Why Are Environmentalists Never Satisfied?

The Mekong River in Laos plans to build a dam have naturally upset environmentalists

The Green NGOs are virtually impossible to keep happy when it comes to energy generation, fossil fueled power stations are evil because they emit CO2 and nuclear is evil, because it is nuclear.

Which leaves renewable energy like wind, solar and the long established hydroelectricity, none of which emit CO2 during energy generation, well that is the theory, the practice is somewhat different.

Wind Farms off the coast of Heligoland hum to the sound of diesel engines keeping the wind turbines turning over as someone forgot the necessary infrastructure to connect the wind farm to the German grid. In China a lake of toxic waste from wind turbine magnet production surrounds the town of Batou, while in Sudbury, Ontario nickel used in the production of the Green Toyota Prius has created a dead wasteland for many miles around, which NASA use for testing moon rovers.

Strangely neither of these desecrations of Gaia have upset the ecomentalists.

You would be forgiven for thinking that when a developing nation like Laos, or Chile wanted to build a dam for a hydroelectric scheme that would provide 20% of the country’s electricty needs the Greepeaces, WWFs and FoEs of this world would be happy as the proverbial pig:

Laos – one of Asia’s poorest nations – is desperate to start the $3.5bn project to generate foreign exchange and accelerate economic development. To meet the concerns of its neighbours, it promised a new study of the environmental impacts. But the study – produced by the Swiss firm, Poyry Energy – has been criticised by conservationists for approving construction even though it acknowledges key information is missing.

“It is astounding that Poyry affirms there are serious data gaps and weaknesses with the project and still gives it the all clear,” said Dr Jian-hua Meng, WWF’s Sustainable Hydropower Specialist. “Poyry recommends dealing with the critical knowledge gaps during the construction phase. Playing roulette with the livelihoods of over 60 million people would not be acceptable in Europe so why is it different in Asia?”

A coalition of 39 environmental groups have organised protests and run full-page advertisements in Thailand to oppose the Xayaburi, which – they say – threatens the livelihoods of 60m downstream dwellers in addition to some of the world’s most remarkable creatures, including catfish the length of cars and stingrays that weigh more than tigers are threatened by the proposed 800m barrier.

The usual Green obstructionsim to any form of economic or industrial progress, which the so called “people” they cite are always against.

Ame Trandem, of the US-based NGO, International Rivers, said another delay of a year or two would not send a strong enough signal. “All the evidence collected so far suggests this dam would have a devastating environmental impact and people’s don’t want it,” she said. “They should be cancelling this project.”

Green NGO tells people of Laos, one of the poorest countries in Asia that they cannot have econmic progress and that they can only have electricity when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing at the right speed for the useless bird choppers, no power at night because a rich Green Liberal in the US says this is how it must be.

Chile’s supreme court has given the go ahead for a controversial dam project recently that will supply 20% of the country’s electricity needs from a renewable source.

“This wasn’t a surprise. We didn’t have any confidence that the court was going to make a favourable decision,” said Luis Mariano Rendon, co-ordinator of Acción Ecológica that last year organised protests of 40,000 people against HidroAysén in Santiago. “Unfortunately this means that once again citizen protests are only way that we have left to defend the Patagonia.”

There is no pleasing these people just imagine if Chile announced new coal fired power stations, bring on banshee wail, Chile announces new nuclear power stations, bring on banshee wail, all these environmentalists are anti-progress for the developing nations, which is easy if you sit in your Liberal Green Ivory Tower, living in the comfort and security of a rich country issuing dictates to the poor of the world,  who would like basic necessities like a 24/7 reliable electricity supply.

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  1. Developed countries are in no position to tell developing countries how to develop and what kinds of projects to support especially when it comes to climate change and climate change mitigation and adaptation projects. A particular issue is that developed countries are using the developing countries as the backyards for REDDs, carbon credits and other such projects that “may” be climate friendly to one party but actually cause more harm when you look at the entire sustainable integrated development picture etc and the real impact on the developing countries.

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