Climate Change Scam – Inconvenient Truths Weekly Round-Up

Ecofacists, Hypocrites and Lounge Lizards

Another ecofacist slid out from under a stone calling climate change sceptics and those that don’t believe science is ever settled sick racists, Professor Kari Norgaard was then erased by other warming alarmists from the University of Oregon website.

Nordgaard was to going to present her diatribe of hate at the Planet Under Pressure meeting that the video clip is from, however,  Norgaard has become so toxic that there is no mention of her speaking at Planet Under Pressure, though the other ecofacists did become very excited at the prospect of non-economic growth models, which are easily achievable when a country pins its hopes for energy security on renewables.

Marc Morano points out that we could all adopt Anthropogenic Global Warming, as a religion, if we had Liberal Brains, which must surely be an oxymoron.

The Liberal Brain of failed scientist James Hansen wrote to the government of Slovenia telling them not to build a power station,  was the intellect of the Liberal Brain speaking as a private citizen or was he officially pushing US Government policy as an employee of NASA.

The propaganda war on fracking continues with Matt Damon about to make a Hollywood blockbuster called Promised Land about the dangers of fracking, expect Gasland meets We Bought a Zoo, just as the Ground Water Protection Council announced that fracking scares are totally unfounded. Still according to Hollywood Brad Pitt captured the Enigma machine a full year before the US entered Word War 2.

The hypocrisy for Green renewable energy knows no bounds as the US Government issues licences to kill raptors for wind energy companies.

Christian warming alarmist  Katherine Hayhoe is somehow combining her religious beliefs in god and climate religion into something new while muttering darkly about Global Weirding to anyone daft enough to give her the time of day.

The WWF have become an incredibly wealthy and unaccountable lobby group, Earth Hour is just another of their corporate events that achieves nothing environmentally, but does regularly part fools and their money.

The Lounge Lizards are preparing for the next fun in the sun party, Rio+20 in June when 60,000 delegates will step aboard those evil flying machines and jet off to the sun, now if they all flew economy class, which incidentally will never happen, then they would need 191 Boeing 747s to get them there.

In Britain 83 year old Avril Mulcahy who has used the same doctors surgery for 30 years, which is just 1 mile from her home, has been ordered to move to another closer doctors surgery because of her carbon footprint and “green travel issues“.

Green Dreams

Sales of hybrid cars like the Toyota “Look at me I’m Green and care about the planet but am too dumb to know what an enviornmental holocaust the batteries cause” Prius are going the way of the electric car and declining as consumers opt for smaller and medium sized conventional cars.

Juliar Gillard is having to slash and burn her  Department of Climate Change in an effort to cut costs, a third of the work force will be losing their jobs, and that’s even before the act of political suicide, know as the Carbon Tax, comes into force.


Italy is cutting the Green subsidies for its renewables, which are currently costing the equivalent of US $10.7 billion every year.

German Solar giant Q-Cells, at one time the world’s biggest producer of solar panels has joined the rest of the Fatherland’s solar industry and gone bankrupt.

The global decline of wind farms continues as India becomes yet another nation to cut the lifeline of Green subsidy to the bird choppers, meanwhile in the US Mitsubishi is to mothball its $100 million dollar wind turbine factory due to lack of demand, the US ended subsidies for wind farms earlier this year.

Fear Story of the Week

The 14,690 foot tall colossus known as the The Matterhorn is disintegrating because of the effects of Global Warming, despite the fact that there has been no warming for 15 years, but then why let the facts get in the way of a Green fear story.

Inconvenient Facts

Phil Jones at the CRU is getting worried because there has been no upward trend in global temperatures for 15 years, the lack of warming is shown by the extent of global sea ice which is now greater in area than it was during the 1980s.

Canada continues to lead the way in abandoning the false science of man made climate change, having left the Kyoto Protocol the Harper government is going to kill off its department of climate change, known as the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.

The end of the Global Warming Scare would look a lot like this says Jo Nova, soon the former warming alarmists will be chanting I always knew it was fake

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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