The European Green Agenda Is In Crisis

The Green Agenda in Europe now has as much future as this fallen wind turbine

The winds of change are blowing through the corridors of power in Europe, the once unassailable and politically correct Green Agenda is getting buffeted from all sides.

Germany once so keen on being Green has found that Greenness costs more money than the Germany economy can afford, the €100 billion solar failure and a looming global trade war over the EU’s illegal Green flying tax have proved too much for Germany, where Climate Change skepticism now abounds.

The EU has until been recently one of the last places on earth where Climate Religion is taken seriously, the Green agenda was relentlessly pursued by former British Climate Change minister Chris Huhne  and unelected EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard who wanted ever more stringent emissions legislation in the erroneous and forlorn hope that the rest of the world would follow their idiocy.

The latest proposed EU budget wants to spend €1 trillion on fighting non-existent Anthropogenic Global Warming, this is likely to get a hostile reception from Poland who has already stated it will use its Veto in tomorrow’s meeting of EU Climate Religion ministers:

Friday’s meeting of EU environment ministers is being pushed to the brink of crisis by a Polish rejection of any mention of the EU’s Low Carbon Roadmap for 2050, which foresees up to 95% emissions cuts by mid-century.

EU diplomats scrambling to put together a compromise are being hampered by a Polish reluctance to accept any mention of carbon-reduction milestones between 2020 and 2050.

The European Commission presented a roadmap in March 2011, proposing to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by as early as 2020 as well as targets for 2030 (40%), 2040 (60%) and 2050 (80-95%).

Poland backed the target for 2050 at an EU summit in 2009 but is reluctant to agree on the intermediary steps or milestones contained in the Commission’s roadmap.

“It is on this particular point that Poland has stated its opposition,” one senior EU diplomat said in reference to the 2020 milestone.

“It is clear that there are still issues in the conclusions that the Poles will find it very difficult to accept,” another diplomat told EurActiv. “Their essential issue is that the roadmap is not to be worked on further and should not be the basis for discussion.”

Poland currently relies on coal for more than 90% of its electricity, and blocked proposals to toughen the EU’s carbon dioxide emissions targets in June 2011.

Over the last year the so called European unity to promote the Green Agenda has slowly started to come apart,  most famously with the defeat of the 30% emissions cut that Huhne and Hedegaard pushed so hard for, and that all 27 EU member states allegedly wanted.

In Britain the demise of the Green Agenda started for real when Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said in October 2011 “We’re not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business” and continued when the Tory MEPs defied Prime Minister David Cameron and Attila the Huhnatic by voting against the 30% cut in emissions legislation.

All the while the pressure kept building about the cost and impact of the Green Agenda, the resignation of Chris Huhne to face the serious criminal charge of Perverting The Course Of Justice, opened the floodgates, within days 101 Tory MP’s had written to David Cameron demanding an end to the Green taxation that allows wind farms to exist.

Cameron initially spun some bullshit about the importance of bird choppers to energy security, then within days Cameron said this “over subsidised and wasteful of public money”  about wind farms at Prime Ministers Question Time.

Now another Liberal Democrat colleague of Chris Huhne, Business Secretary Vince Cable wants one of  Huhne’s Green taxes abolished because it is damaging to business and causes jobs to be lost.

Vince Cable is pushing Chancellor George Osborne to scrap a £740m environmental burden on British business in this month’s budget. It is understood that business department officials have asked the Treasury to remove the carbon reduction commitment (CRC).

This forces an estimated 20,000 non-energy intensive businesses that still use lots of electricity and have bills of around £500,000, such as supermarket and hotel chains, to pay a price for every ton of carbon they emit.

This was introduced in 2010 as part of the Government’s ambition to reduce carbon emissions by 4m tonnes a year by 2020 and has also been estimated to raise £740m for Treasury coffers from 2013-14, when a carbon floor price is also introduced to bolster the CRC.

However, critics argue that the CRC has so far failed to show any signs of reducing emissions, as those big businesses still need electricity to keep their lights and computers on, and so is essentially just a tax in a time of financial struggle.

Nothing written about the demise of the Green Agenda would be complete, without further revelations about the stupidity of wind farms:

In a finding with direct relevance to Australia, the study by University of Edinburgh economics professor Gordon Hughes warns that using wind turbines to cut emissions costs 10 times the price of a gas-fired power station.

“Wind power is an extraordinarily expensive and inefficient way of reducing CO2 emissions when compared with the option of investing in efficient and flexible gas combined-cycle plans,” he concludes.

Professor Hughes, a commissioner on Britain’s Infrastructure Planning Commission and a former World Bank senior adviser, conducted his study for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which is chaired by former Conservative chancellor Nigel Lawson.

The British study warns of the rising cost to consumers of wind power subsidies on the grounds that governments could achieve the same environmental benefits by other means at much lower cost.

Comparing a pound stg. 13 billion ($19bn) outlay on a combined-cycle gas plant against a pound stg. 120bn outlay on wind farms, Professor Hughes found the renewable energy option was too expensive by any standard.

Wind power would cut emissions at an average cost of pound stg. 270 a tonne, he estimated, but meeting Britain’s greenhouse targets in this way would cost about pound stg. 78bn a year or 4.4 per cent of the nation’s GDP.

Professor Hughes also warned that greenhouse gas emissions might be higher using wind turbines because the energy supply could be intermittent and would need back-up systems powered by fossil fuels.

The end of this implementation of the Green Agenda is in sight, but be warned, this lot will not give up, the Green Agenda will metamorphose into sustainable development (Rio+20), there are also signs that ocean acidification is making a bit of a comeback,  because in the perfectly balanced world of the Watermelons ocean salinity is constant across the planet, the ph never falls below 7.8, much like the temperature of their  planet is always constant.

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  1. The end of the green agenda is not coming soon enough where I live, we are still building wind turbines. When will this torture end?

  2. I do like to read good news. With any luck the trade war resulting from the flying tax will kill the CO2 fraud once and for all, even before January 1, 2013.
    Remember I suggested a long time back that closing (or even threatening to close) a factory in Germany would be enough to kill the fraud.

  3. “…carbon-reduction milestones…” should be rephrased as, appropriately, “…carbon-reduction millstones…”.

    For clarity purposes, of course.

    • Those millstones were an improvement of what they had before, but it still was a problem back then too and why they went to more reliabile methods of milling.

  4. Frustrated Citizen

    Although the “science” of AGW has been debunked, the Agenda 21 folks have indoctrinated many people to the point where they will not acknowledge the fraud.

    For example…

  5. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my
    problem. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

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