Wind Farms – No Green Jobs For Britain

Foreign companies building wind farms provide negligible work for Britons

To justify the billions being spent on wind farms the Greens are forever telling the population that renewables will prove not only an energy revolution, but also an economic revolution with hundreds of thousands of long lasting Green jobs.

The actual global reality is that there is no such thing as a lasting Green job, the job security provided by wind and solar is about as reliable as their power generation.

Out of the £850 million paid in Green subsidy to the major wind farm operators in 2011, over £700 million flowed out of Britain and straight into the bank accounts of foreign companies; this sum is set to rise as more and more foreign wind farms come on stream.

The lack of lasting Green jobs has now become so obvious, that even the wind farm groupies at the Guardian have noticed it:

Britain is leading the world in the building of windfarms off its coastline but the “green revolution” appears to be largely working in favour of foreign firms.

The Danish operator of the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, off Cumbria is the latest to come under fire for favouring foreign suppliers and allegedly providing “negligible” work or services to local UK companies.

Dong Energy opened the Walney scheme on 9 February boasting it had erected more than 100 turbines in double quick time and had broken other records by bringing in foreign investors.

Britain is leading the world in the building of wind farms” could be better described as Britain is the stupidest nation on earth giving billions of pounds to foreign companies, almost as stupid as Germany who paid China to destroy the German solar industry.

The same circle of Green stupidity that destroyed an industry in Germany, has been modified so that energy users in Britain can pay Green subsidies direct to foreign companies, paid for by increased energy bills, loss of commercial competitiveness and loss of jobs.

But it is likely that the same picture of UK companies missing out is being repeated at the even larger London Array scheme, to be opened off Kent next year.

E.ON, a partner with Dong on the London Array, admitted to the Guardian in the past that 90% of the first key contracts for that £2bn wind project were heading for foreign contractors – again a huge part of this was for turbine deals.

Semco Maritime, a Danish engineering company, is typical of the suppliers used by Dong at Walney and on the London Array scheme.

Carsten Nielsen, the company’s vice president, said he was aware that some of the work it had been completing on sub-stations could have been done by a UK firm.

The same story is about to be repeated again and again as billions are wasted on the stupidity of wind farms, solar and the next Green dream folly.

No jobs for Britain and billions flowing out of  the country while energy costs continue to escalate, the stupidity of the government  knows no bounds.

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  1. The stupidest part of the “green job” revolution is the political and enviro belief that somehow western nations could out compete the east in the renewable industry when they can’t do it with traditional industries right now!!!

    It truely seems that these ‘believers’ honestly thought that eastern industrialists would sit there with stunned looks watching as these ‘smarties’ cornered the market on profits.

    The fact that these very dimwits were beholding to Chinese largesse for their rare earth metal raw material supply, wasn’t even a consideration.

    On the bright side, the amount of maintenance personnel has been vastly underestimated!!! 😉

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