EU’s Green Agenda Faces Global Opposition

The EU one of the last bastions of Climate Religion sets the example that we were told the rest of the world would follow; the problem is economic suicide is only popular with EU Commissars

The Left have always attached noble and lofty adjectives to their political aims, taking the moral high ground, leading by example are popular chants from the comrades of socialism, environmentalism and the easily manipulated eco sheep of the Occupy movement.

All the talk of moral high ground and leading way to a brave new Green world are just smokescreens to force the environmental legislation through at any price, with the secondary vain hope that there might be other ecomentalist simpletons in power elsewhere who also want to de-industrialise their societies, commit economic suicide and embrace the misery and drudge of the Green Agrarian Society.

All in all, it sounds like political suicide, well it would be if the EU Commissars concerned were elected, but as usual with the EU democracy is not in the loop, so the unelected and unanswerable climate zealots will continue with their Green agenda, that the rest of the world does not want any part of.

So much for leading by example, instead the largely bankrupt EU is on a collision course for a Global Trade War with the rest of the world:

During the past decade, the European Union blazed a green trail with a series of laws mandating a low-carbon economy and promises to set an example for other parts of the world. That now seems like another era.

A succession of economic crises has pushed European governments to pare subsidies to clean-energy sectors like solar power and has undermined initiatives in other areas like energy efficiency, where member states balked at binding targets.

The E.U. Emissions Trading System — the Union’s flagship climate policy, which requires industries to acquire emissions permits — has been battered by extreme volatility, tax fraud, recycling of used credits, suspicions of profiteering and online attacks.

Many factories and utilities also received more free permits than they needed under the system, helping ensure that the price of the permits has never been high enough, for long enough, to push polluters to invest in cleaner alternatives.

The latest complication for Europe’s green agenda is the prospect of trade wars with important partners like the United States and China at a time when the Union can least afford threats to jobs and growth.

The most high-profile dispute focuses on a law requiring all airlines using airports within the Union to join the Emissions Trading System. About 30 governments met in Moscow this week to discuss barring their carriers from participating and other forms of retaliation.

There are other problems brewing for the EU apart from it’s unilateral and illegal Green flying tax, there is the EU self made problem of oil from tar sands.

Any new source of energy that damages the chances of the politically correct wind and solar generation is immediately attacked, vilified and a new Green movie documentary of lies and half truths launched, just look at the hysteria about fracking and the Gasland propaganda movie. The Canadian tar sands have come in for the same treatment of lies and hysteria, warming alarmist scientist James Hansen “When the development of the tar sands continues, then it means “game over for the climate“, this is a view endorsed by another warming alarmist scientist Peter “Fakegate” Gleick.

Something about being judged by the company you keep would seem appropriate.

There was an EU vote today on whether the oil from tar sands should be labelled as excessively polluting:

Darek Urbaniak at Friends of the Earth Europe said: “Some European governments have given in to Canadian and oil lobby pressure, instead of saying no to climate-hostile tar sands. High-polluting sources of fuels, such as tar sands, must be cleaned up or kept out of Europe – they are the dirtiest source of transport fuels, and will undermine Europe’s ability to reach its climate ambitions.”

The vote by officials needed a majority of about three-quarters to pass, which would have led to the proposal passing quickly into law. In the event, there were 89 votes for the proposal, 128 against and 128 abstentions, including the UK. The impasse means the decision will be referred to ministers, who will send a proposal to the European parliament for passing into law

Apart from the typical pointless comments from an unelected Green NGO that amongst others has received millions in funding from the EU, the workings of the EU are priceless. Out of 345 potential votes only 89 are for the stupidity, so Connie Hedegaard will still get the result she and her Green allies want, it will just take a bit longer, and nobody seems at all bothered by this, curious to say the very least.

There are also frictions over fuels with the United States.

Three years ago, the Union imposed duties affecting American biodiesel producers after complaints by European producers that the U.S. government had given production subsidies.

Last year, after complaints by ePure, a European industry association, the commission started two new inquiries into the way the United States supports its bioethanol industry. A decision on provisional duties is expected in August.

One of the most explosive issues Europe may soon face is whether to protect its solar industry from Chinese manufacturers.

The EU is isolating itself economically from the rest of the world at time when it can ill afford to do so in the increasingly vain belief that the rest of the world still believes in the ManBearPig religion of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The EU produces just 11% of emissions of a harmless trace gas, CO2,  any climate ambitions the unelected Green marxists of the EU have are erroneous; any savings made will be immediately swamped by increasing emissions from China, India and Brazil.

China will not only swap emissions it will also produce components for wind and solar far cheaper than the EU can, the EU’s response will be to put increased taxes on components made outside of the EU and at this point the Global Trade War will seriously erupt, the only loser an isolated and increasingly economically irrelevant Europe.

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  1. You just don’t get it yet do you Mr Aardvark, they are not Marxists, they are an exact mirror image, they are Corporate Nazi’s attempting to cement an EU Fourth Reich, complete with the Green Holocaust, low income people forced to freeze and stave to death. The trouble is that the most of the right wing nutters actually fighting the Climate Scam support the Corporate Nazi’s on areas like workfare and cutting benefits for the chronically sick and disabled, and as such remain a key part of the overall problem, controlled opposition !

    • I tend to view the whole EU/Climate Scam as marxist quite simply because I have read a lot from the late Vaclav Klaus who grew up under the commie system and he frequently drew parallels between the Soviet Bloc and the EU, and the ideologies of Communism & Climate Religion

  2. The majority of Americans who share your personal profile (Climate “Realist”,Tea Party
    supporter,NRA member) believe that the Universe is less than ten thousand years old,
    that it was built by a Jewish carpenter who was his own father,that a supernatural being
    named Satan is trying to infiltrate the Cosmic Disneyland of American social life etc.
    In light of this state of affairs and the deficiencies of the US educational system it’s
    hardly surprising that you’re incapable of distinguishing between Left and Right-Wing
    political ideologies.Terms like “Marxist”, “communist”, “fascist”,(like the terms used
    by climate scientists) have specific meanings derived from their theoretical and historical
    contexts.Why use them if you obviously have’nt got a clue what you’re talking about?

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