Green NGOs Very Upset By George Osborne’s Budget

Chancellor George Osborne delivers his Budget 2012 speech in the House of Commons. Photograph Press Association

Chancellor George Osborne signalled the start of the dash for gas in today’s Budget speech in the House of Commons, backed up with a £3 billion allowance for new gas and oil fields to the west of the Shetland Islands.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the  marxist  agrarian ecomentalists was almost immediate, with the usual chorus of Green jobs,  low carbon economy, CO2 emissions targets,  the old worn out lie that fossil fuel prices will only ever rise, and usual, completely ignoring shale gas and fracking.

Green groups reacted with dismay, arguing that the government had missed the chance to create green jobs and a low-carbon economy.

George Osborne told MPs: “Gas is cheap, has much less carbon than coal and will be the largest single source of our electricity in the coming years. And so the energy secretary will set out our new gas generation strategy in the autumn to secure investment. I also want to that ensure we extract the greatest possible amount of oil and gas from our reserves in the North Sea.”

This signal to the gas industry was accompanied by a £3bn allowance for new oil and gas fields in the west of Shetland, “the last area of the [North Sea] basin left to be developed – a huge boost for investment in the North Sea”, Osborne said.

The oil and gas industries have created millions of jobs, created untold wealth and provided reliable and affordable energy for over 100 years, unlike renewables which kill jobs and push energy prices ever higher.

There was a nod to renewable energy, but also to the anti-wind rightwing of the Tory party when he added: “Renewable energy will play a crucial part in Britain’s energy mix – but I will always be alert to the costs we are asking families and businesses to bear.”

Osborne at least is aware of the opposition to wind farms and the 15% increase they have already added to Britain’s energy bills.

John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace, said: “This was a bad day for the environment. Support for British manufacturing, green jobs and greening the economy should have been the cornerstone of Osborne’s budget. Instead we got a polluters’ charter.”

He warned: “There was scant support in today’s budget for the cutting-edge clean tech industries that are spearheading economic recovery in other countries, meaning we fall further behind the likes of Germany and miss out on billions in investment and tens of thousands of jobs.”

Andy Atkins, executive director of Friends of the Earth, said: “This budget sticks two fingers up at David Cameron’s promise to build a clean future – and gives a massive thumbs down to new jobs and cutting our reliance on expensive gas and oil. Business leaders are sick of the chancellor’s Jekyll and Hyde routine on developing a low-carbon economy – and other countries are leaving us trailing.”

There is no such thing as a lasting real Green job, it is a myth propagated by Greens to push their low carbon Green Dream economies.

Globally wind and solar are in a death spiral as hard up governments cut back on the Green subsidies and Green taxation.

Every time the subsidies are cut, the renewables companies scream about the loss of jobs, none of which are real lasting jobs as they cannot exist without the oxygen of subsidy.

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  1. A good start, but why oh why does fuel duty still exist at all? Those taxes are killing the economy.

  2. At least Osbourne is aware of the opposition to wind farms, but why is he NOT aware of the extortionate TAX on petrol and diesel? Scrap the tax and pay a QUARTER to one FIFTH of the current price at the pump.

  3. I compared gasoline prices here in Canada with that of the average in Britain (last week). Here is what I found…

    Canadian price is $1.26/L – Combined tax ($0.42/L)= $0.84/L
    British price is 1.35pd/L – Combined tax (0.81pd/L)= 0.55pd/L= $0.86/L @ 1pd=$1.57Cdn

    Combined tax’s are a total of set amounts by volume and VAT(UK) or GST(Can).

    In Canada we pay less total price for a litre of gasoline than the UK’s tax portion alone! Although clearly we are paying virtually the same pre-tax price!

    Seeing as how environuts incessantly talk of fossil fuel subsidies, how do they fail to notice these taxes on every litre of fuel?????

  4. Looking at today’s energy output I see that our 3,600 windmills are managing about 1% of our needs while coal is providing about 50%. These long spells with high pressure over the UK leave our useless windmills idle. We’re also having to import 2.5% from France. A worrying sign and one that is happening more often. Even when the weather is relatively mild..

  5. – Time to roll in reason & rollback the green (inefficient subsidies disrupting the free market)

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