The Guardian Lies About Bird Deaths & Wind Turbines

According to the Guardian raptors avoid wind farms, so they use this picture of red kites flying around bird choppers to illustrate their point

The hypocrisy of the Green movement is legend, the turning of a blind eye to an inconvenient  truth,  a way of life for the ecomentalist who will stop at nothing, and sacrifice anybody, or animal to achieve the Green dream.

One of their most loathsome forms of hypocrisy is the death of protected bird species, which they are supposed to care for, by wind turbines which is what they really care about.

The US government is issuing licences to kill for Green energy companies, while prosecuting anyone else that kills a protected bird.

The California Condor is under serious threat from wind farms, the Golden Eagle is being decimated and could well be extinct very soon, and in Spain bird choppers kill between 6 – 18 million birds and bats every  year.

Wind Farms are piting Green activist against Green activist  in the US where one bunch of Greens are using the legal system to shutdown the other Greens, Green energy wet dream to stop the bird chopppers, chopping birds.

Anyway there is nothing to worry about, because according to Leo Hickman in a post entitled Wind myths: Turbines kill birds and bats none of this happening:

Bats, despite their ability to use sonar to avoid moving objects, are susceptible to “‘barotrauma”, a sense of disorientation caused by the rapid change of air pressure created by a turbines rotating blade. An unexpectedly high number of bat fatalities have been recorded across the US and Europe over the past decade.

“A recent review of the problem put forward no less than 11 hypotheses as to what might be contributing to these [bat] fatalities,” says the Centre of Sustainable Energy in Bristol in its publication Common Concerns About Wind Power. “Clearly, a great deal of research is still needed.”

With regard to bird fatalities, it says: “Wind turbines represent an insignificant fraction of the total number of bird deaths caused by man-made objects or activities (eg building structures, transmission lines, and keeping domestic cats).” According to the CSE, for every bird killed by a turbine, 5,820, on average, are killed striking buildings, typically glass windows.

That is the way that a Green ecomentalist in love with the Green renewable energy dream sees it, obfuscate the numbers of birds  killed by introducing irrelevancies like bird deaths by cats, when was the last time a cat caught and killed a Golden Eagle?

On the other side of the argument this is how Green activists that actually care about raptors and other protected bird species see it:

The British public is being misinformed regarding bird mortality at wind farms, denounce Save the Eagles International (STEI) and the World Council for Nature (WCFN). It is contrary to fact to pretend that these industrial structures are “carefully sited” so as to avoid risks to birds and bats. It is equally false to allege that grouse and other ground-nesting birds don’t mind laying their eggs under wind turbines, or that raptors avoid these dangerous areas.

In a recent article, The Guardian states: “Studies in the UK had found evidence that birds of prey in particular avoided wind farms” (1). But if you look closely at the picture shown in the article, you’ll notice that the two birds flying between the turbines are raptors, red kites in fact, which were reintroduced in the UK at great cost. “So! – they avoid wind farms, eh?” – quips STEI’s President Mark Duchamp.

In Germany, where a few wind farms have been loosely monitored for bird and bat mortality, the government has disclosed the number of carcasses reported so far: 69 eagles, 186 kites, 192 buzzards, 13 harriers, 59 falcons, 12 hawks, 7 ospreys, plus hundreds more birds of all sizes and even more bats (2). “These figures are just a small sample of the ongoing massacre”, comments Duchamp, who cites this example: “Ubbo Mammen, an ornithologist commissioned by the German government, estimates that 200-300 Red Kites are being killed yearly by wind turbines in Germany” (3). These machines are driving many rare species into extinction, warns Mark.

In the UK, few raptor deaths leaked through what STEI calls “the windfarm cover-up”: three red kites, one osprey, and one sea eagle. “Officially, the eagle died of a heart attack”, mocks Duchamp. “In the UK, wind farms are not being monitored for bird mortality: this is how the issue is being kept from the public’s eye. Scavengers and wind farm employees dispose of the dead bodies, so it is extremely rare for a dead eagle or osprey to be found by some nosy trespasser.”

