Former Maldives President “I Was Ousted By Climate Change Deniers”

Mohamed Nasheed staged this con trick for COP15 to show the Maldives were sinking because of AGW, all the while he was planning a new airport to be in service long after the islands were due to slide beneath the waves.

On February 7th 2012 Mohammed Nasheed resigned as President of the Maldives and immediately blamed climate change sceptics for being the dark forces behind his demise.

Nasheed was the poster boy of the warming alarmist movement, a shrewd politician who saw that rich western Liberals wanted to give money away to fight the fantasy of man made climate change, so Nasheed played them to the hilt by claiming the Maldives were sinking due to rising sea levels, even though globally sea levels have been receding for  the last 10 years as the latest Envisat data shows.

The warming alarmists and mesmerised politicians took Nasheed to their hearts, British PM David Cameron described Nasheed as “my new best friend“, since the coup there has been an attempt to raise Nasheed to being a minor deity. There is a forthcoming film about him “The Island President” and every left wing MSM outlet is busy eulogizing him and giving Nasheed a platform to blame climate change sceptics for his fall from grace.

Nasheed, a respected climate change campaigner who was forced out of power in February, said on Wednesday that he hoped for “robust” pressure from regional and world powers to “restore democracy” in the Maldives as soon as possible.

The 44-year-old politician, who became president in 2008 after the Maldives’s first multiparty election for 30 years, described his disappointment at the reactions of the US and India to his overthrow by elements of the police and military. Both Washington and Delhi recognised the new administration of President Mohammed Waheed and called for a government of unity instead of early polls. Both have opposed stricter measures on climate change, Nasheed said.

“If you do a map of who supported [us] and who did not, it maps the climate change issue. The Europeans are far, far better than bigger emitting countries and the USA,” he told the Guardian on a visit to India.

The story about the new Male airport was know about in November 2010 yet none pf the alarmists said anything they just continued with the scam.

The illusion of the saintly Nasheed overthrown by the dark forces of climate change deniers is being constantly broadcast, the truth however is wildly different involving breaking  the law of the Maldives by arresting a judge and the police finding significant quantities of alcohol in the Presidential Palace, in direct violation of Islamic law.

Prosecutor General’s (PG) office said today that the defendant in the case of the unconstitutional arrest and detention of Criminal Court’s Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed by the military was former President Mohamed Nasheed which had been forwarded by the police after completing their investigation.

Police had forwarded the case of the illegal detention of Judge Abdulla in Kaafu Atoll Girifushi military training facility for 22 days to the PG office earlier today.

An official of the PG office revealed that the charges had been filed against “Galolhu Canereege, Mohamed Nasheed” and no other person had been included in the case.

PG office is currently assessing the case, official said.

“We will make a decision with regard to the case without much delay,” official added.

Police media official said that the case had been handed over to the PG’s office after taking the statements from all the relevant parties.

Police had earlier requested a statement from Nasheed in relation to the matter, but had later decided to move forward with the investigation without Nasheed’s statement after he had refused to give one.

There have several versions of the Nasheed story including the erroneous version where there are claims he was overthrown at gun point, so the last word belongs to a citizen of the Maldives commenting on the Nasheed story in Haveeruonline:

Finally the person responsible if he did it or even if he didn’t take action is being held responsible……

Mr. Former President, Your story on this situation and how it played out has changed more times than reeko’s lie in one Parliament session (which if i might add is way too much to count). So how can we truly believe you????

One thing in this case remains a fact, YOU CANNOT ARREST A JUDGE, and for that you are in the wrong already,

HOWEVER the courts must also remember The Former cannot be prosecuted for the crime as he was the President at the time.
It was a breach in the constitutional and executive powers given to the office of President and for that he resigned Willingly.

What the Courts now must do is to get the Former to admit this is exactly how it played out. Not all this gun to my head nonsense that he always blabbers on about………….

I mean you went on HardTalk yourself and Said “IT WAS A FIGURE OF SPEECH” that video clip is still available online for any open minded person who wants to hear it from the horses mouth unlike the cult known as MDP always claiming the police or army put a gun to his head……….. Stop going on international media and making us look like fools Mr. Former President……. Your doing damage and no good at all to the country right now…….

I believe the Former should be held accountable, but do it in the right way when you proceed, So HE CAN’T LIE……….

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  1. Here’s a little something on EPA about GW:
    “Oh no, they tottaly tell the truth and nothing but the truth” – riiiight.

  2. That Mohammed Nasheed was a fraud. He went on about how the Maldives are sinking below the waves, and unless the US gave them lots of money they would all drown. The weak minded climate alarmists believed every word of it and shouted it from the tallest mountains, Nasheed and the Maldives were the poster child for the ocean rise fear mongers.

    None of them actually understood the the Madives are a chain of Atolls. They are built from coral which grows to maintain itself level with rising seas, and dies back when the sea lower again. Its what atolls do, they are self correcting islands. But the greenies swallowed it hook line and sinker.

    Greenies, Oy vey.

  3. So he’s saying he was ousted by his own kind! That’ll learn him! 😆

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