Britain’s Green Rollback – On Shore Wind

A sort of end is in sight to bird choppers blighting landscapes in Britain.

Sooner or later in politics it is always the fault of the previous government as to why a policy is not working, which normally means the tax paying public hate the policy in question, which in this case is the global warming fear industry and the symbol of the Green agrarian society, the wind turbine.

Politicians were quick to jump on the global warming band wagon as it looked to be a vote winner in 2006, now 6 years down the road, 2 Climategates later, and the complete failure of a single fear prediction to materialise has left politicians wondering how to jump off, before the whole AGW scam collapses completely.

Time to resort to the time honoured, it was the previous governments fault:

Ministers are preparing to veto major new wind farms in the British countryside and cut back their subsidies, according to senior Whitehall sources. The decision to pull back from onshore wind farms comes after more than 100 backbench Conservative MPs mounted a rebellion against turbines blighting rural areas.

Greg Barker, the Climate Change Minister, hinted at a change in policy this weekend when he said that the “the wind we need” in Britain is already being built, developed or in planning.

“It’s about being balanced and sensible,” he said. “We inherited a policy from the last government which was unbalanced in favour of onshore wind.

Anything which will put a stop to the bird choppers and the huge the Green subsidies that the rich are raking in is welcome, but Barker is quite simply lying when he heaps all the blame on the previous government. A week is a long time in politics, and Chris Huhne has been gone for several months now, so Barker has conveniently forgotten his old boss at DECC was committed to building 32,000 on shore wind turbines, a policy supported by Barker himself.

Britain already has around 350 wind farms across the country, with around 500 more under construction or awaiting planning permission

This means the number of wind farms built in the British countryside could still double from the current level.

However, it is understood senior Conservatives in the Coalition are behind a determination to scale back support for onshore wind power, amid fears the turbines are deeply unpopular in rural areas.

There is also concern that subsidising so many different types of “green” energy is adding too much to energy bills.

Senior Conservatives have seen an opportunity to re-think policy since Chris Huhne, the former Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary, resigned to fight charges of perverting the course of justice in a speeding case.

“Chris Huhne’s zealous ambition is being reined back,” one top Whitehall source said. “There’s already enough being built and developed.”

The plan could still put the Conservatives on a collision course with their Coalition partners, as Ed Davey, the new Energy Secretary, is also a Liberal Democrat.

However, is understood the Department for Energy and Climate Change is already considering how it can keep a lid on more wind farms being developed.

Sources said ministers are prepared to block major developments of onshore wind turbines under the new Localism Act that came into force last month.

Next in frame are the Green subsidies that add 15% to energy bills while lining the pockets of foreign companies and already rich land owners, currently running at £850 million for 2011 and ever increasing as more bird choppers are built.

The party for Big Green and Big Wind is over:

“There is a requirement to rethink the economics of green. We have to have a more nuanced and sophisticated policy. Basically, that means reducing costs quicker, looking to commercialise sooner, and thinking more carefully about the use of public subsidy,” said Barker.

It is time to abandon all the Green energy boondoggles to market forces, cut the Green subsidies totally,  and that which survives is economically viable, it has already been proved that crony capitalism and contracting out state industries to the private sector, financed by Green taxation is a very expensive failure that kills jobs and condemns those least able to deal with the financial costs to energy poverty.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Don’t set your hopes too high – they still want to build thousands of the bloody things offshore, even thought there is increasing concern about the structural integrity of the support towers:
    When have you seen that mentioned in the Press?

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