Damian Carrington Preaches To The Converted & Hopes That Sceptics Will Die Off Quicker

Damian Carrington eco propagandist at the Guardian, Head of Environment to be specific, it is not clear however if Gaia appointed Carrington or he bestowed the title upon himself.

As the great man climate change scam sinks slowly into irrelevance the warming alarmists are still trying to keep the Green Dream alive, by a number of methods varying from draconian laws to political re-eduction camps, and politically polarizing Climate Change as a Right versus Left battle.

One useful barometer of how warming alarmism is declining is to read the comments in the broadsheet propaganda outlet for Climate Religion, the Guardian, where the moderators are working overtime to remove politically incorrect comments and increasingly those concerned with real environmental issues, not the Green political agenda masquerading as environmentalism, are complaining about people like Caroline Lucas doing a disservice to the environmental movement.

In a lacklustre attempt to keep his spirits up and try to halt the decline in readers Damian Carrington preaches the usual Green lies to the converted and apart from wishing that climate sceptics would die of quicker manages to mention “fringe” 8 times and “Right Wing” 7 times:

It’s a good question, as the right wing of the Conservative party in the UK is acting as a dangerous and expensive drag on the developing green economy, but it’s worth getting some perspective before grappling with the issue. Only three of 600 or so MPs voted against the climate change act, which enshrined the UK’s carbon cuts in law. All three main parties in the UK back action on climate change, and every government and science academy on Earth does the same.

The Climate Change Act was voted on at a time when the easily led vote grabbing politicians thought there was some mileage in fear of Anthropogenic Global Warming, in effect this damaging piece of legislation floated through on the high tide of Climate Religion, and before Climategate did the terminal damage to the warming alarmist cause.

Carrington then states that every “every government and science academy on Earth” believes in man made climate change, this is quite simply pushing a lie. The day after COP17 finished Canada exercised its legal right to withdraw from the Kyoto protocol stating that “Kyoto was not the way forward for Canada or the world“. If this indeed were the case why then did the UN have its thrid COP failure in a row with COP17?

So the problem is a fringe one. About 10% of UK citizens think climate change poses no threat, but those people are twice as likely to be Conservative voters, and twice as likely to be male and over 65 years old. Nonetheless, this fringe exert an influence beyond their numbers, assisted by the right-wing press.

Belief in AGW is on the decline and attempting to describe those that do not believe in settled science as a “fringe minority” is just the basic tactic used by totalitarian regimes to suppress dissent  to the consesus on which their regimes depend. In a recent poll in the US on the environment concerns about climate change were bottom of the poll.

The fact that a coherent right-wing response is easily made suggests something more fundamental underlies the deniers’ position. That response was made by Tim Yeo, another Conservative MP, and chair of the energy and climate change committee. It is clear that the risks of inaction are too high, he said, and creating a low-carbon and resource efficient economy will give the UK a huge economic and competitive advantage in a world in which both temperature and population is rising. “We led the first industrial revolution and we can lead the second,”

Time Yeo chairman of the Energy and Climate Change committee has Green business interests in bio fuels, Eco City vehicles and alkaline fuel cell technology. These all pay very nicely with Yeo getting as much as £500 per hour, according to the register of members interests.

So anything Yeo has to say on Green issues is tainted with the avaricious  odour of self-interest.

An alternative, as Yeo has pointed out on a previous occasion, is to simply let nature take care of the elderly sceptics, who will go to their graves sooner than the rest of the population. The question is will either happen quickly enough to avoid the six degrees of warming to which the IEA says our current path will lead?

I fear not

Carrington fears that his political opponents will not die out in time for his ecofacist agenda to subjugate the world, still not to worry Damian you can always  get together with your other ecofacist friends and plot new ways to suppress dissent.

I would suggest Kari Norgaard to help you on the way to planning new vile and repugnant ways of suppressing dissent but the Green secret police seem to have erased her.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Alas hypothermia induced by fuel poverty doesn’t distinguish between skeptics and non-skeptics

  2. It seems strange to recall that until about 4 years ago I was a regular reader of the Guardian ‘environment’ section, honestly believing it to be the best publicly available coverage of the subject.

    I was disabused by a particularly lively and unguarded(no pun intended) rant from dear old Monbiot, in which he mentioned both Steve McIintyre and Anthony Watts by name and who I immediately sought out to read the other side of the argument.

    Sadly, I think too many people in the UK still remain blissfully unaware of the sceptical Blogs and their overwhelming case; AW has a post today about web traffic, WUWT v. Realclimate and the UK doesn’t even feature in the Alexa chart shown.

    I fall fully into the Yeo/ Carrington ‘sceptic’ categorization, but I should warn them I’m not folding my tent until I’ve witnessed their scam’s total collapse and due punishment of the ringleaders!

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