Angela Merkel Fires Germanys Environment Minister

Norbert Röttgen Germany’s Environment Minister, the first Green political casualty more are bound to follow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has fired her Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen for being Green and believing that renewables can power an industrial economy like Germany.

Merkel is a very astute politician and determined to hang on to power, Germany has often been quoted by the ecomentalists as leading the Green transition disaster in Europe, which is exactly what Merkel wanted people to believe.

The reality is different Merkel wanted to pay political lip service to the Green Dream while in reality, doing as little as possible, so chosing an ardent Green ecomentalist was a rare mistake for Merkel.

This last winter the lights nearly went out in Germany and the outlook for this winter is still far from certain.

German solar has been a huge financial disaster, and new financial regulations make it impossible to invest in off shore wind farms, which leaves the German Green Dream as good as dead.

Norbert Röttgen, Angela Merkel’s Environment Minister, was – until a few hours ago – the face of Germany’s green energy transition. He aligned himself with a goal which can be stated politically, but which cannot be reached technically. His sacking was therefore inevitable. He is the first political victim of the green energy transition – he will almost certainly not be the last.

An almost unthinkable event, a politically correct Green zealot has been fired for being a politically correct Green zealot, other Green politicians take note, destroying a country’s energy supply because of personal religious beliefs in the Church of Climatology is no longer acceptable.

The cause for his sacking is the looming failure of the green energy transition. Angela Merkel’s statement is quite clear if one is able to translate political language. She said:

“The energy transition is a central project of this legislative period. The foundations have been laid but we still have quite bit of work ahead of us. […] It is obvious that the implementation of energy policy still requires great efforts.”

In other words, we have achieved nothing and it is unclear how we can achieve anything.

The usual Green disaster when political and religious ideology override economic and common sense, billions wasted lining the pockets of a few, while jobs are lost and millions of people are pushed into energy poverty.

For the Chancellor, the green energy transition is probably not something that she does out of conviction. She has just – as so often –adopted a policy in order to neutralize it, to give her opponents no point of attack, no room for distinction and no potential for mobilization. As part of this political tactic, she initially scheduled the nuclear phase-out for 2040, far enough into the future in order not to do anything significant today. After Fukushima, however, she brought the date forward by 18 years, not for technical reasons, but solely in order to maintain power. So she closed down a couple of old, inefficient plants so that folks did not start demonstrating and voting for the Green Party. What she needed was a minister who followed this plan in a way that was politically communicable but would not lead to major upheavals in practice.

Merkel certainly will not be making the same mistake with the new Environment Minister Peter Altmaier, a politician cast in the same mould as Merkel, Altmaier helped develop the tactics that Merkel uses to stay in power.

So where does Altmaier stand on the Green energy transition?

• Life extension of nuclear power plants: Yes
• Levy on profits from nuclear plant life extension: yes
• Faster reduction of the green feed-in subsidy: Yes
• Reductions in solar subsidies: Yes
Immediate shutdown of old nuclear power plants: No

At last an Environment minister who puts the needs of his country ahead of being politically correct and Green on the world stage.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Brian G Valentine

    Auf Wiedersehen, shit head, too bad you couldn’t carry out your greenie Marxist plan to demolish Germany.

    People are fed up with greenie losers like you and your ilk

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