Climate Change – Inconvenient Truth Weekly Round-Up

The rebranding of Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Disruption Global Weirding continued this week with much orchestrated fear about the future and suspect predictions for increasing extreme weather events, then the IPCC went and screwed the whole thing up by saying they had no idea if the Climate were becoming more extreme. Kind of embarrassing when the organisation that supports the AGW scam doesn’t back the evangelists in the field.

A new peer reviewed paper proved that the Medieval Warming Period was global, not just limited to Europe as Michael Mann and the ecotards would have us all believe, it was 2.5C warmer for 500 years and atmospheric CO2 was approximately 66% of 2012 levels, a seriously inconvenient truth for the backbone of the AGW scare.

The Arctic ice sheet continues to grow apace, despite warmist claims to the contrary, while the HadCRUT dataset that is the IPCC’s gold standard for climate modelling shows February 2012 to be the coldest for 18 years.

Professor Roger Pielke, Jr. has invented a handy bullshit button, to be pressed every time a warming alarmist predicts billion dollar weather events, the bullshit button points the lying and confused ecotard to the IPCC report which disproves billion dollar weather events.

In the US Barry Obozo was getting worried because March has been warm in Chicago.

There was also news that America, having failed to destroy Vietnam with B52s is planning to have another go, this time by helping the Vietnamese establish a renewable energy sector.

On the other side of the world in the Australia, Juliar Gillards Labor government got the voters verdict on the Carbon Tax, Labor were wiped out in the Queensland elections, where a husband and wife team of, Premier and Climate Change Minister had been creating their own Green Hell. In an amazing stroke of irony, the incoming government intend to keep the former climate change minister on, so that “he can undo the mess he has created“.

The electric car is fast going the way of wind and solar, in the US, sales of the Chevy Volt have crashed, following the global trend of a massive decline in a market that never really got started, more billions wasted on Green fantasy.

Ford is to start selling an electric Focus next month, but the cars will only be built when ordered, unlike GM which has a stockpile of unsold Volts.

Sales of electric cars in Britain have risen 684% which sounds impressive, and would be, if the baseline were not 138, which by a strange coincidence is the number of pure electric vehicles sold in 2010. The 1082 electric cars sold in 2011 are a negligible percentage of the new car sales, the lesson here is to see through the warmist percentages and look for the baseline that quantifies their claims.

Staying in Britain tons of CO2 were emitted by deeply upset warming alarmists having tantrums and barking at the moon with  the news that the Department of Energy and Climate Religion were going to give fracking the Green light.

The government than backed off of plans to force businesses to report on their carbon footprint, in the strange and timeless Green fantasy world of the Guardian “Industry blasts ‘unacceptable’ delay to carbon reporting“; as if hard pressed business want more expense and form filling in these difficult economic times”

More bad news for Green subsidy junkies, the Government has delayed the Green subsidy known as, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)as they can see another expensive Green political row brewing over the handouts.

The BBC still trying to keep the Climate Change Hoax alive broadcast Horizon: Global Weirding on its BBC2 station, which was to say a fairly weird show, given the BBC’s narrative on Climate Change. Amid the usual warming alarmist snake oil and vested financial interests, promoting the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report and plugging the case for yet another expensive computer for the Met Office, the BBC made one admission, the sun is the main driver of climate on planet Earth. Climate Realists have blogged my Tweets during the program here, which was a nice surprise, thanks guys.

The Met Office have decided that they will now talk to climate sceptics, what was it that Gandhi said?

Tomorrow is Earth Hour Day at 08:30 pm local time, you are supposed to turn all the lights off, do Green things like bother Gaia, build a yurt, hug a tree, save a fruit bat or you could follow Jo Novas suggestions for Earth Hour.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Katharine Hayhoe has been barking up the Global Weirding Tree for a while now. Most of what she says does not stand up under scrutiny.

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