The Sun Sets On Britains Solar Subsidy Boondoggle

Britain is to abandon solar subsidies which benefits the rich at the expense of the poor and jobs

At last a small ray of sense has flickered briefly from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) who are now working on a further cut in FeedIn Tariffs (FIT) for solar panel installations.

The Energy Act 2008′s Green taxation to support the solar industry has been described as “one of the most ridiculous schemes ever dreamed up” by Energy Minister Lord Marland, moves to cut the FIT were met with legal action by FoE and solar panel companies who cannot exist with out tax payer funded Green subsidy.

The resultant cut in the FIT to 21.4p per KwH has seen a marked drop in so called Green installations of solar panels, proving once again it was never about the environment, just an opportunity to make what the DECC now describe as “eye watering profits“, with a further cut in Green subsidy on the way,  the whingeing is already starting:

Some 400 senior figures in the solar energy industry said demand for panels has collapsed since the Government started slashing financial incentives for families that want to go green.

Oh really? Surely if these families really wanted to go Green, then the FIT would be of second order of importance, nothing is more important than saving the planet, right?


Ministers provoked fury last year when they more than halved the subsidy for the feed-in tariff for households which feed excess electricity from their solar panels into the national grid.

Critics said the move would deter people from buying panels, which cost an average of £12,000, because it would double the time it took them to recoup their initial investment.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc) is now consulting on a further cut in feed-in tariffs to come into effect in July. It argues that the scheme still amounts to a generous subsidy for prosperous people who can afford panels, funded by less well-off consumers. But the solar energy firms told Mr Cameron, who promised to lead the “greenest government ever”, that demand for solar panels has halved in the past year because of the uncertainty over subsidies.

In their own words, uncertainty over subsidies without which the renewable energy sector, with the exception of hydro, cannot exist.

People are more concerned about turning a profit than being Green, the environmental movement would do well to recognise this, instead of spreading the usual lies that people support renewables.

The only people who support wind and solar are those making a fortune out of the scam, the Green NGOs with their Agrarian society dreams and the dwindling number of people who read the Guardians Environment section.

A Decc spokeswoman said: “Solar does have a bright future in the UK. It is an exciting and popular new technology, but it would be totally irresponsible to continue subsidising the lucky few who are making eye-watering profits at the expense of the consumer who pays for this subsidy through their electricity bills.”

She said that even at a tariff of 21p, rates of return are still higher than they were ever intended.

The German solar industry which was far bigger than Britain’s is bankrupt and all but dead, cuts in subsidies and a glut of solar panels on the world market sounded the death knell, it is ludicrous to think that Britain’s solar industry would fare any better.

All Feedin Tariffs should be ended, consumers energy bills reduced and if wind and solar survive then they were a viable technology, if not they were just another Green white elephant.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. The above explains this recent ‘Friends’ of the Earth email (DM doesn’t mention her investment in EWS Solar Power)

    Dear ********

    I’m Deborah Meaden – you might know me from the TV programme Dragons’ Den.

    I’m supporting Friends of the Earth’s Clean British Energy campaign because gas, coal and nuclear are the technologies of the past. We can’t afford not to switch the UK to home-grown clean power.

    The Government’s upcoming energy bill is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revolutionise the way we produce electricity in this country.

    Please email Energy Secretary Ed Davey to call for more Clean British Energy in his Bill.

    It’s vital that our politicians hear from as many people as possible that renewable energy really is popular.

    Our country has the skills and the talent to be world-beaters in the renewable energy technologies.

    Politicians need to take this multibillion pound opportunity to tackle climate change.

    Email the Energy Secretary today.

    Thanks for your support – we all have a part to play in this.

    Best wishes,

    Deborah Meaden

  2. Deborah, you brainwashed numpty, there is no MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE. Its a scam and people know it.

  3. Hahaha, I can’t help but laugh at those imbeciles who are so ready to accept conjecture, supposition and wishful thinking over climate change. Is there ANY evidence to support your position?

    Back to topic though, (Re)T_Aardvark, you’ll be wanting to cut all subsidiesand tax breaks to coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear then? Shall we start making these industries responsible for their own waste, post-operational clean-up costs and perhaps liable for the ill-effects caused to people affected by their continued operation, including the respiratory conditions caused by exposure to the exhaust gases of fossil fuel combustion?

  4. Germany does however have in excess of 24GW of solar PV capacity installed and at mid day – peak demand time in Germany – is often actually generating 15GW (or 25% of peak 60GW demand) of its electricity from solar.

    You can see that here:

    That’s a lot of expensive gas and polluting coal not being burnt….

    I suggest it is the subsidy regime that needs reform – solar power can deliver useful amounts of electricity!

  5. “That’s a lot of expensive gas and polluting coal not being burnt….”

    Except that it IS. Haven’t you heard that national power grid operators have to keep “Spinning Reserve” available 24/7/365 since neither solar or wind can be relied on to produce a steady output. These backup power stations use almost as much fuel doing nothing as they do when operating normally. Furthermore, when you have that much highly variable power connected to a grid it will be at considerable risk of disruption, either because of too much generation, or too little.

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