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Wind Farms Cause Localised Warming At Night, But It Is Nice Eco Warming

Study shows that wind farms increase night time temperatures by .72 C, but do not worry because experts say this type of warming would be beneficial.

Apart from turning birds of prey into raptor mince, bursting the lungs of bats flying nearby, destroying the environment where they are manufactured, producing an unreliable electricity supply, pushing up energy costs with their lifeline of Green subsidy, wind farms now cause localised warming at night and very  large wind farms have the potential to alter weather systems as well.

A study by the University of Illinois shows that wind farms decrease day time temperatures slightly and increase night time temperatures: Read the rest of this entry


Green Population Analyst Wants To Kill Off 80% Of People

Paul Ehrlich the worlds most renowned population analyst "we have to humanely and as rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage"

As the great Climate Change scam slowly sinks into political oblivion the Greens, environmentalists and ecofacists are repositioning for Climate Change 2 – Scary Tales of Biodiversity, the UN have already setup the new IPCC propaganda outlet for biodiversity, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) which should provide plenty of job opportunities for WWF and FoE, as the IPCC did before.

The warming alarmists have always had this thing about people infesting the planet, eugenics and population control have surfaced from time to time as part of the Green Liberal Agenda, as the global warming scam fades so “sustainable development” replaces the climate fear message, though the end goal remains the same, a one world Green government ruling over a global population of no more that 2 billion.

The current orchestrated message from all Green media outlets inexorably links human population and that most horrendous of Green sins, consumption. Read the rest of this entry

Brainwashing Our Children With Politically Correct Green Guilt

Sometimes I wish we didn’t exist” was the response to an interviewer by a 12 year old girl interviewed on Earth Day when questioned about humanity’s impact on the planet Earth.

No surprises to find out that the child was Green washed relentlessly at school to be  politically correct  about the environment and the eugenics agenda, and above all conform to the sheep like consensus that warmists insist is why they are right. Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 & What Sustainable Development Really Means

The future for Britain and the industrialised world as "sustainable development" enforced by a one world UN government takes hold. Picture by Jo Turner

The new name for the objectives of what was once called Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption, Weather Weirding is sustainable development.

Sustainable development is not a new idea, it first featured in Agenda 21 the UN plan for one world government in the 21st Century, which was the outcome of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

Now 20 years on the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June has dropped Anthropogenic Global Warming as the driver for its crusade and resuscitated sustainable development, with the added extras of guardians of the future and a new crime of ecocide.

Sustainable development on the face of it sounds a friendly enough idea, and conjures up visions, as it is supposed to do of people replacing trees that are cut down with new trees, but,  and this is the big but of all time, sustainable development means different things to different people.

At the opening of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992: Read the rest of this entry

The Truth Behind Earth Day April 22nd 2012

April 22nd 2012 the ecomentalists will be banging gongs, barking at the moon, planning new gulags for sceptics and discussing new ways to suppress discussion and dissent about Climate Religion

The warming alarmists and ecomentalists are staging Earth Day on April 22nd 2012 where they will continue the shift towards “sustainable development“, as well as, pushing the generational divide in the same way that Chairman Mao did with the Cultural Revolution which encouraged children to inform on their parents to the Communist Authorities, and continuing on the youth theme,  seek to appoint guardians for unborn generations who doubtless want a Green marxist agrarian society though they don’t actually  know it yet.

There will be the usual tired claims about a future of limitless Green energy powered by solar and wind, totally ignoring what happens when the wind ceases to blow and the big orange ball in the sky sinks below the horizon, while the ecotards communicate with the world using products made only possible by fossil fuels and powered by dirty coal and gas fired power stations.

Earth Day’s junior event, Earth Hour was a non event this year continuing its ongoing annual decline, how big Earth Day is remains to be seen.

This is the 42nd Earth Day and this is good time to look at the mindset of the people behind Earth Day and their accomplices in the Great Global Warming Scam: Read the rest of this entry

Former Maldives President “I Was Ousted By Climate Change Deniers”

Mohamed Nasheed staged this con trick for COP15 to show the Maldives were sinking because of AGW, all the while he was planning a new airport to be in service long after the islands were due to slide beneath the waves.

On February 7th 2012 Mohammed Nasheed resigned as President of the Maldives and immediately blamed climate change sceptics for being the dark forces behind his demise.

