t know the meaning of poverty, some try it for a week or so and then they are experts, try living on benefits for 12 months and see what they think. Of course it won’t happen. For myself I moved to Thailand where at least you do not need heating, and electricity and water are not a rip off. Politics sucks so no difference there.

  5. This makes very sobering reading and is an excellent report. We already have 5.5 million Brits in fuel poverty and 1 in 4 worried about the next energy bill. Luckily for many they have been saved by a very mild winter.

    I am still pressing on with Petition 22704 to reduce the subsidy for wind farms.
    Just Google it or click on the link and then please circulate in anyway you can. Our government may be green behind the ears but we are not!

  6. In my household, since the continous energy price hikes began, the only area that has any “give” in it is the food budget, so guess who is on an enforced diet ( so much so that my GP warned me I’d get ill very soon!)

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