Brainwashing Our Children With Politically Correct Green Guilt

Sometimes I wish we didn’t exist” was the response to an interviewer by a 12 year old girl interviewed on Earth Day when questioned about humanity’s impact on the planet Earth.

No surprises to find out that the child was Green washed relentlessly at school to be  politically correct  about the environment and the eugenics agenda, and above all conform to the sheep like consensus that warmists insist is why they are right.

The response came from a 6th-grade girl identified only as Kalie, from Gault Elementary. Sussman met her during Earth Day events in Santa Cruz, Calif., recently, where he traveled to ask “What is the most serious threat facing mankind?”

“Kalie has been green-washed to the point where she readily admits, ‘Sometimes I wish we didn’t exist,’” Sussman reported.

The conversation started with Sussman’s question, and Kalie responded the most serious threat facing humanity today is simply “human existence.”

“I guess you mean there are too many humans on the planet,” he said.


“What are they doing to harm this Earth?” he asked.

“They’re polluting all kinds of stuff. And the birds and animals are eating it and they die,” she said.

“How does that make you feel?”

“Kind of like I wish that they didn’t pollute, and that it never happened, and sometimes I wish we didn’t exist,” she said.

A 12 year child wishing she did not exist because of the guilt relentlessly heaped upon school children by Greenpeace, FoE, WWF and Green Liberal edcuators is wrong, or more likely evil.

A some point in her life she may want children and the decision whether or not to have them will be more than likely driven by guilt, not the normal reasons that past generations have used as the driver to procreate.

“How many other youngsters like Kalie have been led to believe that the human species should be eliminated?” he wondered.

He cited a statement from U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, which also appears in his book.

Duncan said in a meeting with educators in Washington in 2010, “Right now, in the second decade of the 21st century, preparing our children to be good environmental citizens is some of the most important work any of us can do.”

Sussman asked, “Is Kalie an example of a child on her way to becoming a ‘good environmental citizen?’ Or is this 6th-grader a victim of eco-child abuse?

The Environmental movement have form when it comes to exploiting children for their fear messages, remember Splattergate and the ecomentalist NGO 10:10 that blew up children that did not believe in Climate Religion?

The 10:10 movie caused global disgust at the exploitation of children.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words so I am going to finish with this:

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  1. Ya know, there is a funny thing about the stuff they learn in school, it’s lessons learned and later in life reality sets in and a whole set of new lessons are learned the hard way.

  2. As Kalie is speaking, she is being sustained by a system of production created by humans in co-operation with the laws of nature. Civilization isn’t like dandelions; it doesn’t happen automatically; it is determined by the choice of humans, choosing to co-operate, over millenia.

    The only other method of sustaining large groups of people over millenia would be wandering barbarian groups, living by hunting and herding, and pillaging settled communities. Our government, for instance, has chosen to effect the traditions of the barbarian groups.

  3. This child is a victim of deliberate scaremongering – of poisonous, malevolent teaching because alarm helps make little activists of them. Disgraceful. Promoted by irresponsible adults who ought to know better. The science is shoddy, the evidence is missing – there are no remotely sufficient grounds for alarm amongst adults over CO2 and climate, and it follows that there is even less justification for scaring children with the vivid imaginings of those adults who are themselves scared despite all that.

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