Nasheed was the poster boy of the warming alarmist movement, a shrewd politician who saw that rich western Liberals wanted to give money away to fight the fantasy of man made climate change, so Nasheed played them to the hilt by claiming the Maldives were sinking due to rising sea levels, even though globally sea levels have been receding for  the last 10 years as the latest Envisat data shows.

The warming alarmists and mesmerised politicians took Nasheed to their hearts, British PM David Cameron described Nasheed as “my new best friend“, since the coup there has been an attempt to raise Nasheed to being a minor deity. There is a forthcoming film about him “The Island President” and every left wing MSM outlet is busy eulogizing him and giving Nasheed a platform to blame climate change sceptics for his fall from grace. Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian Lies About Bird Deaths & Wind Turbines

According to the Guardian raptors avoid wind farms, so they use this picture of red kites flying around bird choppers to illustrate their point

The hypocrisy of the Green movement is legend, the turning of a blind eye to an inconvenient  truth,  a way of life for the ecomentalist who will stop at nothing, and sacrifice anybody, or animal to achieve the Green dream.

One of their most loathsome forms of hypocrisy is the death of protected bird species, which they are supposed to care for, by wind turbines which is what they really care about.

The US government is issuing licences to kill for Green energy companies, while prosecuting anyone else that kills a protected bird.

The California Condor is under serious threat from wind farms, the Golden Eagle is being decimated and could well be extinct very soon, and in Spain bird choppers kill between 6 – 18 million birds and bats every  year.

Wind Farms are piting Green activist against Green activist  in the US where one bunch of Greens are using the legal system to shutdown the other Greens, Green energy wet dream to stop the bird chopppers, chopping birds.

Anyway there is nothing to worry about, because according to Leo Hickman in a post entitled Wind myths: Turbines kill birds and bats none of this happening: Read the rest of this entry

There Is No Global Race To Lead In Green Technology

China has been building 2 coal fired power stations a week and is now cutting the subsides for wind and solar in line with the rest of the world

China has often been quoted by the warming alarmists and Green NGOs as a shining example of a country that is behind their Green agenda and helping to lead the way in the race for Green technology which will rollback our civilisation 200 years, or at the very least make our power grid like that of North Korea, where they go to bed when the sun goes down.

In Britain, The US and The EU politicians and warming alarmists endlessly go on about our lead in this, or that unviable Green technology, which would be encouraging were it not for 2 inconvenient truths, no one else is in the race so it matters nothing about having a lead or winning, and whatever Green idiocy is adopted you can rest assured it will cost billions in tax payer funded Green subsidy.

China is far more interested in coal, shale gas, nuclear and hydroelectric power generation, all of which are affordable and reliable: Read the rest of this entry

Britain’s Green Rollback – On Shore Wind

A sort of end is in sight to bird choppers blighting landscapes in Britain.

Sooner or later in politics it is always the fault of the previous government as to why a policy is not working, which normally means the tax paying public hate the policy in question, which in this case is the global warming fear industry and the symbol of the Green agrarian society, the wind turbine.

Politicians were quick to jump on the global warming band wagon as it looked to be a vote winner in 2006, now 6 years down the road, 2 Climategates later, and the complete failure of a single fear prediction to materialise has left politicians wondering how to jump off, before the whole AGW scam collapses completely.

Time to resort to the time honoured, it was the previous governments fault: Read the rest of this entry

The Maldives & Warmist Conspiracy Theories

Mohamed Nasheed, former President of the allegedly sinking Maldives was ousted in a coup in February 2012, warmists are now spinning the idea that he was overthrown because of his support for Climate Change

In the run up to COP15 in Copenhagen the alleged plight of islands like the Maldives and Tuvalu were part of the climate of fear campaign that preceded the failure that COP15 became.

Mohamed Nasheed then President of the Maldives famously held a cabinet meeting underwater to cynically push the lie thar rising sea levels would drown the islands, at the same time Nasheed and his government were planning a new airport to deal with increased tourist traffic in the next 25 years, though Nasheed and the warming alarmists were claiming that the islands would be gone by 2019.

Nasheed was one of the darlings of the warming alarmist movements, his overthrow in February caused dismay and now they have made a film about Nasheed called the “The Island President“, which naturally attributes Nasheed with powers similar to that of Kim Jong il.

However some warming alarmists believe that Nasheed was the victim of a plot against warming alarmists: Read the rest of this entry