If you visit the Save The Eagles International web site there is not one reference to Anthropogenic Global Warming religion, just people who care about raptors and are not involved in the political agenda of man made climate change, unlike Big Green fronted by Greenpeace, WWF & FoE who ceased to be environmental organisations 20 years ago.

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  1. The Guardian article made my blood boil. The sites for study had been cherry picked and there was not a single mention of raptors. It is a very sad state of affairs when the very people who should be protecting birds are actually participating in their demise. When you read the article in the journal of applied ecology you will see, in the credits, that it has been peer reviewed by an anonymous person. It stinks! The BTO and RSPB are in the trough with the wind farm developers – then running home with their brown paper bags. When there are no raptors left will they discover money cannot buy them back.

  2. What then of this report mentioned recently in the Telegraph?

    The RSPB has a good record of opposing wind turbines which may kill birds (e.g. objects to recently approved shetland wind farm).

  3. Griff – Read the report for yourself. Ask the question what about raptors?? On the moor where I live I would expect to see buzzards, barn owls, short eared owls, Peregrine falcons, kestrels, and merlin. On good moorlands with protective landowners and reduced grazing I would expect to see Hen Harriers too. So you have to ask the question why are these raptors not mentioned? You have to question the wisdom of the RSPB supporting this if you care about our natural heritage. Look at previous objections by the RSPB where they have objected to wind farms and the impact on raptors/ geese etc and ask why not this time?

  4. I only just found this article. Colour me slow.

    This is a good argument for siting future wind farms offshore. The pile of avian bodies beneath each turbine will sink into the sea where it can’t give rise to inconvenient photos. And hey who cares about gulls and terns when there is taxpayers’ money involved.?

    Don’t get me wrong – I am all in favour of alternative energy sources. I am GREEN!! I am not a Tory, I am one of those dreaded “leftists”!! I LIKE alternative energy sources, I think we should get off oil if only to tell the middle east to shove theirs somewhere inventive which I shall not mention in polite company, just so we are not beholden to them. I just don’t like wind farms! I could go on about the modified microclimate downwind of these things but I’d lose most of you so I won’t.

    Among other alternative energy sources geothermal and tidal power are vastly underfunded. And why not throw all these billions that are currently thrown at wind farms towards making it actually affordable to put solar panels on my roof? I would love to have them but I simply haven’t got the money. But oh I forgot – that would mean that I would be the one in control, not the nanny state, and I would be selling power to the grid – i.e. the electricity supply political lobby (sorry – “Hydro” to me in Canada but I don’t know who is reading this) rather than buying it from them. And we can’t have that can we?

    But please register my vote against bird blenders. I haven’t even mentioned the constant 24/7 drive-you-insane WOOMPH WOOMPH WOOMPH sound next to even one of these monsters, a sound that ought to rule them out from being sited anywhere near human habitation. But that is where many of them are indeed sited. I’ve only listened to a single one for about fifteen minutes – the first I ever saw, in the UK about 20 years ago, so I was fascinated. But an entire field of them? Please don’t even make me think of it – I didn’t do anything to deserve that! Build me a house next to a wind farm, under high voltage power lines and close to a microwave communication tower and I shall be a happy George Orwell Epsilon. On second thoughts don’t.

    The usual argument is “Oh this isn’t many compared with birds flying into buildings or into high voltage wires”, Let’s look at that more closely. Is the number of birds killed by other methods actually reduced by increasing the number of wind farms? No. So wind farms are not alleviating the other problems. OK, so the argument is reduced to the human equivalent :- 40,000 people are killed on the roads in the US every year (sorry I don’t have the figures for the rest of the world), So a few people killed at Sandy Hook do not really make a significant number. I personally don’t buy that one. I don’t know if you do but I just throw it out there for your consideration as an exactly parallel case.

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