British Greens Fear March 21st 2012

Chancellor George Osborne

Chancellor George Osborne "We're not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business"

Even before the ignominious departure of Climate Religion minister Chris Huhne to face criminal charges for Perverting the Course of Justice, the writing was on the wall for the Green Agenda in Britain.

In October 2010 Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne caused outrage amongst the Green ecomentalists with his statement “We’re not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business“.

Then Huhne was gone, his replacement, Ed Davey professed to be as big an idiot as Huhne, then largely dropped off the radar, after opening an off shore wind farm that Huhne had originally been scheduled to open.

At the beginning of March 2012 Prime Minister David Cameron suddenly turned against wind farms when he said “wind farms over subsidised and wasteful of public money“.

With not only Tory MPs complaining about the cost Greening Britain, but also a Lib Dem Cabinet minister wanting £740 billion of Green taxation removed, the Green NGOs, renewable energy subsidy junkies and every gong banging hippie that barks at the moon are fearing that March 21st will be Black Wednesday for the Church of Climatology in Britain.

Britain’s green campaigners fear a Black Wednesday for the environment next week when Chancellor George Osborne’s assault on environmental protection in the name of economic growth reaches its climax in the Budget.

The Government is about to publish two major policy reviews, of planning and nature reserve regulations, both designed to remove what Mr Osborne sees as obstacles to development, but which have both been strongly criticised by environmentalists and countryside campaigners. The reviews are virtually complete and it is increasingly likely that they will be published alongside the Budget on 21 March.

This would allow Mr Osborne to set them in the context of his strategy for growth.

About time, all the Green subsidies and other environmental lunacy have done is to slow growth, push the cost of energy bills up by at least 15% and kill jobs.

Much lobbying has been going on behind the scenes by environmentalists concerned that long-standing protection for important wildlife sites and the countryside in general is about to be seriously compromised.

“We are fighting hard to avert a Black Wednesday for the environment next week,” said Martin Harper, conservation director for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. “If this goes the wrong way, we are going to be picking up the pieces for the next decade.”

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) know a lot about picking up the pieces, normally bits of shredded raptor killed by wind turbines, but then, as with all things Green that is perfectly acceptable; the RSPB  has sanctioned the killing of birds: “Any threat has to be weighed against the national imperative to develop green energy sources“.

They could not give a damn about the impact of Green energy stupidity, Black Wednesday for raptors is perfectly acceptable as they were killed by politically correct Green renewable energy, the environmental holocaust caused by neodymium, used in the production of wind turbine magnets in China, is perfectly acceptable because it is Green renewable energy.

It really is time to completely ignore any Green or environmental organisation, they ceased to be Green or environmental the minute they jumped on the global warming band wagon.

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