The Maldives & Warmist Conspiracy Theories

Mohamed Nasheed, former President of the allegedly sinking Maldives was ousted in a coup in February 2012, warmists are now spinning the idea that he was overthrown because of his support for Climate Change

In the run up to COP15 in Copenhagen the alleged plight of islands like the Maldives and Tuvalu were part of the climate of fear campaign that preceded the failure that COP15 became.

Mohamed Nasheed then President of the Maldives famously held a cabinet meeting underwater to cynically push the lie thar rising sea levels would drown the islands, at the same time Nasheed and his government were planning a new airport to deal with increased tourist traffic in the next 25 years, though Nasheed and the warming alarmists were claiming that the islands would be gone by 2019.

Nasheed was one of the darlings of the warming alarmist movements, his overthrow in February caused dismay and now they have made a film about Nasheed called the “The Island President“, which naturally attributes Nasheed with powers similar to that of Kim Jong il.

However some warming alarmists believe that Nasheed was the victim of a plot against warming alarmists:

Across the world in the Maldives, rising sea levels continue to threaten this Indian Ocean archipelago. It is the world’s lowest-lying nation, on average only 1.3 meters above sea level. The plight of the Maldives gained global prominence when its young president, the first-ever democratically elected there, Mohamed Nasheed, became one of the world’s leading voices against climate change, especially in the lead-up to the 2009 U.N. climate-change summit in Copenhagen. Nasheed held a ministerial meeting underwater, with his cabinet in scuba gear, to illustrate the potential disaster.

In February, Nasheed was ousted from his presidency at gunpoint. The Obama administration, through State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland, said of the coup d’etat, “This was handled constitutionally.” When I spoke to Nasheed last month, he told me: “It was really shocking and deeply disturbing that the United States government so instantly recognized the former dictatorship coming back again. … The European governments have not recognized the new regime in the Maldives.” There is a parallel between national positions on climate change and support or opposition to the Maldives coup.

Given that Barry Obozo believes in the settled science of Anthropogenic Global Warming, Nasheed trying to spin that one is a long shot, but rest assured there is always a warming alarmist hack ready to support their icon.

While no direct link has been found yet between Nasheed’s climate activism and the coup, it was clear in Copenhagen in 2009 that he was a thorn in the Obama administration’s side.

Desperate times call for desperate measure, just imagine the outcry if a tabloid newspaper ran a story like that.

There is further good news for island nations, Tuvalu in particular, the latest Envisat data shows sea levels falling at half an inch per year.

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  1. If climate change isn’t a crisis, it isn’t a threat and isn’t real. REAL planet lovers are happy, not disappointed the “crisis” was a tragic exaggeration.
    Climate change is a CO2 death warrent to billions of children; “global warming is the greatest threat to the planet.” –Earth Hour
    Yet millions in the global scientific community refuse to join the dozens of climate change protesters and act like its the end of the planet (a threat). All despite the fact that these same people in the global scientific community have condemned their own children to the greenhouse gas ovens. This is proof climate change was exaggerated and exaggerated science trumps consensus science.
    REAL planet lovers are overjoyed and happy and glad and thankful the crisis wasn’t real after all.
    Most of the US and Canadian rust belt cities have not had a smog day in 6 years, only constant “Alerts” that are predictions, not measurements of pollution. Note: ALL pollution does not stay in the air FOREVER.
    Upon settlement, the polar bear was indigenous to as far south as Minnesota but called the yellow bear because it retained its summer coat longer, but still the same bear.
    Obama has not mentioned any climate crisis in his last two state of the unions.
    Occupywallstreet’s demands do not include climate change…………bank funded and corporate run CARBON TRADING STOCK markets.
    Almost all research into climate change is into “effects” not causes.
    Science made environmentalism necessary in the first place after poisoning the planet with the pesticides they developed and denied for decades as being toxic.
    Exaggerating is not a crime; it’s called the perfect crime.
    Every single scientist has a special and unique and personal opinion of climate change and it’s still called scientific consensus?
    History shows that today’s climate change crisis believer, is tomorrow’s end of the world freak.

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