NASA The Sun Heats The Planet; CO2 & NO Cool The Atmosphere

CO2 as the warming alarmists frequently chant  is a greenhouse gas and traps heat in the planet’s atmosphere which causes Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Inconvenient truths like the Middle Age Warming Period (MWP) when global temperatures were 2.5 C higher and atmospheric Carbon dioxide (CO2) was around 260 ppm,  as compared to todays figure of 390 ppm are normally ironed out as Michael Mann did with his junk science hockey stick graph, or the MWP is erroneously explained away as a local phenomenon.

This video from NASA contradicts the warming alarmist hype output by NASA employees like James Hansen about the effects of CO2 on planetary temperatures.

At 1:23 in the video “When the upper atmosphere heats up the CO2 and Nitric Oxide (NO) molecules try as hard as they can to shed heat back into space

At 2:20 “CO2 and NO are the 2 most efficient coolants in the upper atmosphere

At 2:55 “Majority of heat is sent back into space by the action of CO2 and NO

Between March 8 – March 10 2012 a massive solar storm dumped massive amounts of heat into the upper atmosphere, it was CO2 that helped to dissipate the heat, according to the warming alarmists,  we should all have fried as the CO2 in their world, causes global warming.

The warmists continue to believe with a  singular religious fervour that an inert trace gas, essential to life on earth is the main driver of climate on the planet, not the big orange ball in the sky.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Is wood bio-mass electricity generation literally cutting Pinocchio’s nose for Timber ?

    Power generation from bio-mass is being spun by the UK government on environmental grounds as it is alleged to cut Co2 emissions by theoretically using a renewable fuel source, yet in truth it represents environmental vandalism on a potentially massive scale. It is already the case that mature timber suitable to be sawn up for use in construction is being chipped into pellets to burn in the various bio-mass boilers already operating in the UK. It could be said that its OK to use off-cuts, but that deprives the chipboard industry of its raw material and thus any subsidy artificially inflates the price of the timber products in general you may find at your local DIY store. Furthermore, the use for wood in energy production also significantly increases the pressure on endangered tropical rain-forests, perhaps to a point where ply-wood imported from rain-forests is made comparatively less expensive compared to our own indigenous chip-board made from previous waste wood. The fact that the fuel for the proposed power station at Hull is to be imported only exports the potential environmental vandalism overseas, it may be the case that the cost of basic essentials in life like toilet roll could also be falsely inflated.

    Its high time to forget the alleged ” Co2 emissions drive run away global warming ” argument and get back to basic ecological principles, using wood bio-mass as a major fuel is little more than a pseudo-green fake ecologist stock market inspired investment scam to soak up any taxpayers subsidy money for corporate interests, and to promote false economic growth in our economy and thereby increase the financial apartheid between rich and poor.

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    NASA paneigė savo pačių rėksnių teiginius apie CO2 žalą planetai. Iš publikuojamų faktų galima susidaryti vaizdą, jog aliarmistai ignoruoja tai kas jiems neparanku, kad sugebėtų įpiršti “Klimatologijos bažnyčios” dogmas.

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